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  1. not a fan of the look of Cally iron but i'm sure they are real marvel of technologies...
  2. Hey there, from my experience, distance and accuracy are usually opposite to each other. What is your preference between both ? Would you prefer the longest club or the ideal combinaison of lenght and accuracy ? IMHO, the real trick with FW is more about how u feel when u address the club than anything else. Look for a club that u feel really confortable over it.. A club that make u feel confident will improve your game more than anything else. u will swing it more freely! Look too to feel comfortable with the lenght of the club too. Don't hesitate to cut the club 1" if it could help you! Me, I would never hesitate to choose a club that is 10yds shorter than another if i feel more confortable with and more in confidence. I know I will be more consistent with it... specially on tight hole! also, be sure u feel confident with the draw bias of the majority of the FW on the market. That brought me back 2-3 years ago when I couldn't stand over the Callaway FT FW, too much draw bias... was hitting it way left too, I wasn't confortable over it and not confident, it affect my game A LOT ! Swicth to FT tour FW with neutral bias, incredible gain of trust over it. I have similar dilemna as u have now for new FW. but I'm looking for something a little bit shorter overall and with square-open face... Good search! FW market still really general with a lot of mass-market product!
  3. im really confused about one thing with AMP driver, the 8,5*loft is presented with a SW of D7. If im right with my understanding of my sw chart, that would mean a head of 210 grams... Seams like a tour head from Cobra that will be cut at 44" or 44,5" by pros... More the loft is high, lighter seems the head... interesting idea ! Too bad they didn't produce something like that with the FW that seems really "vanilla"
  4. thanks for sharing the link of the review... I really like the Mizuno for now ! Bridgestone seems great but a little bit beefy.
  5. Don't know... One thing I have to give to Cobra, it's that they customized their driver depending of the loft. X-stiff model in 8,5* had a better shaft overall. I have the RIP shaft on my TMR9SD in 75gr version, really like it. Don't know if the 65gr will be strong enough..
  6. I have Ping I15 now. Good club overall, for me, really easy to use... i like to change ! try different thing.. forgiveness is not the biggest issue for me.
  7. I so love this answer... that's the secret of TM. So easy to cut shorter and still get SW at good point... Just for that : WAKE UP OTHER OEM !!!!!
  8. R11S for me... easier to customized... can almost do anything u want with that head... and it work awesome...
  9. Stuart, If I had a look at the younger market, I would have put a beefier shaft on it... If not, add a tour version with a good shaft! Even if i'm not a fan, I have to give TM that. When they sell woods for good players (good player usualy are longer hitter with higher SS), they had a great shaft to it. For senior, they are also having good product with good shaft. The AMP is probably an awesome head...
  10. I want a player FW. Will probably cut it at 42 or 42,5" for more control, not decideed yet on lenght... Control and accuracy are my major point.. dont care much about distance... I have enough... not looking for more.
  11. I dont get Cobra right now... Where are they going in the market now ? Are they going for the young audience or are they keeping with senior ? AMP look cool in my opinion of 31yo golfer... Weak shaft look NOT cool... anyway, i don't even get the difference between AMP and ZL encore... two weak shaft ! no one seems like a tour head... and don't speak to me about AMP hybrid with its offset... beurkkkk!
  12. It would be interesting to know more spec about their clubs as lenght... if it could be possible!
  13. any pics of the face and the crown ??? look good at first sight, it seens like a player FW!
  14. lol, closed face, a mile left in the wood ! lol !
  15. more information please on the clubs of the first pic with the ZL encore driver... trusty rusty... my next wedges... lol ! would like great aside of my S3 pro...
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