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  1. I think the company that had not responded began to feel left out and now may be deciding to join the party. I think all the seats at the table are going to be taken.
  2. I think there are two things necessary to score low... visualization and focus. I remember recently standing on a par 3 and deciding to visualize a bulls eye painted on the green around the flag. That's not something I normally do and I'm not sure why I did it that time. My ball landed 6 inches directly in front of the hole. (It didn't go in.) That's visualization, but I think I was also focused on hitting it close. Another recent example... after playing poorly I came to the 18th and needed birdie. I really focused on making birdie telling myself I needed birdie. I visualized my drive drawing into the middle of the fairway. It went exactly as I visualized. I'm still thinking birdie when I'm standing over my approach. I hit the ball to 12 feet and made the putt while telling myself I was going to make the putt. I made what I thought was a poor stroke, but the ball went in anyway. I was visualizing those shots, but I felt it was the focus on making birdie that made it happen. After the round I realized I didn't use that level of focus on any other hole. So I'm asking myself why I don't focus like that on every hole and every shot. I normally try visualize every shot but I'm not always as focused as described in these examples. It takes a lot of mental effort. Much easier to just set up and swing.
  3. Those of us who didn't have Sneds in the lineup got killed this week. He was such a popular choice and so many people had him in the lineup that even though I had a pretty good lineup, I still lost a lot of ground. I was beginning to think that the only way to gain an advantage was to pick good players that others would bypass, but that method won't work when the popular player wins. And to make it worse, Garrigus who was on the way to making bonus points, made a 9 on 14. Some weeks nothing goes your way.
  4. If you like Cleveland wedges, you should look at Callaway. Callaway wedges are now designed by Roger Cleveland. The last time I purchased wedges I looked long and hard to find some that "looked just right" to me. I got the Callaway X-Forged and am very pleased with them.
  5. Seventeen manufacturers, multiple drivers with different lofts and shafts, six testers, launch monitor data... That's going to be one very large spreadsheet. Good Luck. I can't wait to see the results.
  6. I have always liked 8802 and George Low style putters. But there is a very, very fine line between a putter that looks good and one with that tiny something that just doesn't fit your eye. There are many putters that look great INSIDE, but look entirely different when you get them outside on the putting green or course. Finding a putter that sets up square easily is sometimes a challenge, but you never know for sure until you get it outside. I would love to order a custom Byron Morgan, but I can never pull the trigger because I'm concerned that it won't look right to me when I get it on a putting green. The best putter for me currently is a Titleist SC Studio Design #2. It has a sight dot and a line on the flange running from heel to toe. I may try other designs, but I always come back to this one. I would be a better putter if I dumped everything else I own and used this putter exclusively. But I enjoy trying different putters too much to stick with just one.
  7. If you are still looking for something outside the mainstream, Maltby would be a good choice. I have a set of their irons that keep finding their way back in my bag. I've never tried any of their drivers, so it would be interesting to see how they match up. It's a lower cost alternative to the major brands.
  8. I think this speaks to the mindset of some athletes who are rich and famous. They can purchase anything they want except their health and their youth. Given the opportunity, they will buy anything that promises to recapture the youth and skills they see are declining. I don't think Vijay is trying to gain an edge... He's trying to hang on to what he once had. Maybe it works. He has had more success in his 40s than most pros.
  9. I voted for Matt by default. He's the only one not wearing a white belt.
  10. Cut comes after round three in this tourney because they each must play a round on three courses before the cut. Your guys still have a chance WD.
  11. Interesting that this topic came up now. I've had Hardy's The Plane Truth for several years without ever getting much benefit from it. But I have been struggling with a backswing that goes too much inside, and a swing that is too much in to out. Obvious problems with my swing plane that I just couldn't get worked out. Then I happened to see the Master Class version of the book in a used bookstore and picked it up. The Plane Truth Master Class really goes into details and drills on how to make the correct moves. There is one drill called "Close the A Drill" that solved all my problems. It was the key I needed to get the backswing moving correctly. Now I'm getting those nice shallow divots that point exactly where I'm aimed. I'm hitting the ball solid and straight and I don't have to worry about fighting a hook. I can even play a fade now which was impossible with my old move. This is going to be my "go to" book for the swing from now on. I can't recommend it enough.
  12. I had Scott Piercy as my C-list starter until this morning. Then I looked at the strokes gained putting list from last week and he was minus .979. He was putting so poorly so I decided to replace him with Brian Gay. Guess he got that putting stroke worked out. I'm just hoping Brian Gay outplays him the rest of the week. First lesson learned this year... Don't make last minute changes.
  13. Honestly, I didn't know much about Krank golf before seeing the Rage and new Element pictures here. But I'm already becoming a big fan after visiting the website. Those are a couple of really nice drivers.
  14. I'm not trying to be an alarmist, but I do think it is best to be cautious in these situations. My IT background makes me that way. Probably no reason to be concerned if you run a newer OS, always apply Windows updates, run a virus program, and use Firefox with NoScript or Chrome as your browser.
  15. I got the warning too. No way I'm ignoring that type of warning. I won't be accessing this site on my Windows computer until I know site admins have taken action. I'm typing this from my iPad. All jokes aside, I hope this is resolved soon. If you are on this site and your computer starts locking up, slowing down, or you can't find the cursor, that's a big clue something bad is happening. Shut down or get off the site as soon as you can, then run a virus scan on your computer.
  16. In many ways this describes how I learned to play golf. I was a teenager and my high school library had a book by Sam Snead titled How to Play Golf. If you found a copy of it today, you wouldn't be impressed. It had swing sequence pictures of Sam Snead hitting a driver, 3-wood, long iron, mid iron, short iron, and wedge. Just pictures. I don't remember any of the text. I would take each club and try to copy the positions in those pictures. And make a slow swing that put me in each of those positions. I can't tell you how many times I checked out that book. But by the time I finished high school, I was shooting close to par and playing well enough to make my college team.
  17. My Unofficial Fantasy Golf Rules and Strategy 1. Before the start of each weeks tournament, Pick 2 players from the A-List, 4 players from the B-List and 2 players from the C-List. One A player, two B players, and one C player will be starters, and the other 4 will be on the bench. Unofficial strategy: Pick the best 8 players in the tournament, and put the 4 best of those as starters. 2. After the end of each round, you have the opportunity to move players from your bench to replace starters. In a perfect world, all of your starters will score lower than the players on your bench. The world is seldom perfect. Unofficial strategy: Since players who shoot low in round one may tank in round two, and since players who shoot high in round one may come back low in round two, there is no strategy. Shuffle players at your own risk. 3. Scoring: The lowest score shot in each round earns 20 points for starters on your team who shoot the lowest score. Two strokes are deducted for each stroke higher than the lowest score. Ex. Rory shoots 64 for the lowest round of the day. You earn 20 points if he is one of your starters. Players who shoot 65 earn 18 points, 66 earns 16 points and so on down to 73 earning 2 points. Strategy: Pick players who shoot really low rounds. 4. After round two some players will miss the cut. Sometimes... no oftentimes, one or more of your starters will miss the cut. You have to go in before the start of Saturday's round and replace them with players on your bench or you will not earn any points for those players. Strategy: Be careful after the third round. Some players may MDF meaning they will make the cut but not play the final round. You have to move these players to the bench after round three or they won't earn any points. 5. Bonus points are earned if any of your players finish in the top three. 20 bonus points for 1st, 10 bonus points for 2nd, and 5 bonus points for 3rd. A player only has to start in your lineup for one round to earn bonus points. Unofficial strategy: If you have a player on your bench after round 3 who has a chance to finish in the top three and hasn't already started for any round, it may be good strategy to start them in the final round. Note that I said "may be good strategy". It is only good strategy if he comes through and earns bonus points. Otherwise you've just used a "start" for that player. (Last year I saved that start only to see my benched player get into a playoff and win.) 6. Over the full season, you can only start a player 10 times. If you move a player into your starting lineup for one round it is considered a start. The system will always show how many remaining starts you have for each player. Unofficial strategy: I don't have a clue how to best manage starts. If you try to save a player for later tournaments his hot play may turn cold. If you always start Tiger or Rory every time they are entered, they won't be available to start later in the year. For me, if a player is hot, I start him regardless. 7. The players you end one tournament with will automatically be your starters for the next tournament unless you go in and change your lineup. Since fields change each week, you have to change you lineup for every tournament or you'll have players starting who are not entered. It takes full attention every week and after every round to be sure your starters are playing. 8. More unofficial strategy: Beware of starting players who are injured. Some of those players may wait until Thursday morning to withdraw. I know of one player who did it several times last year... twice when I had him starting. If you start a player who withdraws at the last minute, you won't have a chance to replace him. If you set your lineup early in the week, check it on Wednesday night for withdrawals. The system will show NE for someone who is not entered. In almost every tournament there are several players who withdraw. Choose your A-List and C-List players carefully. If both miss the cut, you're going into the weekend not earning points in that section. This can also happen in the B-List but it's not as frequent since you have four players. 9. There are probably other things I've failed to mention. It's a lot of fun, but it also takes a fair amount of time. Hope this answers some of the questions.
  18. When I started this a couple of years ago, there was a "Rules" link that gave very clear instructions on how to play. Unfortunately, the "Rules" link on this years page is not very good and some important info is missing. I did find this page that appears to include everything you need to know. Read each bullet on this page. Then come back here and ask questions. Those of us who have played before should be able to answer most questions. http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=topics&y=PROD_SPORTS_FAN_GOLF&locale=en_US&topics=TOP_SCORE
  19. I'll be in again this year. Looking forward to the new season.
  20. I read something recently that I haven't thought about before. It said that most golfers putt just as well as the pros from inside three feet, and from ten to twenty feet. Point being that we all normally one putt from inside three feet, and we all normally two putt from ten to twenty feet. Pros will excel from three to ten feet where they are more likely to one putt, and from greater than twenty feet where they seldom three putt. I think this is important when choosing a putter. I'm mostly a blade guy. If I try to use a high MOI putter, it seems to fight my stroke on long putts. I have poor distance control on long putts and will three putt more often. Either type of putter seems to work OK for me on shorter putts, but I use a blade putter because I know I'll have better distance control on all putts. If you can find a putter that flows well with your stroke, and allows you to roll the long putts close, that is probably a putter that will work on short putts too.
  21. This is an excellent business/marketing move. All the putter companies have known for weeks that this ruling was likely. Most have just been sitting back waiting for the axe to drop. Odyssey had the foresight to plan ahead and take advantage of the ruling. I personally don't have any interest in the putter, but I do like to see a company make good business decisions that turn negative news into a positive opportunity. And you never know for sure, but this could turn into a really hot item.
  22. Based on my statistics, this score prediction tool is accurate. It predicts my average score within less than half a stroke. I have exact stats for each category except driving distance and "go for its". Those two only comprise 4% of the total so it doesn't matter too much how you change those estimates. Here are my averages for 31 rounds since July 1st this year. Driving Distance - Estimated at 230 yards. Driving Accuracy - 82.6% GIR - 53.9% Scrambling - 42.9% (I calculate this as par saves... the percentage of time I save par after missing the green.) Go For Its - I just left the estimate at 50%. I almost never reach a par 5 in two. But I hit a 3-wood second shot maybe 50% of the time. (For statistical purposes maybe I'm still laying up. See note below) Putting - 1.88 (This is my average putts on GIR.) Putts per round - 31.03 My scoring average for those 31 rounds is 75.68 (Par 71 for 4.68 over par). Put those stats in the calculator and it gives a score of 4.3 over or 75.3 on a par 71. Note: If I drop the Go for It's to zero which is probably correct on the course I play, it gives +4.59 which is very close to my exact average. According to the calculator GIR and the two putting stats account for 81% of scoring. Maybe someone else can pull up stats from the PGA Tour website to check the accuracy for a touring pro.
  23. Color me old fashioned but just because something is possible, is it really necessary or practical? Are tournaments now supposed to provide electronic devices for score keeping? What's more convenient than a scorecard and pencil? I'm waiting for someone to convince me how this is a better way for each player in a tournament to keep score during a competition.
  24. Of all the prizes in this contest, this is the one I was drooling over. Thanks for the photos and write up. If MyGolfSpy wants ideas for future contests, a custom putter is always a great prize. Hint. Hint.
  25. I've never owned an adjustable driver so if there is a benefit, I certainly wouldn't know. I have tried going to a couple of driver fittings in the past but neither produced any positive results, so I'm winging it as far as fitting goes. I recently won a UST Mamiya ATTAS T2 S6 shaft so I had to decide if I should install it in my Titleist 909D2 or purchase a new driver for it. I considered buying adjustable, but settled on a "like new" Titleist 909D3 that I found on eBay. I now have a driver/shaft that I'm thrilled to hit every time I tee up. I don't know if it is the clubhead or the shaft (or both), but I now hit a penetrating ball with less spin that just bores through the wind. I've actually achieved the kind of results I had always hoped for when I went to a fitting. (I've had three different shafts in my 909D2 driver and none match this new combo.) Would an adjustable head make it even better? I don't know but I doubt it. I can't thank UST Mamiya enough. This is a great head/shaft combination for me. And I don't have to worry if there is a better setting.
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