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  1. I would really like something to replace my crappy 52 degree wedge, I really like the Wood Bros 60 and 56 degree so I might just get another to match the set, or maybe something a bit more exotic would be nice to try.
  2. This should nicely complement the stuff from Bogey Golf at http://www.bogeypro.com/ If you want a laugh then look at their FB page http://www.facebook.com/BogeyProGolf I for one will be ordering Vision Balls, once I figure out which ones are best for me, and oh yes, if this contract turns in to a long term wage earner!
  3. Tongue firmly planted in cheek http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/tongue-in-cheek.html
  4. All I need is one of Tiger Woods' clubs, any will do so long as he has signed it and it is certified, then I will be happy.
  5. Old Wedges? What are they? I have the same ones I started with 6 years ago. What happens, do the "plastic" balls wear out the metal club faces? Come to think of it how come my face bristles wear out the tempered steel of my razor??
  6. I never wear T-Shirts on the course, golf/polo shirts only, and in winter all is covered up anyway with sealskin furs and polar bear overcoat. Now a small logo on the front of a shirt would be neat, or a large one on the back. I could tell people "it's my sponsor"
  7. Excellent, I thought a few pics and links would be nice: Old clubs 1 Collage This is a good link to history of golf clubs History And here's a link to a golf club quiz based on the theme of old clubs. Antique Quiz
  8. Oh, I love that one, balls that get too close to me end up plugged, funny how that happens.
  9. Ha! Scenario: Lady loses ball into water hazard. Hero can see the ball and decides to retrieve it, balancing on a rock. Lady, "oh be careful". Hero, "it's ok, I know what I am doing." Splash! Stupid game.
  10. Never underestimate the power of Hype! I play the ProV1, prefer the ProV1x and I do not buy them, walking the local course with my dog guarantees me enough to play for years. They work well for me but are probably not the best for me I am sure. I must have 400+ of other balls that I will work my way through or give away. The Callaways always get lost first, the higher priced one the fastest. When I lose a ball I spend little time hunting, I take my licks and play on.
  11. And yet my Proto is pristine despite being hit many times now with my 60 deg which has nice sharp groves that shaves other balls.
  12. I have a noted an "error" or "misconception" in some of these postings regarding Cast, Forged and Stainless steel. All steel, whether it be stainless or not, is CAST first. Stainless is just an alloy containing certain metals that impart a corrosion resistant , not corrosion free, quality. "Stainless" will stain! "Corrosion resistant" will corrode. The conditions have to be right, or wrong. Stainless does not mean forged. Then it is pressed, rolled, beaten by a forging process. Cast club heads are metal poured into a mould and then processed by heat treating, finishing etc etc, this is th
  13. I have a noted an "error" or "misconception" in some of these postings regarding Cast, forged and stainless steel. All steel whether it be stainless or not is CAST first. Stainless is just an alloy containing certain metals that impart a corrosion resistant , not free, quality Stainless does not mean forged. Then it is pressed, rolled, beaten by a forging process. Cast club heads are metal poured into a mould and then processed by heat treating, finishing etc etc, this is the easier manufacturing method. Forged heads are cast metal that is then pressed etc to change the grain structure a
  14. You might want the check out these links: Pimp my ride Pimp my ride 2 Hummer
  15. just click on "click to attach files" under "Attachments" box under the messages, a dialogue box will open to find the pic you want to upload from your hard drive. Once you have done that you will see an attachment text in the message, you can then press "send" it takes a little time but the photo will appear in your message. I think. The "HELP" for the Forum is not very helpful.
  16. Courses that put too many people out, I can't stand getting to a tee box to find we are the third group in line waiting to tee off. People who spend too much time hunting for golf balls, unless it's me hunting for my Vision ball. People who take too many warm up swings then many practice strokes; play ready golf! I want to scream: “just hit the ball” but I don't, I hope. Golf tips that stick in my head and don't work for me but get in the way of my "game". The cost of range balls. Golf clubs that I really want but can't afford. Ridiculous claims that I know can't be true but deep inside I
  17. Being in Vancouver I always have to be prepared for the odd shower, I think they come up from Seattle! I was using the Etonic G Sok rain glove, which is a nice glove, good fit, but the grip is better on the Vision, the little grip nodules (!!??) are more pronounced. I also use the Wilson rain glove which uses a different approach, it is a water absorbant material, also performs well. I keep several gloves, rain and normal, in small ziplock bags as I found that my bag is not really water proof!
  18. Practiced on a P&P today, greens had just been punched and sanded and we had just had a heavy rain, interesting to say the least. I gave the Proto a chance, no water to lose it in! I can honestly say it performed the best of all the balls, sweet off the club, straight flight, stopped dead on the green. It really felt like butter, nothing harsh or hard about that ball, a pleasure to use. I played other balls at the same time, Callaway HX for example; I can lose a Callaway within seconds, they same to vanish off the tee never to be seen again for some reason, I find them somewhat hard.
  19. Works the same, Mindy Blake advocated an open stance, he even rotated both feet towards the target. Rotating the lead foot toward the target or moving the lead foot back slightly, I think, achieves the same end. Found this somewhere: Mindy Blake's 'Golf: The Technique Barrier' was published in 1979. The book was considered unconventional and heretic then and anyone reading it today would probably feel the same way. Mindy, an engineer and scientist, based the book on his studies of the body mechanics of the golf swing. One of the imperatives of Mindy's Reflex Swing was the bent right elbow
  20. Nice tool, how about these? Of course there is always explaining to do regarding missing forks from the kitchen, but they work really well. Stole the idea from Dr Birdie. https://www.drbirdie.com/forks_2.asp
  21. just saw this, can't post pic for some reason Cleveland Miyazaki ultralite drivers (not sure if link is inserting, had to edit a few times for some reason) http://www.vimeo.com/15038064 SNEAK PEAK 2011, Cleveland Miyazaki ultralite drivers from Games People Play on Vimeo.
  22. Guys, it says "FORGED" right on them, isn't that a give away?
  23. Don't forget the latest material: Unobtanium, (Unobtainium) and no James Cameron did not invent it. "A substance having the exact high test properties required for a piece of hardware or other item of use, but not obtainable whether because it theoretically cannot exist or because technology is insufficiently advanced to produce it." If that doesn't work then there is always unaffordium, cavorite, kryptonite, scrith, dilithium, carbonite, impossibilium and handwavium. Unobtanium
  24. Lots of useful info on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bzTrKsaMbQ&feature=related for example. This one for adjustment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wBNCM_-zxA
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