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  1. Here's hoping ! Ed Virginia (the State !) HCP 18 Current clubs Callaway x-12 7 iron 145 yds +/-
  2. Popeye


  3. Your first name : Popeye Your home state/province/country: FL Your handicap: Lack of ability .... 18 Your current irons set/shaft: Callaway Raz X graphite Your PING choice - i210 or i500: I210 Thanks for the opportunity !
  4. If this is the way to win, I'm in ~!
  5. Ed Location: Florida, Hillsboro CO, (Tampa) Handicap: 15 Current Method: Ask my partner !
  6. Thanks Daddy, I'm hoping for a call or email, or text or somethin
  7. Hope these are 'real' Once knew a girl who worked in advertising, her first job was 'signing' pictures of Miss America (she was no Miss America) ! But here's hoping
  8. If this is still open, count me in. If not open...never mind !
  9. Hey Rory, how bout spotting me 25 stokes ? (per side)
  10. Need these, my shoes cost me at least 10 strokes a round, well maybe 8 !
  11. Well I'm trying to get this putter, so if this is the wrong place to enter EXCUSE ME.....
  12. Loved my old 33's, but I am older now,unfortunately Name: Popeye, Florida Speed/handicap: SLOW (well about 90mph) 15 handicap Loft: 12.5 Lite (I told you I was old !) Current Driver TM11s,12 deg (I told u I was OLD, and my driver is too) Here's hoping !
  13. Tampa. FL Old wedges, so old I can't read the names (52,56,60) Strength- admitting I am not great at this game! Weakness- Trying to hit GREAT shots all the time Handi: 17
  14. Tier 1:TigeLouis Oosthuizen Tier 3: Charle Hoffman Tier 4: Webb Simpson Tier 5: Kevin Na Winning Score: -24 Low AM: +7
  15. Would be great to win this !!! Bad Year ! Driver: 10.5 Senior Woods: 3-5 Senior Rescue clubs: 3,4,5 Irons: 6-9 Wedges: P,S,G Ball: any I find ! (kidding, I use Pro-V1x) Live in Tampa,FL Had to give up membership at private club, now playin 2-3 public courses here...not bad ! At least I can still play ! Thanks Popeye
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