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  1. Date 06/12/2024 Course Name Sulphur Springs CC Gross Score 79 Course Handicap 9 Gross Strokes over/under par 7 Net Score to Par -2 Net Score 70 Net Birdies or better Longest Drive I have been playing awfully the past month or so for the most part. New driver last week, played alright, but went out Tuesday for a practice round and really focused on ball striking. Absolutely great round, but since there was no one else, no bets, no pressure, I don’t post those here. Wednesday, I stepped in a hole and twisted my left knee before the round. I didn’t really think much about it, but my ball striking was not great to start. Catching the irons a bit thin or fat. Not too bad on the front, until hole 9. The short game was still good. Then on 10, we won’t talk about the 2 shots from 80 yards that missed the green, but then chipped in for par. On 11, I went bunker, to bunker, to bunker and holed out for a birdie. Then had to take an unplayable on 12 and sank a 45’er for bogey. 13 chipped in again for a par..14 hit driver off the deck through 50 trees and made another par. Finally, my poor ball striking caught up with me, and I went in the water twice and had a 3 putt to finish out with a bogey and 2 doubles. By the end, my knee was sore enough that I just wanted to get it over with. I was planning on playing the Men’s Scramble that evening but went home instead. I wasn’t going to post this round, but I don’t think I will be playing anymore this week. I already have a problem getting my weight off my right side, but now I can’t put weight on my left. It’s not like there’s not a decent tournament to watch. Besides, my wedge game, driver, and putter are going great right now.
  2. Date 06/09/2024 Course Name Sulphur Springs CC Gross Score 82 Course Handicap 7 Gross Strokes over/under par 10 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 75 Net Birdies or better 0 Longest Drive 0 I put a new (to me) Paradym driver in the bag today. I think I’m going to like it a lot. I fiddled with the settings several times on the course (no penalty strokes added) mainly adjusting the loft. I got a 12° driver and played all of the four selectable lofts. I will likely play it in 11° or might swap it for a 10.5° because I got it a 2nd Swing. 30 days to change. (Sorry for the bits of shingle in the photo. It was a rough week here.) I missed just 2 fairways with it and both times I was expecting the loft adjustments to affect the draw or fade of the club like Ping and Taylormade drivers, but it did not. I therefore hit the ball exactly where I was aiming which was not the fairway. Distance? No single drive was significantly longer than normal, but at the end of the day, the average was longer. This is the first Callaway driver I have played since 2016. My driving was pretty good today, but there was a 10-15 minute wait between all the shots and I sorta lost interest in the middle of the round. We were playing as fivesomes and sixsomes (usually not allowed on the weekend) and still waited on a twosome.
  3. Last week, I was sick and injured and spent 10 days doing nothing, but I came across a video about putting and why pros always want to miss on the high side. They rolled 2 balls the same speed. The first was on a line that was just too high. The ball went past the hole and stopped about 2’ from the hole but below the hole. The second ball never came close to the hole and stopped 5’ from the hole. Because it was on a line that was more downhill, it did not lose as much speed as the higher line. The point they were making was that over-reading the break is better than under-reading. Plus there was a chance that the higher putt could have gone in, while the lower putt never had a chance.
  4. Date 06/02/2024 Course Name Sulphur Springs CC Gross Score 83 Course Handicap 7 Gross Strokes over/under par 11 Net Score to Par 4 Net Score 76 Net Birdies or better Longest Drive Not the best of rounds but considering it was the first 18 hole round in two weeks because of rain, illness, and injury, I’m happy I was able to finish fairly strong.
  5. SLDR. I actually put it in the bag this morning. Unfortunately, I only made 1 swing with it and decided to not play golf because of a pulled muscle in my back. I changed the adaptors on my TPT shafts to Taylormade yesterday. I was going to play the SLDR driver, 3 wood and hybrid today and tomorrow to gather some data and then go hit the QI10 family later this week. I decided to not push it. My back is a minor irritation right now. There was a 30 mph side wind that had zero effect on the one shot I hit. The SLDR is still a monster off the tee.
  6. I did that moments before my nap. I usually check to make sure but forgot and went to sleep. I blame my dog. He had the sleeper hold on me.
  7. Date 05/26/2024 Course Name Sulphur Springs CC Gross Score 79 Course Handicap 7 Gross Strokes over/under par 7 Net Score to Par 0 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 0 Longest Drive 0 Unfortunately, this is a compilation round. Wednesday, we started early and played the back 9 before the rain and shot a 39. Then Friday, I shot a 40 on the front and then pulled a muscle in my back on the 12 and picked after my tee shot on 13 went about 40 yards. I had planned on playing today, but after some time on the range I decided to rest up and hopefully play tomorrow. I’m not sure that will happen. My back is not bad sore, but it’s just at the point that I feel like an overly aggressive swing with poor timing will really screw it up, so since I can’t play golf, I will have to do one of my other favorite past times: watch golf, research golf, think about golf, talk about golf, dream about golf. 67.5/109
  8. This got me to thinking. What driver did I have in 2012? Since I’m considerably shorter off the tee now, do I need to go back to that? That driver was the Callaway Razr Fit on a Tour AD DI7 S that I got from MGS as either a test review or some prize. Shoutout to MGS and Callaway. I still have the driver head in my garage and still have the shaft that has been in countless drivers. Sadly, it ain’t the equipment.
  9. I don’t remember. When I first saw this post was referencing one of my posts, I thought you were referring to last weekend. Then I saw that I posted I was averaging 295 off the tee. I thought, “Holy crap, that was a mistake. I haven’t hit the ball that far in years!” Then I was that I was complaining about horrible putting. Again, putting is now my strength. Then I looked at the date of my post. July 1 of 2012! In the 14 years since I posted that my game has greatly improve, fallen completely away, and improved again, but I am now 60 and at least 25 mph slower with the driver. I have averages just 27 putts per round for the past year (since I got the LAB Putter and began tracking it), but if I can have a 220 yard average drive day I am thrilled beyond expression. Since that was 2000-2400 rounds of golf ago I don’t remember that day.
  10. I bought one just like it but white 30 months ago. 68k miles and I have not even had a flat tire. (still original tires and they look good for 20k more). It’s time to think about trading it, and has been for months now, but his has just been perfect. Not a single complaint. Hope yours is as great as mine.
  11. I traded some old clubs today and $7.73 for a new but not in the plastic Ping iCrossover 2 iron. I removed the G425 hybrid sleeve from the TPT Hybrid shaft and installed the proper sleeve. I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow, once the Based on the 4 iron performance this will be game changing.
  12. They tell you how great the club is because just about any major OEM offering is a great club. Since they are all within a few yards to begin with and are only a couple of yards longer than previous models, it becomes all about maxing out the launch conditions. I gained 20-30 yards with the TPT shaft, but it was because swimg changes and maximizing the launch conditions. Probably could have done the same thing with any driver head, even a couple of years old but would have suffered in other areas like forgiveness.
  13. Yep, I have a center shafted putter or two, actually three. For years, I would take 2 or 3 different putters to the practice green before the round and see which on fit my stroke that day. May 10, 2023, my L.A.B. Golf DF2.1 arrived. I have only taken other putters to the course since to sell them. There is no comparison between L.A.B. and other putters. I’ve decided that instead of finding the putter that fit my swing, I was finding the putter that fought me the least. In the 200+ rounds with the DF2.1 I have averaged 27 putts per hole. But I have never felt like I have made a “bad stroke”. Sure I’ve missed putts but for speed or line. Never because I was fighting the putter. Full disclosure, I have a friend with a MEZZ1, and I have seen him make plenty of bad strokes. Pushing or pulling the putt. But he too has not brought another putter to the course since he bought a L.A.B. 10-11 months ago.
  14. Standard answer, but only because it’s true, you need to hit them both and pick the one best for you. Both are excellent drivers, coupled with the right shaft for you, they will be great. The last Callaway driver I hit was 2016. I didn’t love the G425 Max but love the G430 LST. However, I have 2-3 guys I play with that love their G425 Max’s.
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