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  1. I still have my complete set of Hogan Apex irons (1 iron thru Equalizer) that I purchased new in 1977. There's no rust on them, but several of the irons are very worn. I had a good friend (now deceased) who played that same set of Producers. And I'm currently playing the Hogan irons you see under my name. Never thought I'd see the day when you couldn't go out and buy a new set of Hogan irons.
  2. I don't know anything about a rumor, but I'm sure the issue is this... Leonard was the guy who made the long putt against Olazabal in that Ryder Cup several years ago, with the players and wives running out on the green when Olazabal still had a putt to tie. It was a sore spot for the Euros and poor sportsmanship by the Americans. Since Olazabal is the European Captain, having Leonard on the US Team in any capacity would likely just stir controversy. It's a moment the US team would prefer to remain in the past and the press would be sure to bring it up if Leonard was part of the team. Best that he's not there in my opinion.
  3. I think Ricky Fowler may have used up his star power. I just looked and he is 5 over thru 13. That plus he's posted a couple of 80's recently. Dustin Johnson is probably going to finish in the top 5 and has a record this year that matches the other choices even though he was out for three months. Fowler may get the pick, but I think both Snedeker and Johnson would be better choices.
  4. Davis will announce his picks on Tuesday, Sept. 4th.
  5. It's getting down to the wire and I think Davis has to pick these four players: Steve Stricker - Currently playing well, good team player, pairs well with Tiger. Jim Furyk - Loads of experience and plays well under pressure. Fits in well with the team. Hunter Mahan - Only player not qualified with 2 wins this year. Ryder Cup experience. If you pick Furyk with no wins, you can't leave Mahan out. And I don't see Love picking a Ryder Cup rookie over Furyk or Mahan. That leaves a final pick between Ricky Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Brandt Snedeker, and Nick Watney. Nick Watney is probably playing best at this point in time, but how do you ignore Ricky Fowler's star power? This is a big show and you must include the top stars. Can anyone make a strong argument that any of the other three, with no Ryder Cup experience, will play better than Ricky? The final pick will go to Ricky Fowler unless one of the other three wins this weekend. And I think McIlroy or Woods will take care of that scenario. That's my take on how it will play out.
  6. This will be my first top 10 finish with this much prize money. Making the cut is good, right? I'm not going to be too disappointed if I finish out of the money. Especially at this level of expert competition. These guys are good!
  7. Wondering how many votes it will take to win? I haven't recruited a single vote other than posting here so unless I come up with something big, I have no chance. What if I go to the mall with a laptop, and put up a sign that says $1 for Your Vote? If I get 500 takers do I have a chance to win 1st or 2nd?? Just wondering... I'm not likely to do this. My laptop just went bad anyway.
  8. A few months ago I developed an entirely new putting grip. It immediately felt comfortable and I started putting much better. I'm putting so well I've quit swapping putters and other than hitting a few putts before I tee off, I no longer spend hours practicing putting. I put the left hand on the grip in the lifeline, thumb down the top of the shaft, and the left index finger extended down the shaft. I place the right hand below the left with the grip in the lifeline and with hands directly opposed. The last three fingers of my right hand wrap around the grip and around my left index finger. This is the only way I could find to keep the grip in the lifeline of both hands and feel comfortable holding the club. This grip firms up my left wrist and makes the club seem to be an extension of my left arm. With the right hand fingers wrapping both the grip and left index finger, it almost feels like I have an oversize grip in my right hand. It probably looks unconventional, but it feels great and works great. Oh by the way WD, I'm wondering how much you had to pay to run that Facebook ad for votes? If it's not too much, I may need to run one. Just kidding... I'm sure I'm resting comfortably near the bottom of the list and expect to stay there.
  9. I'm Will P. My suggestion is basically what happened in the thread "Shots Going Left" where BK had his problem solved when an expert (Bruce) helped diagnose his swing. I would really like to see more of this type of discussion were we all can learn something new or get new ideas for improvement.
  10. I think your problem has already been answered. That mark appears to be consistent with impact that has the face square to the line and toe higher than the heel... an indication that the lie angle is too upright. Put a ball in front of the clubface and move the face around.. open, closed, toe up, toe down... to see which alignment produces that line at impact. Appears to me to be face square, toe up... which matches the ball flight reported. I've learned something today. Thanks GolfSpy T!
  11. This is interesting. What was the ball flight on that last one?
  12. I was reading the latest Golf Magazine and saw that Luke Donald had shortened his driver this year to 43.5 inches. That's the same length as a standard RBZ 3-wood. It got me to thinking and I realized I haven't been hitting my 45 inch driver with the control and accuracy that I once did with a persimmon driver and with the first steel-headed drivers. I got my old Toney Penna driver out and it was 44 inches... probably a half inch longer than standard for that club. I think Jack Nicklaus used a driver under 43 inches long and he was one of the longest drivers on tour in his prime. So I cut my driver back to 44.25 and added a couple of three inch strips of lead tape to the sole to get the swingweight back to D2. So far I'm thrilled with the change. No noticeable loss of distance and I seem to hit it more solid with better accuracy. I'm sure that wind and hard or soft fairways has more influence on how far the ball goes than this little change in club length. And now I'm wondering... have we let the quest for extra distance lull us into believing we can hit clubs that are too long? Are we letting the manufacturers have too much influence on what specs we play? I know I'm an old-school traditionalist and what's best for me may not suit everyone else, so what does everyone here think?
  13. BK, Pay attention to these last posts. This guy knows a little something about the golf swing. You might want to ask him some questions on putting too. Welcome to this site Bruce.
  14. You can only start each player 10 times over the full season. Starting a player for one round counts as a start for that player. If you are always shuffling and starting everyone, you may run out of starts for top players before the end of the season. There is no reason to start your bench players at all if your original starters are playing well. Bonus points are awarded for any player that finishes in the top three, assuming you have started them for at least one round. 20 points for 1st, 10 for 2nd and 5 for 3rd. If someone on your bench hasn't started that week and has the potential to finish in the top three after three rounds, you'll want to start them for the final round in the hope of earning bonus points. Otherwise, the only reason to replace your original starters is if they miss the cut, or if you think your bench players will shoot lower scores. Your best weeks will be weeks when you don't have to use your bench. But in my case, I'm normally shuffling my lineup because my bench is playing better than my starters.
  15. There was one thing I always did years ago when I accumulated shop credit: spend it on golf shoes. I always treated myself to a nice pair of Footjoy Classics or maybe a pair of Footjoy dress shoes. That was something I always needed, but wouldn't have shelled out $200 for otherwise.
  16. The only secret I've found here is when JBones said he starts players with early tee times on Thursday. But it normally just comes down to luck. You hope the four guys you start will all play better than the four you leave on your bench. At some point... usually after round 2, or 3, you have to replace some of your starters with bench guys who are playing better or replace starters who miss the cut. Be careful of starting players near the bottom of the leaderboard after round 2 or 3. If more than 78 players make the cut, there is another cut (MDF) after round 3. So some players who make the cut may not play on Sunday. Players who score low one day are prone to shoot higher the next, and vise versa. There's just a lot of luck involved with getting the right players in your starting lineup.
  17. Just wanted to say thanks to the MyGolfSpy panel for selecting my entry into the finals. I'm not one to go out stumping for votes, so I hope those here and others who are voting will just vote for the entry they think is best. The entry that they would most like to be a part of the MGS experience. If you choose to vote for my entry, please know that you have my sincere thanks for the vote.
  18. I used to spend a lot of time on another site looking at all the awesome putters. This Bettinardi is very close to the specs I would want on my dream custom putter. Nice!
  19. About the only way to quantify this is to look at average scores during a competition and compare to scores when conditions change. Sometimes in major championships (I think it happened at the PGA) if there is wind or rain, the average score of the field will be a couple of shots higher during the bad conditions. The US Open at Bethpage Black was much more difficult than the Barclay's will be this weekend... maybe 3 or 4 shots a round. I would guess that a Country Club setup for a tournament would seldom be more than a shot or two more difficult.
  20. Here is a link that may answer some of your questions: http://www.usga.org/handicapping/course_ratings/Using-a-Course-Ratings/
  21. I'd just like to say there was a lot of hype leading up to this contest, and the contest has lived up to that hype. It's been a lot of fun so far. And I'm guessing the real fun is just getting ready to start. Even if my entries don't make the finals, I'm looking forward to reading the final entries and seeing how the votes progress. Great contest!
  22. When Payne Stewart won the US Open, making that putt on the final hole at Pinehurst with his SeeMore putter, I decided that I had to have one. Some months later I bought the same model. I never had higher expectations for a putter. But alas, it was a great disappointment. To hide the dot, I either had to move my head and eyes forward to an uncomfortable position, or move my hands back much the way Zach Johnson sets up. Either that or ignore the dot. At one point before I traded the putter, I took a black magic marker and blacked out the red dot to eliminate the distraction. I never putted well with it. This is not a rant against SeeMore putters. It was my right eye dominance, my setup preferences, and the alignment distractions that made the putter a bad fit for me. It's obviously a great putter for some golfers... Payne Stewart, Zach Johnson, and some of those posting here.
  23. The chances of my winning are very slim so I might as well dream a little: Driver: R11S TP 9* Project X Fairways: RBZ Tour 14.5* and 18* Hybrids: Adams Idea Pro A12 20* and 23* Irons: Mizuno MP69 (or maybe the new MP64). Wedges: 50* 56* and 60* Putter: Bettinardi BB0 Flowneck with sight dot. Ball: Tour B330-S (I don't think swing speed matters). Shoes: True Stealth White/Mud Sub70: Something that looks good on an older guy.
  24. I think I'll pick Rory to win. Tiger might get frustrated when Rory starts blowing it past Tiger off the tee.
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