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  1. Sunice Typhoon jacket and rain pants. Also use a FJ Hydrolite short sleeve top for warm days.
  2. 3,300 requests in around 3 days, wow! Good luck and congrats to those chosen and look forward to reading their reviews. I was using an R15 until the TS2 blew it our of my bag.
  3. IIRC, Bubba used a Pro V1x to start with, then he switched to Volviks for a year or so, then went back to the Pro V1x. By the arrow pattern, that ball was made in 2015-2016 which would be in a time period when he used that ball model. I don't know if it is a genuine ball that Bubba actually used/hit or if he had his name stamped on them, but it would be what he used.
  4. I am a member of and follow both. WRX can be excellent in learning about equipment and fitting (Howard Jones and a couple of others come to mind), but I have been flamed over there rather impolitely for stating my opinion on something and rather than argue, I just walked away, even though in my experience, what I said was true. If they go away, I won't miss it that much.
  5. Congrats to all those picked, I can't wait to see the results
  6. Toronto Canada, 58 years old 102 mph Average fitness Absolutely will see this to the end, will even buy a Voice Caddie to measure the swing speeds as I go along if I am selected.
  7. What did you use to make your weights and how did you do it?
  8. Yes, the original Kirkland 4-piece ball, wish they still made those
  9. Re the ferrule, you might be able to slide it off the shaft by heating it with a hair dryer. If you get it off, keep it heated with a hair dryer to keep the epoxy soft and then you might be able to use a wire brush or roll of sandpaper gently to remove some of the epoxy. Then slide the ferrule back onto the shaft for reuse. I would not use a heat gun for this part as it could get too hot and melt the ferrule. Just my suggestions.
  10. You might still be able to get them here: https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/ys-shafts/
  11. John Canada 103 mph 11 Thanks for the opportunity!
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