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  1. We always go to French Lick Winery for dinner. The restaurants in the hotels are good as well.


    I've lived here for 14 years and I still haven't been to Sultans run, but I hear it is extremely tight. I also haven't played the Dye course.


    I love the Donald Ross. It is hilly, narrow for long hitters, and the greens are big and undulated. If you aren't playing the tips, you HAVE to on #6 (250yd par 3), #13 (another 250yd par 3), and #15 (665yd par 5). The first time I played 15 from the tips it was into a 20mph wind; I went driver-3w-3w-9i to 4' and made par.......the rest of the times, not so lucky.


    If you're going to the casino, find a roulette table, throw some money on 14 and yell “papa needs a new pair of shoes”......you can thank me after you win.


    You will have a blast.





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  2. I disagree on never giving advice. If someone is obviously struggling with something and you see a glaring issue, you should ask if they'd like a tip. For example...... I was playing with a guy that was hitting 150yd duck hooks that never got more than 5' off the ground, with his driver. I asked if he'd like a tip and when he said “yes”, I moved the ball position from the middle of his stance to his front foot. This resulted in him splitting every FW at about 260 for the rest of the round. He was ecstatic and thanked me, by buying me a couple beers after the round. In most cases, I won't offer advice, but when I see something that is a simple fix, I will certainly ask.



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  3. You'd think that but ask him to cut a hybrid from like 230 out lol

    You at least have to tell the whole story. It was a 70yd slice from the woods and I got it out of the woods, but I sliced it 90yds into a pot bunker with 3' deep grass in the face of it......after 7 attempts to get it out of that bunker/grass, I picked up and took a 10. Lol



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  4. KBS shafts.jpg









    Here's our lineup of testers...



    Hackabilly                    Stage 1             Stage 2          Stage 3

    BigHappyVA                Stage 1              Stage 2         Stage 3


    Kegger                         Stage 1             Stage 2         Stage 3


    VolGolfer                      Stage 1             Stage 2         Stage 3











    Sluggo42               Stage 1          Stage 2                Stage 3


    Kardboard.Kid      Stage 1           Stage 2               Stage 3


    STUDque              Stage 1           Stage 2               Stage 3


    Golfspy Meyer     Stage 1           Stage 2               Stage 3

  6. Mizuno Irons.jpg






    Official Mizuno JPX 900 Iron Review





    Severtheties             Stage 1                    Stage 2              Stage 3

    Jlukes                       Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    Carolina Golfer 2      Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    yungkory                   Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3



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  7. Epic Driver.jpg






    Callaway GBB Epic Driver



    Mr_Theoo           Stage 1               Stage 2              Stage 3


    Fireinthehole       Stage 1               Stage 2              Stage 3


    JudgeSmails       Stage 1               Stage 2              Stage 3


    Stillnumber1        Stage 1               Stage 2              Stage 3


  8. rsz_vice_pro.jpg






    Vice Pro/Pro Plus Golf Balls





    Chersey                  Stage 1                    Stage 2              Stage 3

    Mdumble21             Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    Jurassic_lawyer       Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    Jay_nick 1                Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    Skrupa15                  Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    Mtisdale                    Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    MrWellingtonINC       Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    Kekeisen                   Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    yungkory                   Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    StripedSweater69     Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3

  9. Huntington Beach Putters.jpg






    Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters





    Numberonecoog          Stage 1                    Stage 2              Stage 3

    Brjpool                         Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    Jiro                               Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    Rikki03038                   Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


    Golfjunkie302               Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3

  10. I'm with MBP on this one. Course was a PGA Championship course, not a US Open. I mean JJ Watt shot 117 there on Monday.......have you seen his swing?



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  11. Golfspy Bones Ping i200 Iron Review


    Ping in bag.jpg






    I will start off my by saying that I do not like the range.  I do not like range balls….I do not like pounding balls with no purpose….I do not like my swing on the range….I do not like wasting my time on the range, when I could be playing.  Therefore my review is going to be about where it counts……on the course.


    Accuracy (8/10)

    In my opinion this doesn't have much to do with the club, it's the golfer.  I could easily square the face to get the ball on target.  My GIR has gone up, but that has more to do with distance, which we will get to right now.


    Distance 10/10

    Stupid filthy long is how I would describe the distance of the i200s.  My very first swing on the course was with the 7i from 195 and the ball flew right at the pin and waved hi to it, as it flew 15yds over the green and into the water.  With the Power Spec lofts, I'm 2 clubs longer than my old clubs.  My GIR has gone up, because I'm hitting higher lofted clubs into the greens from ridiculous distances; the last two par 5s I've played, I have put it on with 8i from 185 and 182.  Longest irons I've ever owned and because I'm hitting shorter (in iron length) higher lofted clubs my accuracy has went up.


    Forgiveness (8/10)

    This goes hand in hand with the distance, to create good accuracy.  I'm not a pro, I don't hit the center of the face every time I swing the club, so I need accuracy, but I also need workability, which usually takes away from forgiveness.  I'll get into the flight characteristics next, but I will say, these are “players” irons with the forgiveness of GI irons.  My typical miss is towards the toe and these irons hold their line and distance as good as any iron I have ever played.  The one place I have struggled a bit is out of the rough; I seem to catch more flyers than I ever have, I also seem to hit more snap hooks out of the rough, which ssems to have something to do with the design of the sole.


    Flight Characteristics (7/10)

    As I stated before, I expect a level of workability and forgiveness in my irons.  With the i200s, I am able to work the ball left and right, with ease.  If I was scoring the irons off workability alone, I would give them a solid 9/10, but alas I am not.  I love the high penetrating launch of the 7i-GW, however I am disappointed with the launch of the 4i-6i.  I struggle getting height on the long irons, heck I would be happy with mid launch, but these are low launching long irons.  I play into a lot of elevated greens and not having a higher launching long iron is causing me to have to lay up on some par 5s, that are in my range, but I don't have the height to clear an obstruction in front of the green (bunker, grass bunker, mounds, etc).  At the same time, the irons are so long that I'm not having to hit the long irons all that much.


    Performance Score – 33/40







    Looks (8/10)

    The i200s have a sleek classic look to them, that usually only comes in a players iron.  I have always been a fan of the minimalist look that Ping irons have had…..nothing flashy, just pure simple beauty.


    Sound and Feel (8/10)

    To be 100% honest, I don't notice any difference in the feel or sound of any higher end club.  All higher end clubs feel like “butter” when you flush them and feel like you're hitting a brick when you don't.  As far as sound, I also don't notice a difference between the i200s and my previous gamers.


    Likelihood of Purchase (9/10)

    This is actually the only set of clubs was looking to put in the bag.  I haven't had a set of Ping irons since I got rid of my Ping Zings back in 2001 and I had already decided that this was the year I went back.  The i200s had (on paper) everything that I was looking for, classic looks, forgiveness, length, and workability.  Had I not been part of testing, these would have ended up in my bag anyway.


    Subjective Score – 25/30






    Overall Score – 58/70





    These clubs will be in my bag for a long time; I love everything about them.  Ping has always made excellent products and that continues with the new i200s.  If you are low, mid, or high handicap, that is looking for the perfect blend of looks, forgiveness, distance, and workability, then these irons are for you.




    Ping on Tee.JPG



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