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  1. Have you guys seen this? The text below is not mine, I stole it from somewhere, now I know why some of my shots go off centre if the ball is squashing like this on my club....ha! No one has a swing speed of 150 mph, including Tiger Woods who is just under 130 mph. I had no idea the golf ball compresses this much. But first a little history I recently learned: 1- The Pro V-1 golf ball by Titleist is actually a three part ball, but you have to have a club head speed of at least 100 mph or more to be able to compress all three stages...If you don't the ball never fully compresses and you don't get the distance out of it that the pro's do. (Wonder what 5 part ball is like?) 2- We, will get more distance out of a ball that only has two stages of compression... (explains why "ladies'" balls go further for us hackers even though we won't admit it. Like the Titleist NG Tour. It is more suited to our swing speed and we can compress it upon impact and can hit it further than the Pro V-1 ball. 3- So the secret is not to buy the most expensive balls out there because we are actually decreasing the distance we can hit the ball, unless your club head speed is over 100 mph, which unless you are 21 to 50 years old, isn't going to happen!!! Watch this video, this shows what a golf ball goes through when hit at 150 mph...it's amazing to me how long these balls last. Maybe that's why the Pro's use new balls every time they play.... http://www.flixxy.co...slow-motion.htm Wow, 70,000 frames per second. Can golf balls deform that dramatically? What you see in this clip is happening in less than 1/1000 th of a second. That's too fast for the human eye to perceive in detail, but a super-slow motion camera can capture it. Editor's note: The footage comes from the BBC and was shown during golf coverage. We were unable to establish whether a regulation golf ball or a 'practice ball' (with higher elasticity) was used for this experiment. It looks like a more flexible ball than the one Canadian golf champion Jason Zuback used to break the world ball speed record on the Sports Science episode, where he accelerated a golf ball to a speed of 328 km/h (204 mph). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMqM13EUSKw&NR=1
  2. I played every day after getting laid off, must have played 200 games last year, it sort of gets old when weighed against looking for work to feed the family. Golf...food...golf..food, tough one.

  3. Just downloaded to my iTouch, installs the IPBoard app, then you have to enter the IP address for MyGolfSpy, just enter without the and it is good to go.
  4. Do you know your trouble Boz? You are a professional who understands customer service, a real dinosaur. You will frighten the other guys if you are not careful, chances are they don't bother with these forums so you will be ok. What a concept - play with gear that the pros don't use and improve your game. Extend this concept to clubs and you could have lots of people enjoying their golf more, playing faster, not frustrated and not "having" to spend tons on the latest Pro clubs they could never hit. I know there are a few out there doing that but there are so many bad ones it gives the rest a bad name. Good luck with this, I am really impressed with the various comments and people don't pull any punches they are to eager to please just because they got a free sample to try out.
  5. Musqueam was my local for the past few years, lived in Dunbar, played mud golf all winter, not bad $250 for 5 months golf! Good way to lose balls, hit the fairway and ...gone! Buried. Just moved back to Richmond so started playing the Mylora courses again, cheap enough but my favourite is Country Meadows, best shortish course anywhere, best drained and good golf. Played Green Acres lots, ventured further afield to Peace Portal, ideal for a workout!, Nico Wynd is excellent for a 9 hole/2 pin placement course but full size, best deal anywhere is Newlands in Langley, excellent course and cheap, last time I played there is $25 incl power cart!!! I have not played the other courses you mentioned though. Was offered a cut price membership at Quilchena private golf course, offered to cut $10000 from the membership fee, how could I pass up on that? Easy.
  6. AWINCEY, where do you play? Glad you like the balls also. I can see that I am going to have to actually buy some of these balls at some point!
  7. Hey Pom! Now that is what I call "going whole hog", is there anything you don't have? Boz must love you! I would like to get back to Brisbane next year, being currently unemployed is a bit of a drawback as I have to choose between eating and playing golf, I know - no brainer really, so I play golf. I was thinking of asking my good friend in BNE, Ted Potts, to buy and send me some Pinkies as I am intrigued with the write ups. I used the balls for the first time this week; first of all on an open field with a mowed straw texture, only used my 60 deg Woods Bros wedge but found all the balls went further than the other stock balls in my bag, Bridgestones and ProV1s. I was surprised with how straight they went, easy to see in the air, easy to see on the ground, spent 15 minutes hunting for the Proto though as it hunkered down in the straw, found 6 other balls by accident and then Bingo found the proto. Used them on my local course on Sunday, too scared to use them over water and with good reason! but used them everywhere else, flew straight, no side spin, held in the wind very nicely - which was a pity as I aimed into the wind expecting to be blown back but no it went dead straight. I really liked them, they scuff the same as other balls but I did not have to dig polymer out of the wedge grooves as I usually do. I am going to give these a really good work out as I don't yet have a favourite. If Boz reads this, the towel is great but needs a golf bag attachment, I sewed a key ring to it so I can hang it on my bag. Glove was also great, I did not slip off any clubs at the top of the swing and did not get too sweaty, I find most gloves cinch up too tight around the wrist so I end up leaving them a bit slacker there but the velcro then irritates the skin, happens with most gloves, the tab needs to be a bit longer and the velcro area a bit shorter if you get my drift, no I do not have fat wrists. I don't normally pay $5 a ball as I pick up really good lost balls out walking the course with my dog and keep the best for myself, did I mention I was cheap? But I would pay for these balls; you just need a method of getting them on view so the general public sees and plays them, I think your tack of "game improvement balls" is a good one so long as they don't get lost in the plethora of other "golf improvement" stuff that makes our eyes glaze over. Boz sent me a "ladies Ball" it says so in plain print but I manned up and played it anyway and it performed really well! I marked all my balls with my standard "S" an das you know even permanent ink does not stick to this surface, had this with a few other balls so what I do is soak for a few minutes in dishwashing liquid and then slightly scuff with a nylon pad, that way the "S" sticks and does not rub off, these things are too beautiful to do that too! Anyway nobody else is playing them here in this part of Canada, I think, so it should not be a problem. Last note to Boz, many ladies here buy and use coloured balls so these should go over well, I would not mind trying them out with a couple of the ladies recreational leagues for THEIR feedback, could be a market that way. Have a think. Cheers all, its bucketing down with rain for the first time in weeks I bet I could get on one of the local courses CHEAP right now! More to come as I use these things and thanks for the opportunity, it put more interest into my game. Stephen Peszel in Vancouver.
  8. Thing is you never see golf fans try to catch a ball, wonder why that is. Difference between rounders, sorry baseball and golf I guess.
  9. I was born and raised in Bolton, Lancashire, joined the Army when I was 17 in 1969 and frankly rarely went home. Been all over courtesy of HM and most places i liked, even the Falklands and Belfast. I really like Brisbane and would like to go back to visit and play golf. Been in Canada this past 21+ years, lived in Medicine Hat and experienced the hottest summer and coldest winter on record and escaped to Vancouver, been here since but still travelled a lot. Really impressed with the look of the Boz golf balls and looking forward to trying them out. I will be chipping and pitching a good bit with them first, want to get a feel before I lose the first one off the tee. These things look so good they should have GPS trackers built in.
  10. I have to echo "pfingst's" comments! Wayne, the package arrived today, thank you very much; someone put a lot of thought into presentation, a veritable feast hits the eyes. Very impressive first impression, I can't wait to hit the course with these although they are too pretty to spoil! Before I even use them I can tell you they "outshine" any so called high visibility golf balls that I have seen. Yellow does not equal high vis but yours do. I am going to be have to be careful where I use these, last thing I want is to be able to tell you how well I can see them in the bottom of the pond. The glove is excellent, really good fit and attractive, so much better than the run of the mill stuff. I will give an in depth review of these products as soon as I can. More arrived than I was expecting as can be seen in the third photo. More to come... Did I say I was impressed? Don't know why I did not check Vision Golf's home page before now, good info on their balls http://www.visiongolfball.com/
  11. Not for non-US, again. Don't click Canucks. There must be some of these that apply to the frozen north. Oops, sorry, duplicate posting.
  12. Happy to join in, it would be nice to try something other than the Pro V1s etc etc that we feel to have to "because the pros" do. my handicap is my swing and my game. ...if not too late of course and if you allow Canadians in (I am a Brit too so twice the value)
  13. Don't waste your time Canucks, another US only one
  14. Thanks for the response, yours was the only one so I guess nobody else has this problem. Yes, this is the approach I had considered but I wondered if someone had some magic touch but experience shows that there is no short cut in anything, so sanding and polishing I will go, colour matching is the hard part.
  15. I am looking forward to seeing these "real people" reviews. Should be interesting.
  16. OK, so from time to time I have swung a club so hard and erratically that I have gone under the ball on the tee and scratched the top surface of my driver and wood, well now they are starting to look a bit ugly and it is obvious I am a sky-baller even though I have mostly solved that problem. I would like to know what methods people use to repair the finish. I have polished and polished but need a better method short of just painting a new finish. Any ideas?
  17. PW for up to 125 yards 52 deg for up to 110 yds 56.12 for up to 90 yds 60.04 for flop shots and up to about 70 yds. I fill the yardage gaps by swinging harder, I think I can thin my sandwedge about 170 yards without thinking, which happens more than I like! Sorry folks, I had already answered this.
  18. Entry only valid for US residents NOT Canada, again, oh well.
  19. I mark mine with a black "S" but if playing a hole with out of bounds with houses close by I play a ball with no markings - just in case!
  20. I use the Woods Bros 60 and 56 deg wedges, just great, I practice with a Callaway 56 deg - 14 wedge which I also like, I also use a crappy Paradise Black Chrome, with all the "chrome" rubbed off! but it does allow me to open the club by having 2 x sole angles and fits nicely between the PW and the 52 deg. It's what you like and what works for you.
  21. I too prefer a simpler system, I cannot imagine changing the face or even angles during a round or at the range, if I need a different club what I do is put the club I am using back in the bag and take out another one, no tools needed, nothing to go wrong...except when I pull out the wrong one and don't read the label. I will stick to my trusty Wood Bros wedges, the only thing wrong with them is the idiot swinging them.
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