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  1. I seem to recall that John Daly once was penalized for using a hotel room key as a ball marker. But back on topic, just picked up a 4 pack of the gloves, they feel ok, will be trying them on the course this weekend.
  2. Awesome contest - thank you Bridgestone and MGS! Tiebreaker = -16
  3. ...you are still out there playing in a sudden torrential downpour (as in like someone dumped a bucket of water on you fast) without any rain gear and you don't care
  4. First Name/City of Residence. Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS for distance measuring or rely on good old eyeballing! If you use a device what model and brand I am John from Toronto Canada. I currently use a Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport which was originally made for hunting, not golf. Thus, it does not have any kind of ability to lock onto a small target (e.g. "pinseeker"). It does work and is very useful for distance to front and back of green, hazards, etc. but not great at pins unless they are <150 yards or so. Old technology, I know, I obtained it around 2010 or so. Other times, I end up using GPS on the phone, or just good old fashioned 150 yard markers, sprinkler heads and the like. I would definitely jump at the chance to test some newer technology. Thanks!
  5. Could just be an experimental prototype that will never be marketed?
  6. Seems to me the better test would have been to pit the Z-Star XV vs the Pro V1X?
  7. Send some over to me? lol
  8. Agreed, I use the FJ Weathersof glove which is synthetic and because of that is very close to the rain glove already. They last longer than the leather ones and last longer too.
  9. That's awesome!
  10. I would play with anybody; one of golf's simplest pleasures is being able to play with all sorts of people and personalities.
  11. Great review! I went for a fitting and ended up with: 50-12F bent to 51-13 (for distance gapping, my pw is a 46* 716 AP2), 56-14F and 60-08M. We settled on the S200 shafts even though my irons are the original AMT's and I chose tour chrome and MCC Plus 4 grips. These wedges are incredible and really consistent.
  12. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Bubba Watson Tier 3: Martin Kaymer Tier 4: Gary Woodland Tier 5: Scott Piercy Winning Score = -6
  13. "Taylormade R15 Driver Stiff Flex, 12* head de-lofted to 10.5 (miss = huge slice)" Seems to me that the first thing to do would be to try to minimize the slice. Believe it or not, when you de-loft the head, you create an open face. My suggestion would be to dial up the loft to 12* which would close the face back to neutral and that should help with the slice. If you still need more help, then try it to 2* higher (ie 14*) and it would also close the face which should help stop the slice.
  14. I am 6'3" and extended my putter to 37" and also bent it up about 3 degrees, best thing I ever did.
  15. I travel between Ontario and Ohio, any chance of having something in these areas?
  16. Maybe, just maybe he is being paid to be that way?
  17. For me, I was stuck on picking a name for forums, so I saw a paperclip on my desk, entered it into the site and seemed that nobody else had it. So I now use paperclip on most of the forums I post to.
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