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  1. I seem to recall that John Daly once was penalized for using a hotel room key as a ball marker. But back on topic, just picked up a 4 pack of the gloves, they feel ok, will be trying them on the course this weekend.
  2. Awesome contest - thank you Bridgestone and MGS! Tiebreaker = -16
  3. ...you are still out there playing in a sudden torrential downpour (as in like someone dumped a bucket of water on you fast) without any rain gear and you don't care
  4. First Name/City of Residence. Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS for distance measuring or rely on good old eyeballing! If you use a device what model and brand I am John from Toronto Canada. I currently use a Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport which was originally made for hunting, not golf. Thus, it does not have any kind of ability to lock onto a small target (e.g. "pinseeker"). It does work and is very useful for distance to front and back of green, hazards, etc. but not great at pins unless they are <150 yards or so. Old technology, I know, I obtained it around 2010 or so. Other times, I end up using GPS on the phone, or just good old fashioned 150 yard markers, sprinkler heads and the like. I would definitely jump at the chance to test some newer technology. Thanks!
  5. Could just be an experimental prototype that will never be marketed?
  6. Seems to me the better test would have been to pit the Z-Star XV vs the Pro V1X?
  7. Send some over to me? lol
  8. Agreed, I use the FJ Weathersof glove which is synthetic and because of that is very close to the rain glove already. They last longer than the leather ones and last longer too.
  9. That's awesome!
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