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  1. How can you tell it is a pull from the divot? A left pointing divot does not indicate a pull.
  2. David Hicks Putter from the UK isn't it?
  3. Nice job guys. The key phrase was "Also... for long clubs like driver and 3 wood, if I drop it first, wouldn't I hit it fat?" The answer to that question for an upright player is, "Not if you pull the left and most certainly if you push with the right." A tennis backhand with the left hand is not a bad analogy.
  4. Sai-Jin Quick question. Do you lead your downswing with a left arm pull or push with your right? Try this thought pattern. Turn and lift and pull with the left.
  5. DPlane theory assumes two things that don't get mentioned as often as it should. It assumes the appropriate lie angle at impact. It assumes a strike on the sweet spot. Especially with a driver. Gear effect can overcome Dplane effect
  6. The hybrid phrase is one used by an instructor to describe those who worked with Butch Harmon. Arm on top of the shoulder, square clubface to the left arm at the top. Slide and turn (one move) in the down swing.
  7. If swing plane is not important or worth considering then what is? I would hazard to guess that the op found the appropriate arm slot during the round and that was the reason for the improved ball striking. He says the arm is on the same plane as the shoulders. What would happen if he swung the club on a more upright arm plane but used the same down swing sequence of motion as always. Hips would spin out, the club would be on a vertical plane and the only way to save it would be to chop.
  8. sorry follow up to this article. http://bargolfinstruction.blogspot.com
  9. follow up to this article http://bargolfinstruction.blogspot.com
  10. Old School on marking the face. The line on the ball is the only way to get a clear picture on lie angle. It can also give you an indication of the correct shaft flex with a driver.If the line angles toward the hosel the shaft is too weak. Toward the toe and the shaft is too stiff.
  11. I thought the choke down was a good idea, except it changes your spine angle at address. not a bad thing just something to keep in mind during the evaluation. Is there someone with a Ping fitting cart closer to you? They would have two flat in an number of options. Titleist as well. Two hours is a tough drive for an experiment. I would think at least 2 flat. Good Luck. You can find me on the internet if I can help any further. Golfspy Matt could help as well. Bruce
  12. My point is it doesn't close. Just irons that are too upright. This is a real point of contention with me. Swing changes to correct poor fitting equipment. The yellow line in the picture is 54 degrees. The bottom of the shaft is probably 53 degrees (shaft plane adjusted for toe drop). The standard 6 iron is 62? choking down a inch won't be enough.
  13. Too far forward in your stance. Not too far away from you. No need to choke down the driver.
  14. So I am making the assumpiton you won't take my word for it. Fair enough you don't know me. The following are two frames form your video same swing. I measured hands to the ball in the first frame, and then copied the line exactly and moved it to the ball in the second picture. Note regardless of camera angle you are not over the top. Now look at your right elbow under your left at impact. How do you get the club closed with your arms in the positon. Look at your right hand, still under the club. Look at the club face wide open just before impact. Irons are too upright.
  15. I know. There is nothing in your swing that would cause the ball to go left. In fact a swing never causes a directional problem it is always the club. The club is causing the ball to go left. so whta did you do to the club to make it go left? Nothing. There is no over the top motion in your swing, watch your let arm relative to your shoulders. That plus the hip slide (note the c position of leg to upper body at the top of the backswing and then the hard slide toward the target as you come down) action of your lower body blocks the over the top move as well. so it has to be the club. My guess is that with a left miss you have worked hard to not close the club. It is not shut at the top so not likely to be shut at the bottom. tough to release the club enough when the hips are moving as fast as yours in the down swing. So the next logical assumption is irons are too upright. Why do I think the driver is too far forward. Unless you do something different in your swing with your driver the laid off position at the top is an attempt to stop the ball from going left. look at any youtube video Tiger Woods when he worked with Hank Haney. So how does the ball go left. The flatter the swing plane the club moves left as it goes up. The farther the ball is forward in the stance the more your are past the bottom of the swing the more the club goes up. when you don't hit it left do you get a big slice? Driver is played too far forward. ( sounds like you figured it out ) But how far back in your stance are you willing to move the ball to compensate for an upright lie angle? Irons too upright driver too far forward. Common problem with shallow planed swings. Hope this helps. Bruce
  16. Hi, The irons are too upright for your swing plane. The driver is too far forward in your stance for the flat plane. I hope this helps. Bruce
  17. I read many of the comments based self analysis of golf swing videos. Most are observations of a static position of the swing. For example a player might see when they stop the video at a certain point how their head might be in a different position than it was at address. Then the conversation goes to not moving the head. If there is a problem with the head postion the answer to the question why it moved would be more beneficial than any thoughts on how to fix it. You could easily not move your head and miss the ball completely. Fixing the problem makes the ball striking worse. My point is that most body positions are reactive to the motion of the swing and in and of themselves not the problem. In my example the proper fix is to determine why the head moved or changed and fix the casue rather than the result.
  18. Here are some of the best golf values around. www.petedyegolftrail.com
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