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  1. Anytime. Let me know before you head down, and I’ll get you set up. It’s kinda funny. I just got back from Salem visiting my daughter at Willamette. Probably passed each other on I5 Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
  2. Pine Ridge Golf Club just outside of Springfield OR.
  3. I am in. I will only keep track from the back tees at my place. 6706 72.5/128. From back there, I am gonna have to hole some wedges to make eagles on the par 5's. The layout is such that I have to lay up from the tee, and the holes are unreachable by mere mortals. (especially the 50+ type). I am hoping to play more and work less this year...
  4. Last time I played #3, flag was cut front left. I landed a low spinner 1 foot past the pin, and 4 putted for double... Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
  5. Truth. Those greens would be so much more fun at 7 or 8. Especially Waverley. Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
  6. I might be misunderstanding, but I believe if you add 5 extra wraps to an MCC plus 4, that is essentially the same as adding 9 total under the bottom hand. Almost a reverse taper? Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
  7. I’m fairly certain that I have nothing going on that week. I need to check the calendar for events, but as of today, it looks clear. I could most definitely make a few days in the schedule for some golf in central Oregon in June... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. You 100% dodged a bullet this year.. I don't typically get that cold, but I was cold as a well diggers a**.... Better luck next year..
  9. It was sooooo damn cold out there...
  10. Here is half of the show floor. I really have no idea how I am gonna see 30% of it. Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
  11. I’ll keep my eyes open. Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
  12. I'm in for a Bend excursion. There are just so many options, and none of them are bad... Juniper in Redmond is great. Crooked River Ranch is fun, Pronghorn, Brasada Ranch, Tetherow, Eagle Crest, Broken Top, Bend CC, Crosswater.... the list goes on and on and on and on... summer is obviously the busy season for me, but if the days work right, I should be able to sneak over for a few rounds..
  13. Nothing that stood out. Full disclosure, I spent almost no time looking at portable LM's. It was damn windy and cold out there today. The Mevo + piqued my interest a little. I will look a little more in depth when I tour the show floor over the next 3 days.
  14. Just saw the Mevo +. 2K price point, but has way WAY more data points. Spin Loft, Spin rate. just not club path or face angle. Kind of bridges the gap.
  15. Demo day was soooo windy today. holy smokes.. I was feeling for the poor people working today. It was cold out there. I personally did not hit any new equipment, except for the Sacks Parente Putters. It was just too dang windy to judge anything. The crowd numbers in the booths told me that the big winners were Callaway, Titleist, Cleveland and Mizuno. Big crowds and long lines. More to report tomorrow. N.
  16. Back in the day, Cobra had a rep in Florida that was making over 1 million a year. He was making more that the company president. They fired him and changed the way they paid their reps. Now, most of the guys I see are independent and have several lines. These guys hustle and have a massive territory( Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana). The most successful guys are easily clearing 150000 in a good year, but it is entirely cyclical. Tough way to make a living. Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
  17. Early look at the show floor... Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
  18. Not sure if I can remember them all, but I’ll try. Starting with current set and working back Srixon Z785 Srixon Z765 Taylor Made P750 Ping i25 Adams CB2 Adams MB2 Cleveland CB red MacGregor M675 MacGregor M685 Titleist 690.Mb Precept forged CB Titleist 990 Cleveland CG2 Cleveland CG1 Cleveland TA1 Cleveland TA3 Cleveland HiBore (1 round) Mizuno MP14 (3 sets) I’m sure that I have left out a bunch. I’ll edit as I remember. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. I really did want to go early at 9 with the other PGA guys and avoid the lines.. but I've got to actually do a little work on this trip.....
  20. I have no interest in standing in any line to hit any club that I can hit at my local shop the next week. My primary consideration will be to see anything that I would not normally get a chance to see. Smaller wedge and putter companies, independents, ect.
  21. We are making the trek all the way from rainy Oregon to the Show. My new owner wants to go the the NGCOA Business Conference that is held in conjunction with the Merchandise show. I finagled him into thinking that it would be good for the management team to make the trip, so we are all going!! As things stand now, I am planning on being at the Demo Day on Tuesday from 1-5. I wanted to go from 9-1, but there are a few seminars that I need to attend that are conflicting. Merchandise Show Wed am, Thurs am and Fri am, then leave for home on Sat at 0:dark thirty. If you are planning on making the trip, let me know... Always ready to meet fellow Spies.... N.
  22. I just spent 3 days at the resort. Last Monday-Wednesday. We didn’t get the great weather, but did have the great fun. Love. That. Place. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. We sold through all of our Soft Feel Yellow balls this year, and not one complaint about them being any different than the white... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  24. Tacos are Wednesday. Don’t ask me why. The Taco record, for those who want to know, is currently 12 Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
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