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  1. My carry bag is the Mizuno Kabuki, nice to carry, comes with 2 x harness options, single or dual aerostrap harness., I keep both on and use the single for short carries, there is enough pocket room to carry all the junk I need so it is as heavy as I make it, divider system works well. Main gripe is the mesh pockets on the outside damage too easily and things fall out.
  2. Many bags with dividers don't run the divider the full length of the bag so even though the heads are separate the grips still get tangled.
  3. Ah simple is always the best, looks easy enough to make. I do wonder why the design is so short though, if it were longer it might force a more straighter stroke, or am I missing something?
  4. Same here! I bought a cheap and nasty Paradise 52* wedge, "Black Chrome" that rubbed off! The black irons just look great.
  5. Thanks, that worked for me
  6. 4 wedges 60 Wood Bros 65yds 56 Wood Bros 85 - 100 yds 52 Paradise (cheap black chrome that rubbed off!) up to 110 yds PW Callaway X16 125 yds Practice with a weighted 60 LW De Rissa from Dr Birdie (I know, but it is excellent) and a Callaway 56 that has rusted nicely. Of course I will use any of the clubs at short distance depending on the lie, they all work well the only problem is the fool swinging them.
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