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  1. You might still be able to get them here: https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/ys-shafts/
  2. John Canada 103 mph 11 Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. Take battery out, open up the case if you can, put into bag of rice for a few days, should be good as new if you didn't short out any of the chips.
  4. Have fun with the score card collecting; I do that too and have well over 100 (only from courses that I have played), sometimes including related tees, yardage books, literature, etc.
  5. I can't wait to see this with the underlying data; some of the manufacturers might be biting their nails now lol
  6. I don't qualify for this (sigh), but I game the 716 AP2's and love them. Hdcp 11 (RCGA) and would have picked the T100-S. Good luck and congratulations to the chosen testers, you will be in for a treat!
  7. In some way, it was nice to see that the pros can get beaten up like us ordinary folk (ie water, sand, woods) and not shoot -25 to win. That wind must have been crazy out there.
  8. I seem to recall that John Daly once was penalized for using a hotel room key as a ball marker. But back on topic, just picked up a 4 pack of the gloves, they feel ok, will be trying them on the course this weekend.
  9. Awesome contest - thank you Bridgestone and MGS! Tiebreaker = -16
  10. ...you are still out there playing in a sudden torrential downpour (as in like someone dumped a bucket of water on you fast) without any rain gear and you don't care
  11. First Name/City of Residence. Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS for distance measuring or rely on good old eyeballing! If you use a device what model and brand I am John from Toronto Canada. I currently use a Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport which was originally made for hunting, not golf. Thus, it does not have any kind of ability to lock onto a small target (e.g. "pinseeker"). It does work and is very useful for distance to front and back of green, hazards, etc. but not great at pins unless they are <150 yards or so. Old technology, I know, I obtained it around 2010 or so. Other times, I end up using GPS on the phone, or just good old fashioned 150 yard markers, sprinkler heads and the like. I would definitely jump at the chance to test some newer technology. Thanks!
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