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  1. I sure hope that I come closer to 2023 goals than I did in 2022..... 2022 Goals: Play more golf. - I only recorded 65 rounds last year. I want to play over 100 this year. Hoping I can get there. NOPE Win more $ than I spend in entry fees. - NOPE improve short game. - SG from 100 and in was abysmal last year. Difficult to quantify. I feel more confident, but scores did not reflect improvement. Reduce the # of rounds with a Double or worse. Would like to get this number down to 20% or less. HAHAHAHAHAHA No. Make more Birdies. - Averaged 3.2 per competitive round last year. Would like to average 4+ - Nope By all metrics, 2022 was the worst year of golf I have played in the last 20. Scoring average was up, fairways missed was up, lost balls were up, blood pressure was up, and total number of wedges broken on the course was at an all time high.. There is hope, I think. I have never putted better. I still hit it as far as I need to in order to be competitive in the events that I play. I just need to clean up some thinking errors and address the root causes of my bad play. So, here are my 2023 goals for golf: Practice more, play less. I need to treat golf practice just like I would treat any other athletic endeavor that I have ever done. Practice with Purpose. I am writing a schedule for practice and planning around my events for this year. Stretch. A lot. I have become quite stiff and inflexible in my old age. It becomes an issue late in rounds, or on the second or third day of a multi day event.. I just stiffen up and cannot swing the club. Win a Chapter event. 1+2 = 3 Play more rounds with different people. I have almost never met someone on the golf course that I didn't enjoy. GL me.
  2. Already on order.. 8.5° LS and fairway wood to match...
  3. Aloha, I am ISO a set of the original Rifle Project X iron shafts with the brushed satin finish and silk screened labels. .355 taper, preferably 6.0, but could make 5.5 work, any length that is at least standard. I have $$$ or lots of stuff to trade. Thanks!
  4. Drove it behind a log, chipped out, laid up to 100, bladed 75 yards over the green on the next tee, then holed it for a par 5. Best Bird was 2 weeks ago. Drove it into a lake, dropped, 3 wood to 3 feet, tap in 4.
  5. Ping Scottsdale anser. No topline alignments. https://www.ebay.com/itm/255691743640?hash=item3b886a6198:g:B6kAAOSwMxpjBb4C&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoLoqPFAUJwqlhZs9NUMT37hv7LjUMHwVebKr93r0%2FQM%2FkNUzQuFY4hlLSwWo9THQz0Crkxw6UyBdEO8SlIzaConCPgEI0aNfGZeC2xe0gQC6qW8eXhcLxLIX5hPDpSXI8lgUZci7VBRD7r9hBoVyeX5VBwym08vLjYxKRqKfpXTfBC7MMV93wSJjVF2Vz6wf774x7RMruFEBlu%2B1ntTWXiM%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4qGtvjfYA Less that $400
  6. Ping PLD Anser comes stock with no topline alignment. This is not the $1100 version, just the retail one...
  7. Winter resident rate at Bandon.... Take full advantage.
  8. Not trying to be short at all... At my club, I have 12 shots per round that fall into that 30-80 yard range. I am quite familiar with playing this type of shot. I use a mixture of Sieckmann and Pelz. All body movement, and almost no hands..
  9. I have a package that is being shipped from Anaheim California to Eugene Oregon. 882 miles. The package just scanned through a point in Mississippi. (I know that this is adjacent to the Memphis Airport, a FedEx hub.) Then, presumably air freight to Portland, Oregon, then trucked to Eugene. Total mileage for the package will be somewhere in the 2400 mile range... Almost 3 times as far. I'm no logistical expert, but there has to be a more efficient way of getting s*** from Southern California to the PNW. I'm not complaining about the delivery time or cost, only shocked at the sheer number of miles this package is traveling. Someone smarter than me figured this all out..
  10. You are not entitled to relief from an OB fence. You must either take the relief and deal with the fence, or play the ball as it lies on the path.
  11. I think that this is very facility dependent. I know of several operators that took the profits from the Pandemic Surge and plowed them back into Capital Improvements and other spends that will improve the facility and golf experience for the future. The golf business is always up and down. the good operators will find a way to sustain during the inevitable dip, and others will not. Golf availability is a commodity. Price will be dictated by demand. If the price that a facility has to charge to maintain profitability is to high for the market they are in, they will be forced to close, or change the way they operate. It is going to be a very interesting few years for the golf business.
  12. Negatively. Increased costs to operate will necessitate higher rates to play and increased dues for members. This is inevitable. I hate it, but when you budget for the fiscal year and then the costs for fuel and fertilizer double, there has to be an increase in revenue to offset these costs. I am not looking forward to the 2023 budget cycle.
  13. Made my only Ace at Apple Tree. #2. Wildhorse is great. I'd recommend staying away from the Casino. It's pretty tough to come out ahead there... Wine Valley is fantastic! Have a great trip!
  14. fair enough... It's been a minute since I played a round at Apple Tree.. 22 years or so...
  15. 99% sure that is #18... http://www.appletreeresort.com/hole-flyovers.html At least it was last time I played there..
  16. I currently own CBX2 3 and 5 woods. I've probably had 6-10 versions of these fairway woods over the years. They look great in my office....
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