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  1. It won't automatically be the lowest score of the segment. Some of us suffer lapses of extreme incompetence even when 72 holes are played. I've twice totaled fewer points over 4 rounds than the 110 points I had this week. But I agree it was impossible to manage the lineups.
  2. I live in Florida now, but was born and raised in the Greenville area where everyone pronounces Clemson as if it were spelled with a "p". (Clempson for those who don't know what I'm talking about). I know that area well. I've played most of the courses there that were built before I moved away. How is a Michigan fan living in Clemson country dealing with all the Tiger fans?
  3. Here's the reward for a small amount of research and a HUGE amount of luck in the March Madness contest. I'm excited to be using this beautiful new Clemson bag. Thanks Sun Mountain and MGS!
  4. Thanks to Mulligan Scoring all my rotten eggs this week get thrown out. I'm doing better than I thought.
  5. I sure picked a bunch of rotten eggs this week. I tried to get a little "creative" and learned that just doesn't work. Looking forward to next week.
  6. Thanks guys. It was a great tournament. I was very lucky to win. Especially with Tazz sitting in the lead having picked North Carolina. Exciting down to the last shot. I'll try to post pictures when I get the bag. Sun Mountain makes the best golf bags available. I'm currently using a Three/Five and thrilled to have a new one coming.
  7. Who... in their right mind... would ever pick Villanova to win this tournament??? Wow! What a great game!
  8. Hi Rev. I'm fine. Occasionally lurk in the forums but I'm always reading the MyGolfSpy Blog. I continue to see a lot of familiar names here. Hope you are well and making lots of birdies.
  9. I believe that when a golfer reaches the skill level of a low single digit player, that person does not lose that skill even when they don't play frequently. It's sort of like learning to ride a bicycle... once learned it is never forgotten. Just limited play or occasional practice is enough to keep that skill sharp enough to break 80 in casual play. This is probably true for all skill levels. Skills don't deteriorate quickly and are regained rather quickly even when they have been abandoned for a long period. I believe this is true for golf and all other endeavors that require a level of skill.
  10. Thanks for the link. I probably wouldn't have read the article otherwise. I think Earl Woods is the key factor in everything for Tiger. Earl learned in the military how to motivate men to perform their best in combat and trying circumstances. And he took that same approach when raising Tiger. The only difference between Tiger and some other kid down the street is that Earl told Tiger every day that he was better, stronger, and mentally smarter than any opponent he would every face. Tiger not only learned to believe that, he took the desire that all boys have to please their father and made it become a reality. Without Earl we have no Tiger Woods. Earl was the great motivator. All of Tigers interest in the Navy Seals and military was about his father. When Earl passed, that was the beginning of the end. I think the article clearly identified many of the issues Tiger faced after the loss of his father. Loss of motivation, relief from the intense pressure to succeed, etc. The story of Tiger might have been different if Earl had lived longer, but of course we'll never know.
  11. I'm a fan of the SI Vault too. I have a permanent bookmark to it on my bookmarks toolbar. If you take the time to search, you can find some great articles. Articles on golf instruction, articles on major championships, etc. I subscribed to SI for many years and often go back to read articles that I remember. Ken Venturi won Sportsman of the Year (in 1964 I think) and it is a good read. Also about that time there were two instruction articles by Claude Harmon Sr. There are some gems on putting too. Those are just some that I remember.
  12. I like this picture from Golf Digest. Sent from my MotoG3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Thanks Bridgestone for the prizes and MGS for managing the contest. Great prizes! The weekly prize will keep everyone motivated even when residing in the middle of the pack which is where I usually find myself. Looking forward to playing this year.
  14. Haven't been active here much lately other than lurking occasionally, but I received the email invite so I'm in too...my account name is Tenfiveman. Good luck to everyone.
  15. Even though I initially posted for the opportunity, please omit me from consideration. I may not have adequate time to prepare a proper review. Better for someone else who participates here frequently to have the opportunity. I really like the look of the Nike Converge putters. I'll be following the threads and looking forward to see what everyone has to say about these putters.
  16. I don't post in forums much anymore, but I'm likely to be lurking and I do like to play the fantasy games. Count me in.
  17. I'll come out of lurking to post in this topic. I've owned three sets of Walter Hagen Haig Ultra's, the last set being the Crenshaw Grind version from 1989. All are great blades. But for me, the best set of blades were the 1977 Hogan Apex. I still have the full set, one iron through Equalizer. And I have a set of Hogan blades in the bag now.... The 1999 Hogans. If I ever buy a modern set it will probably be Mizunos.
  18. Welcome Jodo. I'm an infrequent poster here but your reference to the Colonial got my attention since I once lived in Ft. Worth. I've played Colonial and also Dornick Hills although it was many years ago. Dornick Hills is an excellent course. Certainly in my top 10 favorite courses. Welcome.
  19. I had an experience much the same as Shambles. My putting was screwed up for two or three months because I installed a putter grip slightly open. This was such a bad experience that I check my grip almost every week to be sure it is still square. And if I change putters, the first thing I check is the grip. It's a mistake I won't make again. Don't trust how the ball rolls inside on a carpet or during practice. It will bite you when you have one of those pressure short putts. It only costs a few dollars to buy a new putter grip and get it on square. It's money well spent. Closest you will ever get to buying confidence.
  20. Jim Hardy's book SOLID CONTACT describes the plus and minus system in great detail and has charts with fixes for specific problems. It completely changed my understanding of the golf swing. I'm now certain that I'll know exactly what to do to get my swing on track when I'm not swinging well. It's actually quite simple if you have a good understanding of the golf swing. Hardy nailed it with this book.
  21. I think the new drivers offering multiple loft settings are fantastic. I was lucky to win a new R1 in one of Taylormade's recent giveaways. First time I've had an adjustable driver. I initially thought my Titleist 909D3 10.5 with ATTAS T2 shaft would be hard to kick out of the bag but I was wrong. I wasn't fitted, but I went to the range and tried different settings until I found the perfect combination of trajectory and ball flight. 10 degrees upright. I've tightened my dispersion considerably and am hitting the R1 longer. And that is all with the stock Aldila Phenom shaft which is entirely different from the shaft I've been playing. Anyone buying a new driver should try the R1. I'm really impressed with it.
  22. If I'm tracking correctly, we are missing Cleveland, Bridgestone, Tour Edge, plus Krank and other smaller driver companies.
  23. I'm curious why total club weight is never included in club specifications. For putters, the head weight is often specified, but total weight is never mentioned. The weight of graphite shafts and iron shafts is always published and provides a guideline,but after trimming and paired with a clubhead of unknown weight, total weight can vary considerably. Cleveland is the only company I know that publishes total weight of drivers. I have a swingweight scale and it's often surprising how much the total weight of similar clubs can vary. I have some irons that vary in weight by well over a full ounce. Yes, one set has lightweight steel shafts but the head weights are different too. And I have a new 2013 driver that supposedly has a lighter shaft, but my older driver is 15 grams lighter. The adjustable feature is certainly not weightless. Based on my experience, total weight is a much better indicator of how a club or putter will play and feel than swingweight. I think total weight has a considerable influence on proper club-fitting. I'm not trying to complicate the upcoming driver test, but I would be very interested in knowing the total weight of each driver that is tested.
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