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  1. Usually about 9 holes.....makes it even more important for me to find quality brand at a lower price point. Been playing Vice for years. The Vice Zeros this year. But yea 9 holes or sooner if I feel a defect in the cover.
  2. I have an old v2 rangefinder. They were so new and expensive when I got it back in probably 2008. Hasn't let me down!
  3. I think it's a lot tougher to gain strokes back by yourself. I think getting 6 or 7 would be huge.
  4. Yea we played all three. I think we played the white tees but still Judge is no joke with what? 14/15 holes with water. I may have loved the senator the most. Being in wisconsin with lots of top tier links style courses playing another just felt right. But all 54 holes are awesome.
  5. My most recent purchase is a Vessel Player IV Pro bag. Absolutely love. They are a bit expensive but do give discounts to certain individuals (like former or current military). I carry more often then not and it has a perfect strap system and good weight. Recommend for anyone looking for a new bag. Also me and my regular group took a road trip to Alabama and played the courses at RTJ Capitol Hill. What an amazing facility it is. The Judge course is no joke. If you've played you know. If you haven't I would also recommend.
  6. Hello! My name is Josh. I have been a long time follower of MGS and never even knew there was a forum. I am from Wisconsin (name me a better overall public golf course state) and I am a golf addict. I am about to hit the big three zero in April so I can still make a run at the PGA right? Haha. I have been trying to find my purpose my whole life. I worked at golf courses for the majority of my younger years. Served in the Army NG for eight years. Managed a local credit union. And bartended. But I've always had golf to keep me going. I'm currently a student with lots of time on his hands which is great for my golf game. So whats in my bag? For context I was on Ping Golf staff when I worked at a club back in 2016 and haven't changed much since. Driver: Ping G Driver with Ping tour 65G S shaft Woods: Callaway Bertha 5 Wood 60 G shaft Crossover: Ping G Crossover 3 iron Nippon Pro steel S Irons: P-4 Ping G blue dot S shaft Wedges: 50, 54, 58 Ping Glide Wedge shaft Putter: 2023 Ping Prime Tyne 4 Ball: Vice Pro Zero Grips: Pure Grips (RIP)
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