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  1. 2017 Fantasy thread is up

  2. Anyone interested in a 9.5* Nike VR Tour straight fit with UST Mamiya Attas 6S shaft?

    1. JBones


      It's only been hit MAYBE 20-25 times.

  3. Argh, my nights are still off from working 72 hours last week. I haven't went to bed before 3:00AM for a week and a half, yet I still get up at 7:00AM. I'm too old for this crap.

  4. Baby girl number 2 arrived at 7:06AM. She is 7lbs 11oz and 20.5" long. We're all doing great.

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    2. Kanoito



    3. Tyk


      Congrats! No more golf for you!


    4. JBones


      Thanks all. We got to come home at 9:00AM and we're all exhausted, except for our 2 year old who is like the Energizer bunny.

  5. Back in action

  6. Bears and Packers tonight. We'll find out if my beloved Bears are indeed for real this year. Either way, Hooters has $1 drafts, so I win.

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    2. daves81


      just messin with ya.good win

    3. Addicted2Golf


      I really hope the Bears can kick the Giant's ass on Sunday night. A 4-0 start would be sweet!

    4. JBones


      All the ESPN analyst have them at 7-0 going into their bye. I hope they're right.


  7. Been a pretty slow day in the golf world, everybody must be resting up for all the new release over the next couple days.

    1. hckymeyer


      Some of us are just depressed the season is over

    2. JBones


      I hear you. I figured the snow here last night was the tears of you Minnesotans.

  8. Boo, my little cousin has scratched the Nationwide Tour event from his schedule. He's decided not to try any professional tournaments (other than maybe the US Open), until after college.

  9. Bought a Ping G10 for $60 today; it is long and STRAIGHT. I went from hitting a 30yd draw with my old gamer, to a 3yd draw with the G10. I think I'll keep it in the bag.

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    2. JBones


      I was looking for a G15 and found this, it is in excellent condition (doesn't even look used) and for only $60, I couldn't pass it up. The stock shaft is garbage though, I've already got it pulled and put a new one in.

    3. BK in TEXAS

      BK in TEXAS

      Great deal! What shaft ya got in it now then?

    4. JBones


      I put a Matrix Xcon 6S in it at 44.75". You should have seen the ball flight with the stock shaft. It was a regular flex, which is way too soft for me, but I didn't care if I broke it. The ball looked beautiful until it got out about 220 and just nose dived like a dead duck; it was the weirdest spin I've ever seen off a driver.

  10. Can anyone with a Wishon account, please get me a price on the 949MC and 929hs 3w heads and PM me, pretty please? Thanks.

  11. Cardinals World Series run begins today.

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    2. Justin66


      I have to throw my hat in: the Brewers! Fielder's a beast, and Grienke's going to put them over the top!

    3. daves81


      go cincinnati!!

    4. JBones


      We have some NL Central fans here. No Chicago Scrubs fans though???


  12. Congrats on the new addition, Matt.

  13. Did anyone catch the preseason NCAA basketball coaches poll? This area is about to get CRAZY; IU, Louisville, UK....1,2,3.

  14. Do you ever wake up and think "it's going to be a great day"? Today is one of those days; it's gorgeous outside and I feel amazing.

  15. Fantasy Golf standings update. http://bit.ly/17QJuKP

  16. Fantasy winners updated.....https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/17937-mygolfspy-2017-fantasy-golf-sponsored-by-bridgestone-golf/?p=316348

  17. Fendrich is in about the best a shape I've ever seen it, except the rough, it's completely toast

  18. Finally back home.

  19. First tourney of the year coming up this weekend (Tri State Amateur); tee times come out tomorrow. They allow you to request pairings for the first round, so hopefully I get to play with my cousin.

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