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  1. It's my understanding the Graphite Design Tour AD XC is an update of the Tour AD BB design. Very similar bend profiles overall.
  2. I got one too! I'm not the biggest fan of the 2 style compared to the 1 but since it's more rare I snatched one up.
  3. Yep, probably couldn't get the gap wedge shaft from KBS so they made a "spinner" shaft buy putting in an 8 iron shaft. I'm sure they expected that no one would know the difference. That's 100% why I build all my own stuff, can't trust anyone else to do it right.
  4. My Taylormade putter finally showed up last week! For some reason they didn't match up my name with the same color paint . It's an easy fix though.
  5. Those Nakashima heads had some heat to them.
  6. At the rate Ping is going, it'll be 3 years before you'll ever get a set.
  7. F1 drivers blame their cars all the time whether it's really a mechanical issue or not. It pushes engineers to make the car better and better and that eventually trickles down into the regular cars we purchase. It's the same here and we will all benefit from what Cobra is learning from Bryson's constant envelope pushing. Don't get me wrong, I don't really align with Bryson's personality but he's the face of Cobra now and they have to roll with it. I'm sure there will be some great internal meetings at Cobra to discuss further and I'm sure Bryson will post some sort of apology and life will move on.
  8. For me it was one of the easiest drivers to hit straight that I've ever played. It has near Ping G400Max levels of MOI and the spin wasn't too high. I did have to play it down a degree in loft compared to what I would normally play but you can swing as hard as you want and it will try and go straight.
  9. Hasn't arrived yet but will be my gamer when it shows up
  10. I was hoping to have tested the Taylormade SIM driver with this shaft this past weekend before posting my review on the main page but unfortunately we were rained out by a tropical storm. I'm hoping to have the SIM head tested this week though and you can read my initial main review here.
  11. I have an Odyssey V line if this style interests you? Shoot me a PM.
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