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  1. I suspect that many inside the golf world, and particularly those of us of a certain age, don't always grasp the size of Nike's footprint in the sports and leisure industry. As long as the equipment for Joe Hacker meets modest standards for playability, aesthetics and quality (next year's irons might or might not clear that bar), they're going to take over through a process of socialization.
  2. Club ho's all over the galaxy felt a disturbance in The Force when you unearthed that lot.
  3. There's only so much you can do for anyone as far as equipment goes, but I wouldn't be surprised if the incremental benefits of a well-fitted, well-built set of clubs is greater for an off-the-rack hacker than for the highly-skilled players. I know I sure benefitted when I finally started buying equipment I didn't have to fight with out on the course.
  4. Just out of curiousity, how many of those in love with the 90 have ever bagged a bullseye for any meaningful period of time?
  5. I have a couple of Eidolons, and am demo'ing a SCOR 51 right now via an offer they make (or made to me, anyway) after getting "pre-fit" using their website algorithm. You're going to love them--exponentially better in terms of distance control and feel, for my money. Contra Walker's review, I'm getting a little more distance with the SCOR as well.
  6. Sounds like a good experience, indeed, but 45 minutes would be tight for someone who's never been fit before and is interested in looking at more than one brand. The two best clubfitters in my area (both Top 100) spend 90 and 120 minutes, respectively, on a driver fitting for about the same money.
  7. They look purdy enough and worth a spin, although I suspect the logic in any marketing ploys suggesting they actually have anything to do with Ben Hogan will be a little tortured.
  8. Your coach is right. You can actually buy something like Tom Wishon's 730CL's, which are a specialty set for slow swingers, eight clubs from Driver to sand wedge. I don't have them, although I'm at the point where my yardage gaps are so narrow that carrying eight or nine is plenty unless the course involves something specific that I want an extra club or two to deal with.
  9. Looks like the good construction that is typical of Sun Mountain bags, although it seems like Ed Hardy has taken over their design studio lately. You know what's really cool for a golf bag? Black.
  10. The reason winning a second major is so hard is because winning any major is hard, even if you did it once before--winning a second isn't quite an independent event from winning one, but for practical purposes, it's pretty close. As Furyk suggests, winning majors is the measure by which greatness is determined. Most of the guys who can pull it off once just don't have the superior talent to do it again, much less on a regular basis.
  11. Rock Bottom Golf has 2011 Wilson Feather Stand bags on sale for $65 shipped this weekend--advertised at 3 lbs w/stand. Can't vouch for it personally, but looks like something you might want to check out.
  12. The don't-let-the-golfer-adjust-it policy has been in place since their first adjustable offering, I think, so it actually predates the emergence of tune-your-own clubs offered by the big names. Company ownership is infamously nutty (actually, "psychopathic" seems to be the more common perception), so I doubt they much care about the perception they create with their messaging. Good clubs, though.
  13. I'm no Tiger fan, but if he was KNOWINGLY trying to pull a fast one, why is he talking about it after the round? More like he ignorantly violated the rule. Whether that warrants a DQ or not, YMMV.
  14. It will be ammo for some and not a make-or-break issue for others, but I will say he's going to have to win more than nineteen Majors now to make a claim on the title of Most Ever.
  15. Probably declined to bus a Member's table in the dining room.
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