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  1. I have lived and played in the wet PNW conditions that you referring to for almost 35 years. Having proper footwear makes a big difference in the wet. The Puma shoes that you are referring to have a 1 year waterproof warranty. In the golf shoe world, 1 year warranty means "Not Gonna Keep Your Feet Dry". You want to look at a 2 year shoe.. If you can find a comfortable 2 year shoe, I'd recommend purchasing 2 pair and rotate them if you play a lot. This will extend the use of both pair. All of our feet are different. Trying to recommend a pair for you would be impossible. In my experience, The Adidas, Footjoy and Ecco lines in a 2 year waterproof warranty have all worked for me over the years. YMMV. Currently, I am rotating 2 pair of the Premier Series shoes. Love the fit and stability. For reference, I live and play in the PNW. It has rained 6 inches so far this month. My feet = Dry.
  2. This. Exactly this. In my state, the licensee is responsible for the alcohol consumed on property. If someone were to bring their own, overindulge, then have an accident that is related to said consumption, the licensee bears some responsibility. This number could potentially be very high. This really is easy. Don't bring your own to a licensed facility if it is illegal in your area.
  3. I am going to have slightly different insight. Take it for what you will. If you are planning on playing tournament golf from 6200-6400, I'd remove the OB finder, and the 5 wood. Add a club that carries 115 with a stock swing, and get a very high lofted wedge and learn how to use it. As far as you hit the 3 wood, there is never a reason to hit driver on a 6400 yard course. You will almost always have a short iron or wedge in your hands for the approach. I know this because the events that I play in are all from 6400-6700, and I only carry driver 260 anymore. Believe me, if you don't LOVE your driver and believe that you are going to melt one 300 in the center every time, I'd leave it at home. Driver is my best club. I may not always hit the fairway, but I always believe that I will. Putter? that another thing. I'd seriously give it a shot during the off season, and see if your average score drops. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the input fellas.. I was looking at Champions Gate as well as Shingle Creek.. Was also considering making the trip to Streamsong for the day.. I just don't see myself traveling across the country only to play, and I'm sure that convincing SWMBO of that is a near impossibility.
  5. I'm a little late to the thread. Keep at it. Getting better at this game takes time and effort. Given your athletic ability, and the yardage that you hit it, breaking into the low 80's consistently is a very achievable goal. I play a lot of events with guys that look like they are shooting a million, but when we add it up at the end of the day, they come in with 68-73. The secret is short game, short game, short game. It will save your bad holes, and make your good holes great. Watch James Sieckmann here or read his book. It will change your life. Best of luck in the coming year. Keep at it and you will get there!
  6. Thanks for the input.. I think that attendance will absolutely be lighter this year. I don't know anyone from the PNW that is making the trip. I am not super interested in seeing all of the major OEM product. My reps will bring it by soon after.. The main reason for the trip is for the education and to attend the NCGOA National Golf Business Conference. I always learn a few things talking to other owner/operators from around the country.
  7. Exhibiting is so cost prohibitive. I’d start with the PNW PGA merch show to start.
  8. Thanks Kenny. super busy week. Appointments and education all day every day. just trying to playa little
  9. Aloha Spies, I am making the trek to the PGA Merchandise show in January, and am looking to play a round on Sunday the 23rd. Doesn't have to be in Orlando proper. My flight lands at 6:30 am, so I would need time to get my luggage and rental car and travel to the course. I am down to play anywhere... Thoughts?
  10. This is easy. Don't bring your own alcohol to a licensed facility. you wouldn't at a bar, restaurant, grocery store, or concert venue, so don't do it at a golf course. Simple.
  11. Enough room for me, my sticks and some sun..
  12. Do I qualify? These are just what is in the corner of my office....
  13. Will do. He was quite happy with the results. Back on topic: I play all over the section. Both public and Private. Most of my rounds are tournament rounds at this point. When I do get out on my own course (Semi-Private), I am typically working on shots or practicing short game situations or playing with membership. I suppose that there is a good fit out there for every player. It is really about finding a place that you have an enjoyable experience each time you tee it up. I don't mean shooting a career low each day, but being able to enjoy your time on the links.
  14. If I lived where you do Carl, I would have a difficult time playing anywhere else... side note.. One of my guys won the SOGC last week.
  15. Bag change. New #1 in play. Current ZX7 driver is really great when I hit the center and am swinging well. I shot my career low this summer with this club. I also have more than one round in the upper 80's with it. I need something a little more consistent for competitive play, soooooo....... TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX. 9° Graphite Design Tour MT 6 S. Can't wait to take it to the course.
  16. Hey, Sorry for the super late reply.... I have Seamus covers for all of the woods.. Local company that I am really happy to support.
  17. Yep, and it is awesome.. I was not.
  18. 2 fairways and 13 greens. 25 putts. 4 birds and 4 bogies.. 72
  19. I had a complete Achilles rupture about 10 years ago. I will echo what others have said. Flexibility and strength are key. Heel raises, cycling etc. Be sure to really focus on the injured side. My calves are still different sizes and shapes. Good news is that it has not affected my golf game. Good luck. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Career low for me today. 66 with 4 bogies and 2 eagles putts that lipped out. Could have really been special. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. Hi guys. I’d love to meet up and play that week and I’ll already be in bend that Monday and Tuesday for a 2 day Pro/Am. If I can convince the boss to let me have another day, I’d love to play Quail. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. You are in the correct part of the planet to pursue that line of work in this industry... All the best!
  23. Good morning! I have a little insight on this particular topic. I have worked in the golf industry in various positions since 1996. I took one year away when my daughter was born, but quickly found my way back. There are so many different ways to be involved in the industry. I am currently the DOG at a public 18 hole facility in my hometown. I just fell into this job, and I plan on leaving never. Depending on the position and situation, you can play as much or as little as you like. Everyone has a different situation. I play about 2-3 days a week when I have time. Otherwise I am strapped to my desk. I play in some chapter events, and a bunch of Pro-Am event with the membership. (my course owner insists). I can't think of anything else that I would rather do. The compensation can be a touch low for people just getting into the business, but as I referenced above, every situation is different. If you like people, are friendly and can talk to anyone, there is a place in the business for you. Give me a shout. I am always looking for good people. Best of luck!
  24. First name: Nic City & State: Springfield Oregon Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds: Every one Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: I am trying to carry more these days, but I will still use old reliable from time to time- BagBoy Compact 3
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