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  1. I played 36 over the weekend but before the round, I spent an hour on the putting green with the following putters: Sub 70 002 Mid Mallet TaylorMade Spider SR Ping PLD Tyne Ping Sigma Arna My struggles on the course are a quick stroke that can lead to pull/push, especially on 8' and in. My stroke can get a little to the outside on the takeaway and the transition to follow-through can get a little loopy, thus resulting in an inconsistent line. The Sub 70 won out on the putting green and in the bag it went. After 36 holes, I saw my first back-to-back rounds that showed strokes gained on putting via Arccos. It wasn't just a little on the positive side for strokes gained putting, it was +2.8 and +2.0 for the two rounds. I saw a lot of 3'-7' putts drop that might've missed with a lighter putter and quicker stroke. I'm really shocked to see those results. If you need a heavier putter to smooth out your stroke, this is a great, budget-friendly option.
  2. Throw the Big 12 in the mix of mediocrity disguised by one or two good teams. I don't see the Big 12 having a CFP rep this year. OU's defense is going to lose them 2-3 games this year. UT is way too inconsistent. Iowa St is already out of the running. Baylor may surprise some teams this year but the lack of depth at OL, LB and DL means we're one or two injuries away from turning a potentially great season into just a decent one.
  3. Mizuno just won't give us lefties any lovin. All those lofts and grind options...yet only satin chrome finish.
  4. Who are your biggest surprise teams this year? Good surprise: Arkansas and BYU Bad surprise: Spencer Rattler, Clemson, Texas A&M's lack of QB depth.
  5. Did you soak these in vinegar?
  6. I don't know if the CCC5 guys will still have their sticks come spring time... This is how I picture @jlukes with his irons once the review is posted and he's released of his responsibilities: Hey, i guess since this is shifting to a review, we can bring back GIFs, right?
  7. I'll give a more in depth review on the other thread but the Big Tour 3 Wood is so long off the tee, it really would be a good driver replacement if you find yourself hitting a 3 wood better than a driver. For me, it will be highly utilized on tree lined courses. Arccos shows it's only 13 yards shorter than my driver with a 6% increase in fairway accuracy. Is that a good enough trade-off? That's up to the player. I don't really hit it off the fairway just because I haven't really dialed it in off turf, but it's great off the tee.
  8. This picture is full of lies. 1. Playing from the back tees and into the wind, your approach shot was about 185y+ on a downhill lie. Not the easiest of approaches into this green. 2. The green isn't that big. This is some fancy photoshop job. 3. *shivers* I think most of my approach shots landed in the flowers behind the green for fear of leaving it short. 4. The back pin location up on the shelf was diabolical and proved that the superintendent was a bitter old man. Of course I'm joking when I say these things...sort of.
  9. RIP Twin Lakes. But good riddance to that finishing hole. I grew up playing Peach Tree/Oak Hurst while visiting grandparents in Tyler. If any course needs a tree thinning project, it's that one. Is Garden Valley the course that has a relative mundane open front nine and then the back nine is up and down and tree lined?
  10. I played Whispering Pines over the weekend and it is all that it's talked up to be...and more. Just pristine conditions. They resurfaced tees, fairways and greens during covid shutdown in the summer of 2020 so the greens didn't have the grain in them as you would expect. Zoysia tees, fairways and rough with bermuda (champions?) greens. Just the attention to detail on the course maintenance is amazing. If you ever get a chance to go, please do so.
  11. Ha! Ping Customer Service hours only takes calls from 7am MST - 11am MST. Four hours/day Monday - Friday. Even they've had enough of the 'where's my stuff?!' phone calls.
  12. My recent rounds encountering wet conditions (morning humidity or afternoon shower) have been mostly predictable with the wedges...just play for a lot more roll out. I've played on wet bermuda, zoysia and paspalum and the ball just comes out with a lot less spin than dry conditions. Of course with the bermuda, the ball sits a lot lower so you're going to get a lot more grass between the club and the ball and so it's tough to tell if it's reduction in spin due to the grass or water on the face. If you need to hit a low, spinning shot to a tucked pin with a wet wedge...well...it's probably not going to have that second bounce stop you might be accustomed to. I do have a set of Ping Glide 3.0 wedges and those wedges don't really require an adjustment on spin given the wet or dry conditions. They feel a bit harsher/have a more noticeable click at impact than the Cobra MIM wedges, but I do love how well they stop the ball in all conditions.
  13. I put the Left Dot into play yesterday and compared it to the Left Dash... Left Dot is great for windy and firm conditions. They also fly a few yards further on the short irons, but are about 7-10 yards shorter off the driver and 3W. They launch lower and spin a bit more so the wind doesn't hit them as much. It's not a drastic difference between the dot and dash, but it might be enough to be the difference between hitting the edge of the green or being in the greenside rough. Greenside spin was great. Left Dash is great for calmer and softer conditions. A beast off the tee but a tad shorter off the 8-GW on full swings. You'll see the wind hit this ball a bit more than the dot because of the lack of spin. The wind was only 4-8mph yesterday but every shot required me to know wind direction. You do need to play a little bit more roll out on chips, but if the greens are receptive, they still have some good bite to them. I had a couple chips off the fairway to a tucked pin with a lob wedge and I was able to see a hop and stop going into the grain. For now, I'll keep playing the Left Dash. The courses near Houston are still on the soft side with grainy bermuda greens. The course I played yesterday had greens that were resurfaced about a year ago and were a little on the firm side. While I didn't see the left dash have a big release on full shots into the green, I did see better stopping power with the left dot. If I ever see these courses dry out due to a drought, I'll switch to the left dot and adjust my yardages accordingly. Either ball is fantastic if you need a lower spinning tour ball.
  14. Not a stupid question. We're still waiting on equipment to arrive. A set of irons, some fairway woods... This is the correct thread. And yes, those in the northern half of the US are running out of daylight and warm temps.
  15. My biggest takeaway...besides all the engineering talk...and the fact that this was my question...is that 400 people touch a club from raw material to finished product. 400. That's insane.
  16. I haven't played much golf north of Texas, but I remember playing up west of Calgary and seeing warning signs for bears. Being a Baylor guy, I thought it was cool but didn't really heed the warning. I started the round -3 thru 6 and then ran into a couple of black bears on the 7th tee. It wasn't the fun, cuddly experience that I'm used to seeing at my local zoo. They were pretty aggressive and we had to retreat for a bit. Needless to say, I proceeded to play the remaining 12 holes +12. I think I'll stick with snakes, rabbits, deer and nutria here in the piney woods of SE Texas. Y'all are nuts hitting golf balls next to wildlife of that size. Or maybe your balls are just bigger.
  17. I need to find my copy, but back in 2003, Jason Stone released the Texas Golf Bible and it had an overview of every course in Texas. It was amazing to see all of the nine hole courses in remote areas. I really wish a new version would come out but I understand how much time and effort it would take to create such a masterpiece. It was one of the thickest books I owned. https://www.amazon.com/Texas-Golf-Bible-Jason-Stone/dp/0972470700
  18. I thought this was an exaggeration but holy smokes...a sleeve is currently at $53 and a dozen are hovering at $199. Hmmm...play the left dot or sell it and buy 4 dozen left dash...hmmm.
  19. The good news is that as the year goes on, eventually various fan bases have to shut their yappers. Last weekend in August: Everyone is in contention. 'Did you see us take down Northwestern Delta Arkansas St? We're national championship material!' Last weekend in September: 4-0 baby! Hey, those FCS schools are tough and Kansas is the 2nd best team in the state of Kansas...we're going to cause some pain this year! Last weekend in October: 7-1...if we can just beat these last few top ranked teams on our schedule...on the road...at night...then we will be in the playoffs for sure. Last weekend in November: 8-4...we're the best 4 loss team in the nation. Hands down. That Weedeater Bowl is ours for the taking! I'm looking at you Texas, Texas A&M, and LSU fan bases. P.S. Coach O is trash.
  20. High five on the comparison. I haven't had a chance to take the left dot & dash out on the course but this is a great starting point.
  21. Polls shouldn't come out until week 4. There are certain schools in certain conferences that just get the inflated pre-season ranking and then slowly drift into a 9-3/8-4 season and are either #25 or receiving votes...not to mention other schools get to say 'oh we beat #8 team X in week 1' yet they finish the season unranked.
  22. It was an ugly day swing-wise which meant I was scrambling from the first hole to the last. The fairways were firm and fast with a good south wind which lead to some insane tee shots. A 3 wood off the 9th tee traveled 301y and a 5-wood off the 14th tee traveled 277y. Meanwhile, the swing with the driver was off and I was hitting draws off the high toe all day. The irons were traveling right of my target again, but I equate that to the out-of-sync swing (sliding into the shot with hips traveling toward target so I could eliminate the hard right pull versus just rotating the hips). Just about every strike was out on the toe but I blame that on the lack of playing/practice over the last ten days. I need to make it a point to at least do a simple range session if I'm going to go two weeks inbetween rounds. With the swing being a bit wild, at least the fish were biting...well this fish was at least. Sorry for the picture quality...apparently my playing partner still uses a flip phone to record videos.
  23. DM me your mailing address. I just received my 2 dozen left dot and 2 dozen left dash. I'll send you a sleeve of left dot if you want to try them out.
  24. I receive my 002 Mid Mallet via UPS today and immediately booked a tee time for tomorrow morning. First impressions... It's heavier than what I'm used to but it really helps you put a good stroke on the ball. It's got a decent size footprint which usually translates into forgiveness. Overall it frames the ball nicely and has a great feel to it. I can't wait to get it out on the course. Here are some pics: I will say, I've used a lot of milled putters in my day but this is the first MILLLD putter I've ever gamed.
  25. If you would've asked me after the first few weeks with the clubs, I would've made the following changes: Driver head and shaft 3 Wood shaft 5 Wood shaft As it turns out, my indoor practice hitting into a net was causing all sorts of timing issues when I took the clubs out on the course. I've had this issue in the past when I spend a lot of time on a launch monitor indoors and the notice a hard draw/pull out on the course. I thought it was the equipment but then I decided to just stick with swinging an orange whip indoors and my ball flight really straightened out. Now that I've played a couple rounds with the equipment, the only changes would be for options not available to lefties: Wide grind on 56* and 60* MIM Wedges 2 Utility instead of the 5W. I say that solely for a little longer option off the tee on Par 4s than the 4 Utility which I need it stretched to ~240yds and I'm averaging 225-230y. My Tour 5 wood gives me the distance I want but it's tougher to flight the ball down. Again, I would be trading my attack club on Par 5s for a longer option on Par 4s.
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