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  1. I want to cash in a $200 Golfsmith gift card that I have. Looking for $175 - so basically a $25 coupon for anyone who shops at Golfsmith. I will accept paypal and will handle the fees myself. I will email the card # and info upon receiving payment, and will then ship out the card itself to your address.
  2. Great to see Ernie out there kicking butt again. And great to see those protos... anyone know when we lower class golfers will have access to them?
  3. Jeeves

    Nead AS10

    wow... I have never seen a neck like that on the second one. Pretty neat looking. Love the unfinished look too. although I doubt that's how you'll leave it
  4. love the clean classic look of the new series
  5. those pro's look so nice. been a little skeptical of playing dark irons. always thought they look a little odd and I hated seeing Vijay with his gunmetal clevelands. I will have to revisit the issue and check these out. Adam's seems to have been making great leaps recently.
  6. i'm so much of a feel player I can't handle these mechanical-like gimmicks
  7. well... 'The Masters' isn't a golf course, lol. But, I can see where Trevino is coming from. Great course design utilizes existing topography to establish a balanced course. So it may be true that it is not all that balanced. But, no one can argue with the way the course is consistently set up and the venue itself. It is also difficult for us judge, considering many of us have never seen it in person. I know several people who have attended and they all say that TV really doesn't do the course justice. I also don't know anyone who has ever actually played it.
  8. Golf Digest had a great magazine late last year with the most comprehensive blind review of all golf balls I have ever read. It is very detailed and the answers are very surprising. I will see if I can dig it up and answer your question.
  9. I am not really down with Villega's style... I mean coming into the home stretch last week he is clubbing-up and swinging as hard as he can. They talked about how he used to be really little - like 135. Then bulked up in the gym... every swing he takes is like he is trying to prove how strong he is. Not a very good formula for consistency.
  10. A golf pro at a course I worked with when i was younger did trick shot shows... he had a 60" driver. Fun to play with. Very difficult to time it right though.
  11. ...cash is not king Wait a couple years and those balls will be worth gold in china or japan... they got collectors over there too
  12. Golf with me is a lot about comfort and feel. I don't know how I'd feel about playing with a yellow ball.
  13. Have found the most enjoyment out of my Scratch wedges. Certain degree of customization without dropping big dollars.
  14. I'd have to see how they look at address.. Because the club itself turns me off. I like the classic look. Simple, with nothing too crazy going on.
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