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  1. Thanks everyone, fairways and greens to y’all
  2. I also would be honored to test and report on my findings on the Maxfli tour. When I started playing golf in the late 70’s Maxfli had a larger profile in the market.
  3. I would love to test the 7 or 2 ball. Was and original white hot owner and always loved them. I still have it but haven't used in a while since it was center shafted and as I have gotten older it optically became difficult.
  4. I’ll throw my hat in the ring. I would love to give this baby a try
  5. Two tips I keep in mind that have improved my game. "Strike the match" Feel if your club is coming through the ball like striking a match, this keeps your club head accelerating. Point your right shoulder at the target. This forces you stance open a tad. I keep my weight 60-40 on the front foot.
  6. Have you guys heard of or tested SF Jupiter shafts. Seen an advertisement on Facebook and as with all these ads they have a bunch of testimonials, however I typically don’t buy unless I read your assessment. Thanks
  7. I would love to try the T200’s. Thanks as always for you guys giving us the opportunity.
  8. I have been moving to plus 4's as well as the align grips on all my irons. When I was fitted for my wedges I also had them installed. Some people I play with don't care for them on wedges because of the feel when you open the face. I really like that feel. To each his own.
  9. Love to get fitted for a new Driver. I wouldn't be opposed to a mini-driver either
  10. I would love to test and report back on the Evnroll putter. Thanks MGS for the possible opportunity.
  11. I would love to give them a roll
  12. Love to give the ER5v a roll
  13. currently use a Swammi GPS plus a Raythor Range finder with slope. This one sounds interesting.
  14. This would be a Godsend right now. I've been in a putting slump all year
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