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  1. I really like the Pure DTX grip. I like half and full cord grips, but they just tear up my hands. The Pure DTX grips give me that same feel without torturing my hands. Even though I'm a golf traditionalist, I like the variety of available colors. They wear like iron. I practice and play a lot of golf (90+ rounds per year), and I'm on my third year with the same grips, no wear spots at all!
  2. First name: Rolf City & State: Boone, IA Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds: I only ride when the temperature and humidity are both above 90. You gotta love that Iowa weather... Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: Bag Boy Avenger. I used a Cart Tek 1200R when they first came out for 5 or 6 years. I just wore it out. Thank-you for your consideration! Rolf
  3. Rolf Hansen, Boone, IA GHIN: 10.3 Ben Hogan PTxPro Black I'm a retired 67 year old golfer who is looking for a set of irons that will increase distance and a higher ball flight. Forged is a plus, but I've successfully played cast irons as well.
  4. First Name/State: Rolf/IA Handicap: 8.5 Current Brand Wedges Played: Mizuno Hot Metal 50 degree Vokey 54 and 58 degree Your favorite type of wedge shot: Any time you leave that perfect full swing distance for any of the wedges
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