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  1. I fully agree! It would not bother me if you accepted advertising from OEMs. Just so they can't corrupt the testing process by "threatening" to withhold advertising in light of negative reviews. You do an excellent job, I could not do what you do AND turn away revenue, nor would I so more power to you.
  2. Try http://www.visiongolfball.com/, all you need to know is right there.
  3. My care package from Boz also arrived, faster than Vancouver snail mail! thanks Wayne, I must say that I do got odd looks from the macho players when I play the "pretty coloured balls" but nobody says anything except "wow. you can really see that ball go, you don't lose it in the sun" I explain where they come from but don't let them use one, maybe I should. Over a short period I lost most of the yellow balls which is a pity, no fault of the balls though just the idiot swinging the club. I really like using them, yes they do scuff but easy to clean up with an abrasive pad if needed. They all perform well, I have no idea which ones I prefer as I just tend to pull one out and use it. I think I prefer the UV X3 yellows, they hit well and are easy to find especially at the bottom of the pond. Looking forward to using some of the new balls, I am going to give some of the Vision hats away as prizes for our next golf meet up game, I should give a few balls but dammit I will spend more time looking for a lost Vision ball than anything else so it's hard to part with them. Folks you have nothing to lose by trying these balls, not cheap but not the most expensive either and they will suit your game for most of you. Here's a tip for twilight games, charge these babies with a UV light before going out, it enhances the brightness.
  4. Same as what he said, I echo all the kudos. Great product, unique to this market, nobody else you play with has these balls. Great customer service. You have nothing to lose and an experience to gain, go for it, you won't be sorry.
  5. From Ralph Maltby: Backspin is created by friction and the clubhead force component along the face. Friction is a function of area of contact between the ball and the face and of the loft. When dry clean conditions, a grooveless face will have more area in contact with the ball than a grooved one. When using softer balls and/or hitting down and/or hitting hard, the ball will flatten more and the area will extend = more friction and more backspin. When using dirty balls or dirty face, nothing helps really, backspin is reduced. When hitting with grass in between, grooves will remove more of the water and juice and hinder the friction to be too much reduced. and from the German site: So, here's what they say: 1. Grooves actually slow the ball down due to a cogwheel effect. This is, however, only true for a decent ball contact, which they define as a smash factor between 1.3 and 1.5. So, under those circumstances the grooveless design adds length. 2. They measured 10-20% more spin on different launch monitors. 3. The grooveless irons work equally well in all kinds of weather and from the rough. High handicappers can play them, if they are motivated. Bogey golfers and better will have no problems. 4. You can get the heads separately as components, but be prepared to write a decent check.
  6. I've been reading about these for a few years, there are some excellent reviews on line, some in English. This really challenged my German. Ralph Maltby also has interesting comments on groove-less clubs. I must admit I rarely get the ball to spin back on the green with my wedges and I do take a lot of surface material off the ball when I hit. I figured it was a matter of chance and the pros are just lucky. I would not mind trying these clubs myself, or just wait until my wedges are worn out.
  7. Hey, Wayne, cost to Canuck land? I have not yet lost all the balls, due in part to not playing much 'cos of a bum knee! I do find the yellow balls scuff up when using the wedges and mine are not that new but they do clean up nicely. I'm in.
  8. $500 at GolfTown, hit those yesterday and they were great, little dispersion and good distance. I have never considered Ping before, might have to change my mind, I was trying a set of Hogans but was spraying all over the place. Salesman took pity on me and gave me G15s to swing. Plus there is a $300 difference between the Pings and the Hogans!
  9. Yes it is, it is, adjectives to describe this would be just superfluous. I get lots of comments, mainly caused by me saying "have you seen my belt?" Excellent value. I will order another one soon in an exotic colour. Guys take a look at Patrick's offerings and "like" on his FB page at https://www.facebook.com/PatrickGibbonsHandmade Quality and service like this deserve support.
  10. I need one of these Adams Golf Redline Hybrid Irons 7 irons http://insidegolf.ca...ticle&id=114938 Jamie Sadlowski, two-time Re/Max World Long Drive champion from St. Paul, AB, hit 255 yards with a 7 iron hybrid and 324 yards with a #3 hybrid. Bet he could not play any of the courses I play on, he'd be out of bounds all day long, just like me.
  11. I get my caddy to do that but sometimes when he is hunting in the ponds for my Vision golf balls I have to push the thing myself; I hate getting mud splatters on my white Ecco golf shoes and on my trouser legs.
  12. Before I started playing golf 6-7 years ago, I did not even know who Tiger was, paid no attention. Now I don't even watch if Tiger is not playing. It's that excellence, or pursuit of it, that he brings. Love to see him play well. Brings the level of competition up. Just take this past week at the Masters - best yet, and Tiger made more exciting by making a run. Did he scare the others? You bet he did. Not as much as previous years but still there. I don't care about his private life, it's called "private" for a reason; not my business. Pity those who make it theirs. Oh, and don't live in a glass house...
  13. Look at what I have coming to me https://www.facebook...6204295 Sometimes we get what we deserve!
  14. I own the 2.0 version, excellent cart, the 3.0 has made some significant improvements especially with the brake position and operation. The only accessories these babies, and all carts need - are mud flaps, I'll build my own if I have to but push carts throw mud and water backwards...on me. Come on designers.
  15. I quite like the Under Armor gear too, the compression shirts and undervests are great. I own the cold weather pants. These are cut way too long and had to be shortened which cuts the logo (wording) on the bottom of the leg in half. Looks odd. These pants GROW during use, they kept me warm but just seemed to stretch too much so I was constantly hitching them; wore them with suspenders the next time out but same problem.
  16. Shipping was a good deal, bought plenty and they arrived really quickly. I too pack a chain saw when I play, losing one breaks my heart and not just the cost, ProV1s cost more but they just don't look as good. I have even started letting people play through while I hunt...there I said it. Bite the bullet, contact Wayne and buy a load, if cost is an issue then sell the kids' shoes and don't eat for a week, we all have sacrifices to make.
  17. For those days when you just CAN'T get out to play there is always this Pit Green Golf; I have one on my desk and of course nothing gets done. But that's ok because it IS an executive toy.
  18. Well this looks easy, should catch on...
  19. I stopped reading GD. The viagra ads were starting to get to me. The "tips" were playing with my head and ruining my game especially a few issues later when another pro tells you not to try that. Too late it is already embedded. I want to see reviews on non-main-stream manufacturers, the smaller club builders, the lesser well known yet still turning out good products.
  20. Now....make the photographer retake these photos so they are fully in focus! Try directly over the top shooting down or increase the depth of field.
  21. My favorite Christmas gift this year was the new book "Real Golf for Real People", I found the chapters very useful and can't wait for the spring to try them out: Chapter 1 - How to Properly Line Up Your Fourth Putt. Chapter 2 - How to Hit a Nike from the Rough, when you Hit a Titleist from the tee. Chapter 3 - How to Avoid the Water When You Lie 8 in a bunker. Chapter 4 - How to Get More Distance off the Shank. Chapter 5 - How to Rationalize a 6 Hour Round. Chapter 6 - How to Find That Ball That Everyone Else Saw Go in the water. Chapter 7 -When to Let a Foursome Play through Your Twosome. Chapter 8 - How to Relax When You Are Hitting five off the Tee. Chapter 9 - When to Suggest Major Swing Corrections to Your Opponent. and finally ... Chapter 10 - When to Re-grip Your Ball Retriever.
  22. This is my idea but I found someone had already invented it, I hate that! Anyway, how about a scratch and win business card? It can have your details on and the recipient scratches and wins....free membership in the forum!! ...or something http://www.scratchoff.com/
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