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  1. I currently play those shafts, the lighter weight in the 4 and 5 iron is nice, heavier shafts in the shorter irons doesn't bother me. There doesn't seem to be any loss of accuracy or distance vs my previous set with DGHL's. Ball flight is lower though.
  2. I don't think you are too far off in your ideas. Now it remains to be seen on whether LIV bought into the PGA Tour or if they essentially "bought" the PGA Tour. Either way, I think Monahan is toast.
  3. My iron covers are like those but a different make. They will not fall off the irons by themselves.
  4. I use them, they don't slow me down one bit, and I don't care what anyone else thinks
  5. Thanks for the opportunity! Tiebreakers: Cut = +1 Tiger after 2 = even
  6. In my experience, I found that while most of the GPS apps worked very well, the ones that used hole photos taken from Google Earth were the hardest to see on the phone in daylight. The ones that give graphics of the holes instead of photos work better for me. In that case, If that is your preference, I would try Tag Heuer, Golf GPS from Birdie Apps or iGolf Mobile (my favorite as it shows the 100 150 200 arcs etc. and notwithstanding the name, is available for Android). If I wanted to use a photo based app, I tended to like 18 Birdies. But I will give Swing U a try.
  7. On any public or semi-private (especially on weekends), I expect 4.5+ hours. Doesn't bother me, I use it to relax and enjoy the day and thank the good Lord that I am able to play golf that day It's nice not to be rushed sometimes.
  8. Maybe they will send you a nice present this time!
  9. I guess if you can't see these, then you might be colorblind. But somehow I can't keep thinking that the cover will want to split on the seam between the 2 colors.
  10. Agreed that it certainly does seem that Mike did one heckuva job with the LPGA. My hope is that he keeps the USGA on an even keel and not get "influenced" by the team that sets up their US Opens.
  11. Well, I could repeat everything listed above as they are all true. I have been there twice. No, I never played there. Incredible that you can get a beer and a sandwich for $5 or just over that. You cannot comprehend the conditioning and beauty of the place, especially if all of the flowers, trees and bushes are in bloom. I don't even want to think about what their fertilizer budget is. The most amazing things: no running, no idiots shouting (get in the hole, mashed potatoes, etc) and the ability to save your spots and seats if necessary. Because of all this, you will encounter a level of politeness by patrons not seen at any other tournament (and I have been to others); I think it all starts by the friendliness, training and demeanor of the staff starting with the entrance gates.
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