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  1. Rick/Sulphur Springs, TX 11 JPX919 Hot Metal Pro PTX Pro-Icon Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  2. We will not discuss the shot that put me 62 yards passed and left of the flag from 140 yards in the center of the number 6 fairway, but I ended up perched on the side of the number 7 tee box. With this: The picture looks flat but I am standing 3' above the ball the hills are up 10' down 3' up 3' and down 4'. The ball is on a slope where my right foot is just below my left knee height. Also it is held on the slope by clumps of wiry grass in front of the ball but clean access to the back. The flag is on the far side left of the green with 6' before the lake and the green sloping right and into the lake. With the trees I had no chance of going high so I decided a bump and run 7 iron hooked around the tree to the top of the hill between the 2 bunkers and hopefully stop it on the lower tier for a chance at par. One of my opponents had 4' for birdie so I had nothing to lose. I hit the chip and thought it was as good as I could have done. It crossed the hill and out of sight at the speed I wanted and on line so I stepped over to the cart to grab my putter when the other 3 guys went nuts. I can't quote exactly what they yelled, or I will be censored, other than "Look! He doesn't even care, he's f^The guy with the 4' birdie putt was so upset he pulled his putt and griped about it the rest of the day. I also chipped in on 1, 12 and 13 that day but they were straight forward shots just off the green. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. I have been a huge Mizuno fan and have gamed their irons for the past 15 years. Predominantly forged blades MP33, 68, 69 and 5’s. Although I also have played the MP59’s and 64’s. Yeah, I really don’t have the game to play pure blades anymore, if I ever truly did, but most clubs are designed with a significant offset. Not only does this not suit my eye, more importantly, it does not suit my swing. The offset changes the CG and allows more club face rotation and makes it easier to close. This is not an area I need help with and while I have looked at other irons, I simply hooked most of them off the planet. Same with Hybrids. I bought Mizuno CLK Hybrids about 6 months ago and have been working on not hooking these. I gathered up all my old iron sets a couple of weeks ago and traded them in on a set of MP18 MMC’s. However, my friend Dave told me I should get the Hot Metals. ...Let me interrupt myself to tell a story. I bought a brand new set of Titleist AP2’s when they first came out. I took them to the course still in the plastic and was unwrapping them, savoring the moment, before striking the ball for the first time. (The faint of heart may want to skip this part.) I was in the middle of the 6th fairway with nice turf under the ball, I unwrapped my 6 iron, lined it up, took my stance, made a perfect swing, nice ball contact, then the turf, and CRACK. Apparently at some point in the past while aerating the fairways, one of the spikes broke off just below the grass surface. I looked at the chunk now missing from my 6 iron and almost threw up. I swore I would never buy a brand new set clubs again since my intent was to slam them into the ground as hard a possible... So now as I’m waiting for my trade to come through I am looking at all the irons. Yes. I can use higher launch. Yes, I want more ball speed. Yes, I want more forgiveness. Hell no, I don’t want offset. My JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro’s 4-P should arrive Wednesday, and I plan on taking off Thursday-Sunday to break them in properly. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  4. Rick Sulpher Springs, TX 95 mph 12 hdcp
  5. I should have said that as poorly as I have been hitting my driver these last few weeks, I have taken this “social distancing” to a whole new level. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  6. Yes, luckily my course will stay open, although with the cups sticking up. The bar and restaurant are sorta closed. You can call in your food or drink order, and they will bring it out to you. Normally there are water coolers on the course, but know there are cases of bottled water. But the gym is locked up, as well as the locker rooms. All tournaments and social events and yoga classes etc are canceled. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  7. Spoil sport! [emoji35][emoji36] Yeah. I was really glad it did not strike the cup at an angle that would have normally gone in. That would have been very disappointing. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  8. I spoke to a guy that played with 2 college golf scholarship players yesterday. The conditions here are horribly wet. The whole course can qualify as casual water, but these two realized all they had to do was fire at the hole. One shot a 63 and the other a 64. It is a fun way to play. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  9. I doubt the wind would be an issue. They are really just cutting the hole 1/2 depth and sticking the full cup in. It is supported on the bottom and all around. However, since this is Texas and the wind in my town averages 14 mph per day than we will soon see. Water has been more of an issue than wind today. I slipped twice today in the mud, once ending up on my back in the soup. I wish I would have had a picture of that. Although it was not near as funny then as it is now. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  10. Like many courses, I assume, mine is leaving the cups 1/2 out. This is great for scoring and had a “birdie” today on a bladed chip that didn’t even finish on the green, but hit the cup so it didn’t matter where it stopped. But on the 17th hole I hit one directly over the flag and it sucked back to 2” from the side of the cup. I was actually glad it didn’t touch the cup because the angle it was rolling would not have gone in under normal circumstances. So would this have been a hole-in-one or a hole-in-one*?
  11. I played yesterday, but I told my playing partners that I was not hitting my driver poorly, I was “maintaining my social distance off the tee box.” I played my worst round in months. Cold, very wet, 2 hours sleep, but the other option seemed to be sitting at home watching Lifetime Network or The Cooking Channel. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  12. I’m jealous. Great putter. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  13. I had a dog (yellow lab) that went everywhere with me. She was not a service dog, but very well behaved. No one minded because she had no effect on play. The only issue was she had to visit every water hazard. I’ve had many dogs since but since they are not as well behaved, they get to stay home. It is like most things. Playing partners generally couldn’t care less what or who you have with you as long as it doesn’t interfere their joy of playing. I’ve had friends bring children with them and enjoyed them, and others I did not. I had one friend that had a disabled child that I played with for 10 years and it was great. He would tee off last and hit the ball 10’. And we would hear “Go get Doc, and I’ll come pick you up.” Then he would come hold the flag when we putted. It was some thing that added to the experience and enjoyment rather than detract. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  14. Rick TX 12 Mizuno MP5 154 yards
  15. I was planning on a ST190G, ST190TS 3w, ST190 5W, CLK 4H & 5H then 6-P 52-56-60 but before I bought the 5W I discovered a gap between my 5H and 6 iron. I have Mizuno clubs in the bag. So I set my ST190TS to 17° (4 wood?) and cranked the 4H to 20° and 5H to 23° and added the MP5 5 iron instead. And now I have even gaping. Moral of the story, hit em and see what you need. Doesn’t matter what you have as long as you don’t end up with a big gap in the middle like I was going to have. I was also went to 46-52-58 on wedges, but decided I was gong to score better with more wedges than fairway metals. So I have 4 instead of 3. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  16. I am a huge Mizuno irons fan. I am not a 3 Wood fan. I recently bought an ST190G driver and loved it so much, I got a ST190 TS 3 Wood and gamed it this weekend. I loved this so much I just placed my order for an ST190 5 Wood. I am planning on doing a full review on Mizuno ST190 family and CLK hybrids and a what’s in the bag. Once all the components arrive, weather permitting. So while this is my third post on this thread, you can ignore the other two. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  17. Something tells me that like me, the sponsors you would get the most benefit from being associated with would be Chester’s Fried Chicken and Dickey’s BBQ. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  18. Perhaps “Dude Wipes” is a possible sponsor? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  19. Tommy “Two Gloves” needs to take advantage of this “opportunity” with new sponsorships. He should change his moniker to Tommy “Two Trojans” and pick up Trojan Condoms as a sponsor. And also Untuckit. Perhaps a testimonial “When I’m not on the course I like to Untuckit, and for $60....” Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  20. A few months ago I had stopped for lunch and was pursuing eBay and saw Mizuno MP 5’s 3-P 8.5 condition for $24 with less than 24 hours to go. I bid $124 and moved on. At the time I had some fairly new Hogan Ft Worth 15’s that was very happy with. I expected to continue playing the Hogan’s for some time. I was shocked the next morning to have won the bid at $107. These MP5’s are so easy to hit. To the point that the MP5 3 iron has replaced my MP FLI HI 3 iron that has been in the bag for 7 years. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  21. Perhaps 20 years ago I began experimenting with lofts and lengths of clubs, so I could create a bag where I had even gaps between all my clubs. I created a matrix or spreadsheet where I could adjust the length or loft of a club and determine how far it should go based on the same swing input. (Yes, this totally ignores club head design, launch angles , etc., but it was the genesis of my current bag that seems to finally accomplish this.) The base swing is a 52° 35.5” Gap Wedge and “my 100 yard” swing. I also have an “85 yard” and a “60 yard” swing. I could hit this club farther but didn’t have much control so that was the “base” swing and club. The advantage of this is before the round all I have to do is “groove” the “100 yard swing”. Then all I have to make is 100 yard swings with different clubs. That swing with my 3 iron will go 210 yards and I can fade or draw and control the spin. I mentioned the “85 yard swing”. This is my flag hunting swing. I also think of it as “3/4 swing” but it’s really more than that. I have a shorter backswing and stop when my lead arm is parallel with the ground and shoulders turned 3/4 and accelerate through the ball. My 33° 7 iron will go just 135 yards vs 158 but dead straight. This is the swing I use on most approach shots lately. Similarly I have the “60 yard” or 1/2 swing. Same basic swing but stop the backswing club parallel with the ground and shoulders about 45°. I mainly use this with wedges but also when I need to flight down an approach shot or need more accuracy. But my point here REALLY should be that I do not make the “110 yard swing.” Other than the set up differences, ball forward on the tee etc, I should still just make the 100 yard swing max with any club. This point was driven home just yesterday morning. I was over-swinging and spraying the ball all over the course the first 8 holes. Then on the 9th, a par 3, I thought “85 yard swing” and made par. But still had a 48 on the front 9. I continued the 100 and 85 yard swing thoughts and shot a 35 on the back. Played the front 9 again and shot 39. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  22. Okay, I’ll chime in. I went with a more forgiving iron when I returned last year to playing. While I tried out several newer models I already owned some Ben Hogan CFT’s I bought new in 2004(or thereabouts). I needed graphite shafts because of an elbow injury and installed these on Project X PXv 6.0. For those that don’t know the CFT was a forged stainless body iron with a compressed forged titanium face. Other than weaker lofts than the newer clubs, these are quite forgiving and have a very hot face. But as I was getting more rust knocked off my game, I found that while this type of club is great for full swings, the delicate shots around the greens are more problematic. The ball came off with a pop and lots of spin. So I broke out the old Scor wedges and soon replace my PW (or E in Hoganese) with a Scor 46. Then the 9 iron with a Scor 42. This soon proved to be very advantageous for my short game. So much so that I replaced my 6-PW with Hogan Ft Worth 15’s. I now have the CFT 3-5 and Ft Worth 15’s in 29-33-37-41-45. And will replace my 50-55-60 Scors with TK15’s when the time arises. I may replace the CFT’s with Ft Worth HI’s, but currently there is no need. I have played Mizuno MP FLI HI’s for years in the 2-3-4 irons. The old Hogan CFT long irons are higher, longer, and more spin. Basically they are the same lofts just have the numbers 3-4-5 on them. The bladed Ft Worth 15’s feel scalpels to me while the others feel like an axe. Inside say 170 yards I want to feel like I have the scalpel to cut down the flag. Outside that, I want an axe for forgiveness. Even more importantly is when I miss the green I want those different scalpels so I can control the flight to roll and the distance the ball travels on the chips. I’m a firm believer in “The Rule of 12”. (Pace from the flag to the ball and the ball to a pace on the green. Total 16 steps to flag and 4 to the green, then 16/4=4. 12-4 is 8. Read the green like a putt and pick a spot where you have to land the ball and focus just on how hard to hit it to get to that spot. If it is just 2 steps to the green and 16 to the flag it is a 6 iron.) Blades to me are also more reliable on the partial shots. I injured my shoulder and elbow last year and could only make 3/4 swings. My accuracy greatly improved by making just partial swings. I can make full swings now, but rarely make more than a 3/4 swing inside 175. Sure, 1 time today I was in the deep rough and would have benefited from a more forgiving club, but I may also have caught a flier and gone in the lake. As it was, I had club I felt more comfortable using around the green. If I would have hit a straighter drive I wouldn’t have needed more forgiveness. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  23. Rick/Texas Scotty Cameron 2018 Newport 2 9 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  24. RoverRick


  25. I am thrilled that a thread I started lead to a reply by someone that helped your game. I’ve never been a great driver, but these last few weeks I have been. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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