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  1. I agree with you. I root for the week in and week out guys for dealing with the tough schedule etc...
  2. I think they both could be beaten, especially Julie if she is a beginner. Would have to back Natalie up to the back tees and see what happens. If not, she would be tough to beat. My wife would definitely let me play with those 2.
  3. Has anyone tried golflogix on the iphone app? It's a free app that I downloaded and it gives you 2 premium courses to try for free before you spend the $20 bucks for the year membership. Any feedback?
  4. I have similar stats and use the Fujikura Max, 56 gram, stiff shaft. Hope this helps.
  5. Looks like machine has been checking out the Bruce Sizemore line of putters. Bruce made an all mokume gane putter over 10 years ago. Check out the mokume stuff from the 2012 PGA show. It might look very familiar.
  6. Wow!! Very nice! I'm glad somebody has some imagination to come up with a putter design that is NOT a ping answer style! LOVE the creativity! I'll play one for sure!
  7. A good golf specific work out that I do is the following. First, let me give you my background: I'm 5'9" tall, 162 lbs, 43 years young, right handed golfer. I grew up playing soccer from age 5 thru college. I attribute alot of my talents to soccer. OK, that said, I stretch EVERYDAY. Sometimes for 30 minutes or longer or sometimes for 10 minutes depending upon my schedule. I am a big believer in stretching to become as flexible as possible. I usually stretch in the shower, touching my toes while the hot water hits my back. Being on the short side, I need to maintain my flexibility in order to generate a full turn and hit the ball as far as I can, without swinging out of my shoes. When I stretch for 30 or more minutes, I am very deliberate on how I stretch. I start by sitting on my mat indian style, legs crossed, then slowly move my torso around to the right and left, VERY IMPORTANT, do not twist quickly as you may pull something. After a few minutes, I turn a little further and hold the position for 10 seconds. I do this until I can fully turn and hold it for 30 seconds. Next I start stretching my legs, from calfs to thighs to quads and hammies. Legs are VERY important when it comes to the golf swing. I also stretch my arms and wrists and neck. When I'm done stretching, I start my workout. I workout with light weights making sure not to bulk up too much. I would rather tone than bulk, like your situation. I start with 10lb. dumbells and do 50 curls in each arm. While recovering from that I stretch by reaching down and touching my toes. After a few minutes, I work my triceps the same way. I do this over and over. Then it's sit up time. I usually do between 100-200 sit ups per session, starting with 25 to start moving to 50. In between these situps, I continue stretching. It's worked for me and hopefully it will help you some.
  8. I would have to disagree with you on this one. ALL of us golfers know that golf is hard enough let alone having improper equipment. I use the term "improper" because if someone is shooting over 85 they probably should be playing a perimeter weighted iron, just ALOT easier to hit than forged blades. The analogy about having a beautiful wife and being miserable is a great one, however, why make yourself miserable on the golf course when you DO have a choice of which clubs to buy etc...I believe that the person or persons playing forged blades and shooting triple digit scores or near them either 1-has alot of money and therefore it's a status thing for them and their friends or 2-they were sold the wrong set by someone who only wanted to make a sale and did not care about the golfers abilities. Either way, I think it is wrong. I know some people are fascinated by certain "name brands" and will only play them but I'm sure they offer clubs for people with a lower skill level. One last thing, if they played a more forgiving club, they would have more fun, hit better shots, save money(in which they could use for lessons to eventually buy the forged irons) and not play 18 holes in 4.5-5 hours, more enjoyable for all. Just my opinion.
  9. WOW! That looks AWESOME! Wish I were a lefty. Is there a right-handed model available?
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