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  1. Sometimes I reach up and rub my eyes and think “Oh $4!t, my contacts!” only to remember I haven’t worn them In 15-20 years. Not often but it happened a few months ago in the shower. Glad it worked out for you. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  2. Rick/Sulphur Springs, TX/USA Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5 GSS Ping Heppler Floki Why? I need a strong arc putter, although I also have a very short modified straight arc putter I’ve had success with.The ZB3 is very close to what I have, but then why get the same thing but newer, a different brand and color? I have tried mallets in the past but most have been a slight arc vs strong arc. Therefore, my success with them has been nonexistent. I would like the MOI of a mallet but need the strong arc. I’m a very good putter with the blade I have now, but when the greens are a bit bouncy, they just punched ours, the ball tends to wander aimlessly. I have to go to my modified heavy putter and completely change my swing. The Ping Floki seems to fit the bill.
  3. My wedges are SM6 46° 8° Bounce F Grind. SM8 50° 8° F Grind. SM7 54° M Grind SM6 60° 12° D Grind. Historically, I preferred the 56° 14° bounce and a 60° 7° bounce. When I saw my current wedges new on eBay but of an older generation I bought them and stupidly got the bounces confused. I got these and considered returning them, but they are actually are better this way. I just had to change my go to club off a short sided tight lie. I am now more likely to putt if possible. Interestingly, I can’t really see 10 cents worth of difference in the SM6-7-8. Certainty, I see a difference in these specs but actual design of the club, all are nice and seem to function as perfectly as I hit them. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. I agree to build your bag to suit you, I just posted about why instead of my 13 Mizuno club bag of 2019 clubs, I am opting for a 2015 Driver, 2011 3 wood, 2004 hybrids, 2015 irons and new wedges. I’m just going on about the tape on Mizuno specifically because those are beautiful irons. Of course beauty has nothing to do with scores. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  5. I had this done 15 or more years ago. I had it on Wednesday and played golf on Thursday morning. They biggest impact it had on my game was I had to wear wrap-around sunglasses. But “had to” was only the next day. I went from 20/400 vision to 20/10 vision. Or however that should be written. I could see at 20’ what normal people could see at 400. Now, as of June when I was last tested, I can see 20’ what others see at 10. Although I do have trouble reading. Gives me a headache. I have spent $7.50 a couple of times on some of the finest glasses money can buy in the check out lane at Walmart and that solved that problem. No problems at all. But it is scarier than you think. I was not prepared for the sounds and smells. The first sound is like cutting an onion. Then they flip the lens back and everything is blurry. Then you hear the laser moving and you smell something burning. And you think “holy $#!t that’s my eye!!!!” Then they put a drop of superglue on you eye and flip the lens back and it’s over. Pay the lady on the way out. Although it probably wasn’t superglue, because if it was I would have had a surgical glove stuck to my eye. I believe I did have some difficulty seeing the ball flight at first. I remember on the second hole I didn’t see it at all, but also remember I could see it on hole 11, and no, it wasn’t because the ball never left the tee box. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  6. Isn’t it against the R&A and USGA rules to ugly up Mizuno irons like that? Or should it be? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  7. Right after the first of the year, I traded in several sets of Mizuno blades and bought a set of JPX 919 Hot Metal Pros (HMP’s). The claim is that they are easier to hit and go farther. They do. They are a great iron and, unlike some clubs, really do deliver what is promised. And here is the reason the are currently in the spare club bag along with the ST190TS 3w and ST190 5W. For a while I also had an ST190G driver and Mizuno wedges giving me a 13 club Mizuno bag. My thinking when getting these was that traditional lofted irons tend to have lofts that bunch up at the top of the bag, and thus, I tended to not have consistent gaps at the top. The reality is that with my swing speed, I don’t need to hit long irons. No matter how well I strike the 4 and 5 irons, I don’t see much difference in the carry. Of course that’s one reason they make hybrids. But the biggest problem with these is the hot face. On full shots the ball flight is high with spin and darn near perfect. However, with partial shots and chipping around the green, the ball just comes off the face too hot and it rolls another 5-10’. I thought this was something I could adjust to but apparently not. A chip that goes 10’ too far is often a lost stroke. The 6-7-8 are perfect clubs for me. The 4-5, I really need to be hitting hybrids. Preferably hybrids that don’t go left. And the PW and 9 leave me a gap between my wedges. The first solution was to swap the 52-56-60 for 50-54-58. But then swapped the 58 for a 60. Then I swapped the HMP PW for a Vokey 46. This helped a lot but I still couldn’t really trust the irons when chipping. So I went to the garage and built my perfect set. That is a M5 on a Hzdus Yellow, an R11 14° 3 wood, Hogan CFT 3,4, & 5 hybrids (I’ve had these since 2004) on KBS Steel Hybrid shafts, a CFT 6 iron, Ft Worth 15’s 7-9 iron and Vokey SM6 46, SM8 50, SM7 54, SM7 60 SM wedges. The wedges and driver are the same in both bags now, although the SLDR often replaces the M5. The driver de jure, is based on what I’m hitting better that day on the range. The 3 wood was chosen because it is perfect on 12 which is a short par 4 with water and OB. The Hogan Hybrids are the best hybrid ever built for my swing. I don’t need help not slicing. I just want more launch and carry and nice spin. I have these on KBS Hybrid shafts because I don’t want more torque to close the face. The Ft Worth 15’s are there because I hit them just fine on full shots, in the mid-short irons, but I am deadly accurate chipping around the greens. The guys I play with are no longer surprised when I chip in from just off the green. I use the rule of 12 and the short version is 1/3 flight/roll for the 9, 1/4 flight/roll for the 8, and 1/5 flight/roll for the 7. I pace it off then pick out my landing spot, adjust for how the ball will break and then just focus on that spot. No chip ins the last 2 days since I put them back in the bag but had 5 that stopped within a foot of the pin. I had no missed greens with these that I wouldn’t have missed with the HMP’s. To clarify the rule of 12 a bit. I walk over to the flag on my way to the ball. I will have a couple of clubs with me. The PW is 1/2, the choice between 50-54-60 depends on uphill or downhill and is more feel. But as I walk by the flag, let’s say I have 24 paces to the ball. Then I pace off 6 paces back to a spot 2-3 feet on the green. That is 24/6=4. 12-4=8. So my club selection is an 8 iron and I know to land it on a certain spot. I adjust that spot based on the read left or right and perhaps a foot or 2 in or out if up or down hill. Then I have my exact spot. My focus can now be totally on landing it on that spot because the rest is taken care of by the club. So with the irons 7 thru lob wedge set I turned to the top of the bag. I’ve tried hybrids from just about everyone. The deal with hybrids is the are mostly made for slower swing speeds and people that slice the ball. The are weighted so that the clubhead closes faster. So a lot of people who don’t slice tend to “over-draw the ball” is the current phrase, which is polite speak for hook the b!tch off the planet. I’ve found that heavier steel shaft that have a lower torque and are much straighter for me. I have also experimented with slightly shorter shafts to flatten the lie angle, but the KBS Hybrid shafts (steel) launch high with loads of spin and are great for me. I tried the Mizuno CLK’s a year ago but they still had an occasional hook in them. Same with a number of TM hybrids and Titleist. The Hogan CFT hybrids have been my go to hybrids since 2004. So much so I have these in 14°, 17°, 19°, 21°, 24°, 27°. These last 3 are now in the bag, but I may try some different shafts in the 14° or 17° and may replace the 3w. I did this 10 years ago with great results. It will not go quite as far but straighter and more reliable. I had a putt for eagle on our third hole today, first 1 in years. This hole doesn’t generally set up well for me and it’s such a dangerous green, OB on 2 sides, 2 sand bunkers, 2 grass bunkers with 8” deep grass, a false front that is always wet, all separate by 3 moguls. I hit a hybrid 194 yards and landed softly and I had a 15’ eagle putt (that I proceeded to totally misread, but made a birdie). That left me with a hole in the center of the bag. The CFT 6 iron totally fit the bill. It is not near as intimidating as looking down at a blade. It offers loads of forgiveness and still accurate. I can make my control swing from 150 or feel I can also swing confidently to more than 165. Of course, since I am on this site, obviously things can change suddenly, but this is similar to a set up I called my AARP bag a few years ago. It offers a nice blend of forgiveness and accuracy. So what do you think? Is anyone enamored with distance irons? Is it all about distance? Do you agree with the “it’s easier to hit a green with an 8 irons than a 7 iron” especially if they are the same loft?
  8. Thanks. I think at the beginning of July my handicap index was 15.3 was 13 from these tees, when I did this it was 12 from these tees, and as of this weekend it is 8 from these tees. Unfortunately, the club championship is this week, and I just moved into a harder flight. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. I was planning on playing an extra 9 today after my round and trying this again, but we had 2” of rain this morning. So instead of 8:30 we played at 12:30. So no time. Also, HRC on a soft course is not the way it is intended. Although I think the course was softer than a typical July when I played in this. Not wet like today, just not baked like a normal July. Usually we go without rain from the second week of June until the end of August. We did have rain in July this year. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Practice wise, I didn’t really do anything. I was an almost scratch golfer in 2014, but had a number of swing flaws. When I returned I tried several different swing changes, but most have caused more problems than they solved. I am still trying different things to improve but no more trying to swing like a 20 yo. I had the skills then and retained the course management skills now. I just can’t pull off the shots every time like I did then. It is not unusual for me to have either the front or back 9 that is 10 or more strokes higher than the other. Usually the front. What I DID do that day, and sadly only 3 or 4 other times since, was to focus on every shot and played to the safe side most of the time. I knew I couldn’t spin the ball so I played to the long side of the green and relied on my putter. I also got lucky a few times. On number 2, I was inches away from OB on one side and a wedge-it-out only lie on the other, but was sitting on a pristine piece of freshly mowed grass. I can recall 3 times recently where I was making double bogies from the same area. On 9, I hit the flag and was inches from the cup. I have hit the flag in the last two rounds I played, on 16 & 18. On 16 it hit the flag and bounced off the green almost into the water hazard. Yesterday on 18, I though I was going to have a 3-4’ birdie putt, but it bounced off the stick, took all the spin off, and rolled all the way across the green, and left me 50’ down hill. So that day all the luck went my way. Bottom line is on most days, my short game allows me to get up and down for par if I keep my tee ball in the short grass. My driver, on the other hand, has put me in positions where I have to use my second shot to get out of trouble, and then I’m getting up and down for bogey. Today, I took on a 7 handicapper heads up in $5 two-downs. Driver and putter were both good and thus no money exchanged hands, and we both shot 79’s. I also had 11 one-putts, a birdie and 10 pars. I could tell I was getting to him because he was in the fairway passed me, and usually a GIR and 3 putts. I was mostly in the fairway, but missed the green, and wedged it close and made the 6-8’ers for par. Yesterday, I didn’t have it at all and shot an 88. I am actually quite frustrated that I haven’t been able to shoot better more consistently. I rarely 3 putt and had 6 yesterday. I did realize I was holding my putter too close to the butt of the club and this hitting the ball harder than I intended and powering through the breaks. I my handicap is down to an 11 right now, but I have had a 73, 74, 78, 79 and several low 80’s and a few in the 90’s and many in the high 80’s. I post the scores in my GHIN app and it starts to drop but then I blow up and it throws out the low score because it is so out of the norm. Just as putting together 2 good 9’s to get a good score 18 hole score is rare, and I can’t seem to play well 2 days in a row either. Sorry, I rambled on. Edit: Handicap updated and am now a 10. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. I’m gaming 2 hybrids right now. No it’s not the Mizuno CLK’s I bought last year or whatever I bought the year before or even the year before that. They all sucked. (Certainly wasn’t my fault) I’m gaming TM SLDR’s BUT what’s different about these are I stuck in some old Aldila VooDoo shafts in them. I had the heads in the garage and the shafts, perhaps from the Bush Administration, and I butt trimmed to he shafts to play standard steel shaft 3&4 iron lengths. It was meant as an experiment but I have never hit higher and straighter hybrids in my life. I’m sure it is the shorter shaft is simply delivering the club head at the proper angle but so far there have been no hooks and I can hit fades or draws. It turns out that the SLDR driver and 3 wood also got back in the bag this weekend. I reshafted my Mizuno ST190G and 3w and 5W but they were not set by Saturday so I played my M5 driver and SLDR 3w. But didn’t hit the M5 well so tried the SLDR on a Tensei Orange shaft and that is the flavor of the week. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. I’ve got to play in this again this week. The week I played this was my best week in over 5 years. Since then I stunk and have only been to the range this week but not consistently striping the ball. I’m working on that this weekend, range only. I also made some equipment tweaks going for more consistency. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. I’ve posted here before and probably said how much I hated Hybrids but I currently have 2 in the bag. I put them together and in the bag because I was playing in a tournament, and my teammate in the practice round, had a tendency to hook the ball. That left me needing to be able to hook the next shot. My complaint was I hooked them. So I added 1 to the bag. But built a 3-19° and a 4-21°. Unfortunately, I decided to reduce the shaft length by 1/2”. This gave them a flatter lie. I say unfortunately because once I did that I had a club that produced a long, high, straight ball flight. I actually replaced my 4 iron and my 5 wood with these for the tournament and they are still there. I haven’t hooked them yet, and fortunately my teammate didn’t hook the ball during the tourney. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  14. Yes. I bought the wedge. Tomorrow I will bag SM6 46°-SM8 50°-SM7 54°-SM6 58°. The 46&54 were new in the plastic that I got a deal on in March. The 58 is not new at all and will soon be replaced. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  15. I subscribed to both for years and then dropped them a couple of years ago. This year Gold Digest started sending me magazines again along with the bill telling me my subscription was about to run out. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  16. I have gamed it both ways, currently I play JPX919 Hot Metal Pros. The PW is 45° and it in theory has a hotter face. First off, I do not try to hit any iron as far as I can. To me irons are about distance control and accuracy not max distance. As a side note, last year I traded in my blades (MP5’s) for the more forgiving JPX919HMP. Yes they are longer and more forgiving and missed greens are closer than a mishit with the blades. This means more chips vs more pitches. One of the reasons I still gamed blades was that the spin on chips, and thus distance control, was better with blades. I use the “Rule of 12” when chipping. Divide the distance to the flag by the distance to the landing spot on the green and subtract this number from 12. For example 24 total paces to flag and 8 paces to landing will give you 3 so subtract that from 12 and it is a 9 iron. 6 paces to landing and you have an 8 iron. Etc. I find that these hotter faces and different CG’s make it very easy to create more spin which will cause a higher launch and faster check on the green. When I compare the HMP PW to my Vokey SM6 46° (which I bought new in the plastic recently, cheap because it is 2 models “old”) I can’t tell a big difference as far as the fuller shots go. But I run into the same issue with the HMP PW as I do the irons. A pitch will launch higher with more spin and thus check faster than I sometime want. I stop my back swing at set locations in an effort to create distance control. I have used Scor 46-50-55-60 for a number of years but today I bought a SM8 50° and will swap the Scors, which are pretty worn, for new Vokey tomorrow. 46-50-54-58. I still have to commit to the 58 vs 60. I also do not mind having my divided by distance. Say 125 and in is wedges. 130-180 is forgiving irons. 190 and up is hybrids and FM’s. Some people say (Okay, Titleist said it on YouTube, so it must be true) that the sole of a Vokey wedge will interact better with the ground than a PW from the set. I can’t say that I’ve really had an issue with the HMP PW interacting badly at all. It is all about inside 25’ from the green that makes the difference to me and being more able to make the low spinning low launching shot when I need it. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  17. I’m on my third pair of Skechers. As a matter of fact my first pair are seeing limited service as yard mowing shoes, my second set have been down graded to work shoes if I have to be out in the rain. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  18. I have not bought a new club since April 27th. However, about 5:30 I’m going to pick up dinner and will stop by the Pro Shop and get me an Vokey SM8 50°. I have Pro Shop credit from Thursday and I have League winnings to pick up. I’m planning on getting a 60° next week but they don’t have the bounce and grind I want on that one. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  19. After my best round in years yesterday posted in the HRC, I expected to great again today. However, poor swings early on had me 4 over through 4 and poor decisions 6 and 10 cost me 4 more strokes. And playing too conservatively cost me 1 more on the last hole BUT a net 68 in League play added $156 to my pocket. All in all I should be happy. I beat my handicap by 4 strokes. But I feel like I left 5-6 strokes out there by not making good decisions and committing. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  20. Rick/Texas Mizuno MP T5 52-56-60 or Vokey SM6 46-54-58 SM8 50. Would love to try 60 low bounce.
  21. Thanks. I could definitely tell a difference in the ball performance. I only short sided myself once and that caused the bogey on 2. Well, the poor drive that was 6” from OB and leaving myself 227 yards in the rough from the flag probably had more to do with it than the ball quality and pin location. I also was extremely lucky because the home owner didn’t have a fence and had recently mowed about a foot inside the white stakes. 6” right was OB. 6” left was 8” deep grass. I got my 4 wood on it and to within 30 yards but only had 10’ of green. Ended up with a 30’er for par. I was actually happy with just a bogey there. Other than that I missed the green on the side where a ball that won’t check up didn’t hurt me. I also hit more loft and harder than usual to compensate on my approach shots. I normally hit a 3/4 iron shot into the green. I tend hit it straighter and have better distance control. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  22. Finally got a round completed in the HRC. Actually I was actually playing on Wednesday but that pesky job interfered and only played 6 holes. Later I determined that it was a non-conforming ball anyway. It was a Volvek Vivid, well it felt too good and spun too much to qualify for this. So I returned today with a found Titleist Velocity and a Top Flight more roll, and a Srixon Marathon. First, I have a confession to make. My official handicap 14.1 and a 12 on these tees at my home course. This is (was) a true handicap until 2 weeks ago. At that point, I got to play golf once or twice a week for the last 3 years and a 2 year absence before that. I would often go two weeks without touching a club. About 2 1/2 weeks ago, I had a bit of a job change, and now I am home most days and, in theory, I can play golf everyday. In reality, I have played just one round during the week but have gotten to go to the range and practice on the course 3-4 times in between phone calls and text messages. I played 6 holes the other day and then spent 2 1/2 hours sitting under the trees talking and texting. My game has improved drastically, but I have not played complete rounds or turned in scorecards during this period. I played in a Shamble tournament last weekend (Lost by 1/2 a point) and played in the Men’s Scramble last night. We won the Scramble at -7 and used 3 of my drives, 7 approach shots and I made 6 of the birdie putts. However, still no scorecards to turn in and adjust my handicap. I have also developed a baby fade fairway finding driver shot that averages 230 and close to 80% accuracy. I can hit a draw that goes 260 with recently 4 going 272-275 but maybe 20% of fairways. Last Friday morning I went and hit tee shots only off all the driver holes. I hit the two balls, the fade and the draw. I also put together some hybrids with 1/2 shorter shafts to stop over drawing them. That has been why my handicap was 12-14. Note I didn’t say averages 260 or 270. It probably averages closer to 160 than 260 because they are either awesome or embarrassing and rarely in between. Last Friday I shot an 84 trying to hit the draws. Today with just focusing on getting in the fairway was a 73. So my scorecards: My lone birdie was almost an ace. Landed about 3’ from the pin and hit the pin on the bounce and dropped on the lip and rolled about a foot. Of course if it missed the flag than I may have had a 20’er coming back. I had just 29 putts and 6 of those were in the 10-15’ range, but I didn’t sink any of them. This could have been because these balls sound so clickey off the face but don’t go as far as they sound. Putts tend to just sorta wonder off close to the hole. Course Rating and Slope from these tees is 69.4/116. And officially I am a 14.1. But I expect this to change once I post more scores. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. Don’t want to thread jack here, and this is precisely part of the problem with taking lessons, differing opinions on what is actually happening during the swing and the “best” way to get there, but I said club head accelerating not reaching max speed. Force = mass x acceleration Not mass x speed but acceleration. I often wondered about relationship between max speed and max acceleration in the golf swing and the effect of mass on it. I certainly do not have the time or equipment or, quite frankly, the skill to test this. I have some thoughts as related to putting on this but I am drifting far afield from the original intent. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  24. Let me correct this misstatement. You need the path that will let you reach impact with the club head accelerating as fast as possible on the right line and facing the right direction. No bonus points for just getting there fast. I find that if I focus on the sequence of movement rather than the actual moves it works best for me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  25. The short answer is YES! But compare the swings of Matt Wolff vs Bryson DeChambeau. At first glance the two could not be more different, but at impact they are similar. They just take vastly different paths to get there. If they tried to copy each other than they would be making 10’s on par 5’s. Oh wait, Bryson just did that. Bottom line is you have to reach impact as fast as possible and to get there you will have find the path that fits you. You can get input from any source whether that is a coach or YouTube or TV or whatever, and take what works for you and forget the rest and practice. Absent a coach who can visually see what you are doing, you need to video your swing. I wasted close to a year thinking I was grooving a “new golf swing” with no improvement, but the video showed after the first 2” of the swing it was the same as my old swing but not natural. I am playing my best golf in years and hitting some of my longest drives of my life (at 56). And I have parts and pieces from probably hundreds of sources that I have recently put together that fit me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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