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  1. I try to always pick a target and keep focused on that target. Quite often just being focused on a target makes the ball go there. Ever wonder why the ball goes in the lake when you think, "Don't hit it in the lake?" It's because that is where the mind was focused. If my mind starts thinking about a hazard, I immediately start focusing on a good target away from the hazard.
  2. All of the Palmer - Nicklaus rivalries were developed at major championships on courses like Augusta National, Oakmont, and Baltusrol. A European Tour event at Abu Dhabi doesn't quite measure up to that level of importance. I expect Rory McIlroy to be a big part of future major championships, but I'm much less certain that Tiger will be. However, it will be interesting to see how tomorrow's round plays out. If it comes down to the wire between Rory and Tiger with either one winning, it will be a big story. And it wouldn't surprise me to see Robert Rock winning. He could really launch a fine season and possibly a great career with a victory over the other favorites. Many times it is a opportunity like this that launches an unexpected player into the spotlight. I may have to get up early to watch the last nine holes live.
  3. I'm sure the USGA has scrutinized the PGA Tour Shotlink data on putting and determined that players using long and belly putters do not have better putting stats on average than players using standard length putters. That being said, I'm a traditionalist and don't like long putters. Long putters take the wrist hinge out of the stroke. Players who have difficulty controlling that hinge can immediately solve their problem by going to the long putter. I think removing the wrist hinge is a bigger factor in eliminating mishits than bracing the putter against the body. To me, removing that element of wrist hinge in putting is an advantage that shouldn't be permitted.
  4. Hmmm... 37 yards. That would make my 3-wood as long as my driver. Sounds like an argument to dump the driver and add another wedge. Or the question that everyone is asking, "If the 3-wood is that much longer, how much longer is the driver?? Can't wait to see the review.
  5. I'm not a fan of training aids and can't think of any that I have ever bought. I did learn to play well at a young age so that may be why I never felt they were of much benefit. Here are my requirements for a training aid if I ever chose to buy one: 1. It would have to be something that had a benefit that continued for as long as I played the game. An example might be a weighted club. That would almost be more of an exercise aid than a swing aid. I don't want to buy something that will lose it's effectiveness after a short time. 2. Cost is important. Probably wouldn't spend over $100 regardless. If the price is more than that, and I'm interested, I would be looking for a less expensive alternative or try to make one myself. (I have a weighted club I made from a standard club.) 3. I think putting aids are useless for building a putting stroke. I think putting is a product of how you think instead of how you stroke the ball. A putting aid would have to have a strong mental aspect and even that probably would not influence me to purchase it. The only exception to that statement is this... putting is about confidence, if a training aid increases confidence, it is beneficial. 4. I do buy golf books and like to read about the swing and swing theories. I'm likely to try all kind of ideas, but it is always without using a training aid. Just my thoughts.
  6. The reviews are what attracted me to this site. Always honest and unbiased with a focus on providing the necessary information that will help the golfer make informed choices. Very few of us have the opportunity to try out every new product or idea that interests us. The next best thing is to read about those products here and get a trustworthy assessment. Keep up the good work and thanks!
  7. Two of my B-List players missed the cut, so I thought all was well for the weekend with my other two. Then one of them got sent packing after round three by the MDF rule...
  8. This is an interesting ad campaign all based on nothing more than a quirky name, Rocketballz. No mention of technology, just a campaign to sell extra distance, which is the holy grail in golf. No explanation or verification for the extra distance, just a string of staff pros saying "Wow". It's almost as if TM is saying "Why bother with any new technological explanations, let's just say it's longer." And they couldn't advertise the RBZ driver as being longer without implying it's better than their top R11 line. So they do the ad for the 3-wood, while they have a full line of woods and irons with the RBZ name. Interesting. All hype and no substance. Yet now, everyone in the world of golf is now familiar with the term Rocketballz. And everyone is going to associate that name with extra distance... for as long as TM markets a line of clubs with that name.
  9. The benefit of technology in golf declines the closer you get to the hole. Inside 100 yards, there is no technology that improves our ability to get the ball in the hole in fewer strokes. Also, as the skill level of a golfer improves, the benefits of technology become less and less because the skilled player is consistently striking the ball in the center of the clubface. So the real benefits of technology apply primarily for longer shots for less skilled golfers. There is a benefit for the skilled player with a high swing speed that permits much longer drives, but that in itself doesn't always lead to lower scores. Basically technology helps us enjoy the game more, but it seldom helps us score better.
  10. Will Par


    I think Keegan Bradley is going to have a really big year with a couple of wins. He's my top pick for breakout player. (Also expect Gary Woodland and Bud Cauley to play well.) Comeback award? Let's go with Ryan Moore. Player of the Year: Luke Donald.
  11. I've never quite understood how the a-b-c groups are decided. Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood in B-group. Graeme McDowell, Martin Kaymer, Charl Schwartzel and Louis Oosthuizen in C. Seems that some of the best players are spread across the groups.
  12. I think good putting boils down to nothing more than confidence. Any change you make that increases confidence will produce better results. If you take a putting lesson, no matter what the instruction entails, if it increases confidence, then it will be effective. The challenge is maintaining that increased level of confidence. I don't think any one putter or putter grip has advantages over another as long as you choose a putter and grip that gives you confidence. If there was one best way to putt, everyone would be using it. But since we all use different putters and different methods, the only common element among good putters is confidence. It is that eternal quest for increased confidence that keeps us searching and making adjustments to putt better.
  13. I've had two driver fittings. One was solicited via email, "come in for a free fitting", so that was certainly an effort to sell a club. The other was by appointment with a $50 fee, and the $50 could be applied to any purchase (basically purchasing a $50 gift certificate and getting a free driver fitting). After that "paid" fitting, the fitter basically told me my existing driver was as good as any he could sell me. At least he was honest. I'm a low single digit handicap with a consistent swing, so I get similar results regardless of the club I'm trying. My concerns were mostly related to the fitting process I received. Both were inside hitting balls into a net, with results recorded on the computer. With no visual feedback on ball flight (other than on the computer screen) I was never confident that I was making good swings. Based on these experiences, I'll never have another fitting unless it is outdoors where I can see ball flight in real conditions. I've also demoed drivers in the simulator only to find that the shaft didn't perform as expected once I put it in play. I would need the following before I would try to be fit again: fitting would have to be outside... I would have to know the fitter was fully qualified and experienced... and I would want to know details of how the fitting process would be performed. I know of some places that probably meet these requirements, but they are not local and they come at a higher price. I wish there was an easier way. If anyone knows of an easier way to find the right shaft and driver, I would be happy to hear it. Fortunately I like the driver I'm using.
  14. My first consideration is how the driver looks at address, specifically I don't want the head to look closed. Adjustable drivers solve this problem somewhat, but I prefer the non-adjustable clubs (currently use a Titleist 909D2). For me the difficulty with buying a driver is finding the proper shaft. My fitting experiences have never met my expectations.
  15. Wish you hadn't posted this list. Now I'm on a search for a ball that is probably not available in the US or on the Internet.
  16. I've signed up. Looking forward to the competition from everyone here.
  17. I've been active in a couple of other golf forums and have been reading some of the equipment reviews here. I'm always excited to keep up with new equipment and other golf related topics. I'm not someone who makes a lot of posts, but I'll contribute or respond to a topic when it interests me. Mostly interested in putting and the short game since that's where you have to excel to score well.
  18. I'm new to this site but I would like to be included.
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