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  1. Love the style and new Scratch sponsorship... I am totally jealous
  2. Anything out of this 'shop' will be amazing. Loved the close up of the Scratch bag at the start of Sunday's Phoenix Open... Scratch rules.
  3. Interesting section in this book when they basically lay out the statistics on tour pros from about 8 feet out. According to the book, as I recall, a tour pro will only make an eight footer a quarter of the time. What they are trying to get at is that it is much more valuable to work on lag putting - to prepare your mind and become cumfy with those types of putts. I would follow that advice, but I can't help but stick it within 8 feet of the pin 99% of the time
  4. I am waiting for AK to start lighting it up. I think he really got into a funk last year. But when he is on, it is fun to watch. One of the coolest swings on tour IMO
  5. Yeah, you got to feel pretty confident following the direction of the rules official. Don't think they would be able to DQ after listening to the official.
  6. Wow... you guys have amazed me with your Scotty knowledge. I feel stupid. It is a Newport 2 Mid Slant. That is all I know about it for now....
  7. Nice looking sticks... That is disheartening to hear from TWShoot67 that we could never get the same quality retail I am waiting for Poulter to get some pink in the bag. He's got it everywhere else...
  8. cheers to that.. who cares what they think. Let's see how they react when you are crushing them on the course
  9. cheers to that.. who cares what they think. Let's see how they react when you are crushing them on the course
  10. GolfLogix is definitely the best option. But as nicsherman noted, it is definitely a battery-life issue. But they do offer a 24-hour 1 time demo.
  11. Those Callaway's look awesome. I love the bags... "Made in Thailand." Should say in small print underneath, "Assembled in USA"
  12. Why in the world would Bill Clinton call Tiger Woods? What a joke... Isn't he occupied occupying Haiti?
  13. I have had an old ping that I have been using for close to 10 years. Since I was younger, I always wanted a Scotty Cameron putter. Just always loved the classic Newport look and finish. However, I never got the guts to shell out the money... So I have been using a similar profiled Ping - with great success. Well, my fiance surprised me for V-day with the Scotty she knew I wanted. I was psyched - but then took it to the course and proceeded to putt like crap. lol It is obviously way heavier than my ping, and the ball comes off the face way different as well. I will stick with it though.... but cant help but wonder if I would be better off staying with the ping. time will tell
  14. I thought the exact same thing.... was very surprised. He said if it wasn't for his girlfriend he would've been screwed. I guess she ran out to his rental car where he had his backup.
  15. My linkhttp://www.coreperformance.com/golf/ Their website has additional info to supplement the book.
  16. I was looking for quite some time to find a solid workout for my golf game. This book is very thorough and complete. Several touring pros including Tom Lehman have utilized the system to increase flexibility and.... you guessed it, core strength. The best part about the program is that it can be easily done at home... and there is a great little stretching-type workout to be done right before you hit the course. Although it looks a bit silly, and the courses I usually play at don't have a gym or exercise room Anyways... great read and workout
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