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  1. I never once considered playing the worst ball. If I hit a poor first drive, am I then supposed to hit a worse one so I can play from an even more difficult position? The second drive in that case is almost without purpose if you already know you'll probably be playing the poor drive. If I wanted to practice from difficult spots, I could just drop the ball there. And hitting two drives doesn't guarantee that one will be good. Sometimes you'll be hitting from a poor spot even when you hit two drives. And I had another consideration. In most cases I was teeing off late in the afternoon and had to rush to finish before dark. Playing the best of two drives was just a faster way to play. (You go to the shortest drive, pick it up and then go on to the second.) Best of all, it was more fun to play from a good drive. All I can say is try it. You can make any modifications you like. I just know that playing nine holes with two balls--while trying to score the best you can--is a good way to practice.
  2. When I remember the individual performances in this Ryder Cup, I remember (1) Colsaerts making an insane number of putts and making 8 birdies and an eagle, (2) Poulter birdieing the last 5 holes in a row to win when the Euros needed it most, and (3) the three putts Justin Rose made on the last three holes to beat Phil Mickelson in the singles. Dustin Johnson, Zack Johnson, and Jason Dufner all played well, but I don't remember any specifics of outstanding play by them. I do remember that two of the top Captain's picks (Stricker and Furyk) would have helped the team more if they had just sat on the bench for the duration. And Snedeker's Fedex mojo was apparently shipped to the wrong destination. Furyk especially has a heavy load to carry. He has failed to come through in the clutch at least three times this year in critical situations. Crushing failures. I feel really bad for him.
  3. That was unbelievably exciting!!
  4. I want to make a few more comments about my 9 hole routine. The biggest advantage is that it really gives you a scoring mentality. Off the tee, you are trying to hit the best drive you can with your 1st drive, and then you are trying to hit a better one with the 2nd drive. You are mentally focused on hitting the two best drives you can hit under real playing conditions. Same for the approach. You hit the first and try to hit a better second. You are constantly trying to improve on your previous shot. When you get to the green, now you have a real scoring opportunity. If you have two putts for birdie, you are thinking you can walk to the next tee two under if you make both putts. If you've missed the green, you are really trying to get up and down to avoid cancelling out a previous birdie. Or if you have made bogies, you are trying to make birdies to get back to even. You don't ever want to three putt for bogey. You are really focused on getting the ball in the hole on every shot from around or on the green. After you do this for several rounds, you have new scoring goals to score lower than you have previously. You are competing against yourself. And perhaps the biggest benefit is you get accustomed to shooting 5 to 8 shots lower than you normally play. You'll start to realize that if you can get every drive in a good position off the tee, you can potentially shoot what you've been shooting using this practice method. I've tried all the other drills and practice routines and none give you the scoring mentality that you need to shoot low scores. Most quickly become boring exercises. I guess it depends on your personality. For me, I'd much rather be playing and trying to get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes. It's hard for me to replicate real playing conditions in practice unless that practice is on the course.
  5. If we are going to discuss the number of captain's picks, I'm going to argue that there should be no captain's picks for either side. The US picks of Furyk, Stricker, Snedeker, and Dustin Johnson have not played to the level of the other qualifiers. If you eliminate all picks you are going to get 12 top players based on the qualifying criteria. There can be no argument with who qualified. And all are going to be top players in the game. The only thing missing will be the opportunity to put a star player on the team in place of someone who had a better qualifying record. Or to use favoritism to pick a friend or fellow staff pro. You can never predict in advance how well anyone is going to play. Even the best players can lose that level of peak performance overnight. As for today's matches, I can go down the list and make a good argument in each pairing that would result in a European win today. If the Euros win those first six matches and half of the other six... well, I don't think it will happen, but I think the possibility is much greater than most are willing to consider.
  6. Of all the courses I've played over many years of golf, only a very few have an area where you can practice the short game and realistically reproduce the same short game shots you face on the course when you play. The range will allow you to hit 50 to 120 yard shots, but it is always from a level lie with no elevation changes. If there is a practice green that allows pitching and chipping, you are limited by the characteristics of that one green. If you practice putting a lot, you learn all the breaks on the putting green and can't practice green reading. You can still benefit from practice in this manner, but I'm just pointing out the deficiencies. And as you say it is easy to hit shots aimlessly. I don't have any recommended routine other than saying that I believe you'll benefit more by playing and practicing on the golf course. Go out when the course is not crowded and hit extra shots around every green. Or go out early in the AM to a hole on the back nine before play reaches that hole. Either that or just play every opportunity you get. One routine I once used was to play nine holes alone late in the afternoon hitting two drives on every hole. Then I would go to the best drive and play two balls from there. I would play each of those balls until holed out. That would give me two scores on each hole and an 18 hole score. This gives you a lot of practice on all aspects of the game and you can do it in 2 hours or less. It's amazing how well you can score when you are hitting from a good drive on every hole and getting a mulligan on every second shot.
  7. That's a great achievement to have on your resume. It sounds like he needs some new goals. Now you'll have to start telling him he can shoot 70's.
  8. I used to have a theory that Ryder Cup teams were so closely matched that neither team would ever dominate or outplay the other by a large margin. I still believe that to a certain degree, but you just never know which players will get hot with the putter and play well. If several players on one side get it going, about anything is possible. Like Rover Rick I'm a big fan of Luke Donald (and really most of the players on both teams). It'll be hard to pull against anyone on either team although I'll have favorites in some matches. I'll probably be pulling for some players on each side at one point or another and I'm looking forward to some good golf. Otherwise I'm not making any predictions since anything can happen. And I'll enjoy the competition regardless of who wins.
  9. Congrats to the winners! I'm stuck in the middle of the pack but hoping I'll improve on that next year. Jbones, WD and others have set some high standards. I'll miss fantasy golf for the next three months. I'll fill in with fantasy football, but I'm even worse at that.
  10. I read this article about Brandt Snedeker and his putting. http://www.pgatour.com/2012/tournaments/r060/09/19/insider-snedeker-putting/index.html It says he practices with a small laser device that attaches to his putter shaft. I don't know what device he uses, but I would be interested in seeing a review of a laser putting device (assuming you haven't done that already). Test it using a chalk line. I normally don't like training aids... but I'll do anything to make a putt!
  11. I'm normally an infrequent poster but I wanted to start this topic to thank MGS for the MyGolfSpy Lab Report - Shaft Flex Shocker! (Are You Playing the Wrong Flex). Blog August 21st . This lab report was a huge benefit to me in selecting shafts for my irons. I went to a demo sometime last year to test the Mizuno MP59 irons. The rep handed me a 6 iron with the Dynamic Gold Dynalite XP x100 shaft. I knew immediately the extra stiff shaft was probably wrong for me, but I hit several shots with it anyway. I was surprised that I really liked the shaft. I also tried the S300, but still liked the X100 better. I left the demo puzzled because my driver swing speed is only mid 90s and by all accounts I should be borderline between a regular and stiff shaft. I've been playing a set of 1999 Hogan irons (4 thru 9 iron) that I found in excellent condition for $40. They had been reshafted with DG R300 shafts and even though I have always played stiff, I decided to play them anyway. I found that I could hit them quite well, but I always knew the shaft wasn't the best fit for me. Then last month I read the Shaft Flex Lab report. It reminded me of the demo where I hit the x100 shaft and really liked it. That article convinced me to throw out all preconceived notions about shaft flex and to have my Hogan irons re-shafted with the Dynalite XP x100 shaft. I now have three rounds and several practice sessions with the new shafts and I'm absolutely thrilled with them. I'm hitting the ball really solid with much more control... the kind of solid precision that you remember long after the round is over. I'm more thrilled with these irons (and shafts) than I would be if I had spent $1K for a full new set. I would never have made this move without that lab report. If I had purchased a set of irons, or re-shafted without reading the report, I would have certainly selected an S300 shaft instead of the X100. The report recommends that everyone go to a fitter and get properly fit. If you do that, keep an open mind and try flexes that are not standard for specific swing speeds... regardless of what the fitter recommends. You may discover something that really works for you like I did. I'm enjoying my game much more because of that very informative lab report. Thanks MGS!!!
  12. Sidearm throw if the putter has some redeeming qualities. Overhand throw if you want to snap the shaft and be done with it completely!
  13. "Smiley's shrouded gaze fixed upon the pale face before him."
  14. Reminds me that I had a flat tire once. When I looked at the tire, the tee had penetrated the tire perfectly and all you could see was the round top of the tee flush with the surface of the tire. After the tire was repaired, the technician came out with a quizzical look and said, "it had a piece of wood in it." He obviously wasn't a golfer. So also be careful driving in golf course parking lots.
  15. Today I think of Wilson as golf manufacturer that appeals to the higher handicap player. In years past, I've owned three sets of Wilson made irons... the Haig Ultra version of their popular fluid feel Wilson Staff irons. That history should make me a Wilson fan, but I just don't see Wilson clubs as appealing to the better player. I'm sure their quality is excellent, but I see the company as focusing on producing clubs for higher handicap players instead of the better player.
  16. It hurts to look at that picture. I wouldn't dare go on the course barefoot. Too many fire ants where I play. Compared to a fire ant sting, squishy goose crap would feel dreamy.
  17. I may have posted this previously, but one time I was installing grips on several putters and instead of taking pains to be sure the grips were perfectly square, I just positioned the grips so they felt good and supposedly fit my eye. Over the next several months I had the worst stretch of putting in my entire life. I had a borderline case of yips. At some point I decided to check the grips and found that I had installed them two or three degrees open on every putter I gripped that day. The one putter I had installed closest to square was the putter I putted best with over that stretch. After reinstalling the putter grips squarely, my putting improved immediately. All those yippy strokes disappeared. Since that experience I now take great pains to be sure the putter grip is on perfectly square. And I check my putter periodically to be sure it is still square. I've never had a grip rotate from normal use, but I find putters on putter racks frequently with grips installed out of alignment. I now consider a square putter grip to be one of the critical requirements for good putting. I think the hands (and mind) learn to feel the correct position of the putter face at impact. If you alter that learned alignment with a grip that is rotated even slightly, you are going to have a big struggle... and you probably won't even know why you are struggling.
  18. I'm normally not a fan of training aids and devices unless I know one thing. I want a clear idea of how the "aid" is going to help me shoot lower scores. So when I read the review I'll be deciding if the item is really just an interesting "toy" or if it has true value in helping me play better.
  19. Yeti Institute of Performance... codename YIP
  20. MyGolfSpy C.I.A. (Central Instruction Academy)
  21. Congrats to the winners! Great prizes. Thanks to all the sponsors and thanks to MGS for all the fun.
  22. The MyGolfSpy Backspin LockerRoom The MyGolfSpy BackSpin Clubhouse
  23. No. I'm certain Snedeker has never used a long or belly putter. In fact, I think he is using the same putter now that he has used for several years. He has always been a really good putter.
  24. I want a putter made of carbon steel. Plated carbon steel is OK too. Either of those give the feel at impact that I like. I've never had a stainless steel putter that feels as good as carbon, and insert putters don't feel good to me at all. I want the ball to come off the putter feeling the same as a solid shot with a forged iron.
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