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  1. Following the rumors of the iPhone5, I came across this link which involves Liquidmetal. I had the driver and i remember the first PGA show they were at. If you think about it you probably remember the informercial with the bouncing metal balls. Liquidmetal has evolve in the uses from Golf clubs, baseball bats, electronic components and has been used in earlier iphones with smaller parts. So this may be your chance to invest in that company again. cause if the rumor is right this would make more money for them compared to the previous 15 years. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/9216108/Apple-iPhone-5-to-be-cased-in-Liquidmetal.html
  2. Has 2 putters, should be 3 but is satisfied to not deal with more PROBLEMS. Thanks MGS!

  3. I hope that I can share a story in the next few days about my BG putters. I guess we will see how things go.
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