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  1. And...how do I change the equipment data that shows on my posts...obviously archaic data wouldn't you say?
  2. I loved my old True Linkswear which I just reintroduced to my feet...and am striking the ball much more purely...I LOVE the zero transitional drop...anyone know of current shoe models that are designed as such?
  3. Howdy All, The Snell MTB Ball has been my ball for the past 6 months (along with a couple other buddies I turned onto it). Also, I have had three sets of SCOR wedges over the many years...still using a set I got from them via closeout though am moving on (Christmas present waiting for me) to the updated wedges of Hogan!! Looking forward to those. Easily the best wedges I have used with no loss of distance out of fluffy lies due to their design. Not that I took the course because of a MGS review, but I believe you should have a few longtime players in the 15+ handicap range, who have the time to do so, review the Tathata golf 60 day course. It would do a great service to struggling golfers, which I used to be...i'm only 2/3 through the course and now play to a 6.6 versus the previous 13-14 through the years. Absolutely amazing!!
  4. Brian Phoenix, AZ 8.8 They remind me a bit of my Bridgestone J40s which are getting SO old! Looking forward to others' reviews, unless i'm so fortunate....cheers!
  5. Brian Arizona 33" See More Si3 A 33" Pro Mallet would be cool to try. Like to see a company who would try and improve on alignment technologies, whether visual or 'imagined' in the way it is designed...the See More serves me well with, honestly, no consistent miss
  6. I gotta get with the times myself...looking at the RBZ fairway or, perhaps, something a year or two old..really need to find a confidence booster on that...keep looking for, and missing, demo days...have a golfsmith and PGA superstore nearby...whatdya think? Which way should I proceed?
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