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  1. Agreed that it certainly does seem that Mike did one heckuva job with the LPGA. My hope is that he keeps the USGA on an even keel and not get "influenced" by the team that sets up their US Opens.
  2. Well, I could repeat everything listed above as they are all true. I have been there twice. No, I never played there. Incredible that you can get a beer and a sandwich for $5 or just over that. You cannot comprehend the conditioning and beauty of the place, especially if all of the flowers, trees and bushes are in bloom. I don't even want to think about what their fertilizer budget is. The most amazing things: no running, no idiots shouting (get in the hole, mashed potatoes, etc) and the ability to save your spots and seats if necessary. Because of all this, you will encounter a leve
  3. Thank you all, I appreciate it!
  4. I collect score cards, have around a 6 inch thick stack - all unfolded so they are "flat". Only collect cards from courses I have played (with maybe 3-4 exceptions).
  5. Sunice Typhoon jacket and rain pants. Also use a FJ Hydrolite short sleeve top for warm days.
  6. 3,300 requests in around 3 days, wow! Good luck and congrats to those chosen and look forward to reading their reviews. I was using an R15 until the TS2 blew it our of my bag.
  7. IIRC, Bubba used a Pro V1x to start with, then he switched to Volviks for a year or so, then went back to the Pro V1x. By the arrow pattern, that ball was made in 2015-2016 which would be in a time period when he used that ball model. I don't know if it is a genuine ball that Bubba actually used/hit or if he had his name stamped on them, but it would be what he used.
  8. I am a member of and follow both. WRX can be excellent in learning about equipment and fitting (Howard Jones and a couple of others come to mind), but I have been flamed over there rather impolitely for stating my opinion on something and rather than argue, I just walked away, even though in my experience, what I said was true. If they go away, I won't miss it that much.
  9. Congrats to all those picked, I can't wait to see the results
  10. Toronto Canada, 58 years old 102 mph Average fitness Absolutely will see this to the end, will even buy a Voice Caddie to measure the swing speeds as I go along if I am selected.
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