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  2. Lucky dog. I live in Charlotte and now I am 71 and rarely get down there. The last trip I played the Big Cat package just on the NC side and it was great. Tigers Eye was very tough.
  3. I have a stage 2 and really hate the look of it.
  4. I use lostgolfballs all the time. Balls look new and perform new as well. I use e5 or e6 depending on where I play. Any body see the hot list for balls in Gold digest about distance, launch and spin. Good review. http://hotlist.golfdigest.com/content/hotlist/balls/balls-all.php
  5. That S-02 is good looking and I bet it is sweet.
  6. They would have to. Callaway seems to be fading a bit.
  7. I hit that 175g Integra one time and the hosel almost twisted off the head. They gave me a refund. I put a SK Fiber Helium shaft in the R9 and it is a killer.

  8. I have a set of Dynacraft CNC Forged iron with Apollo Phantom shafts that I love. I also have a set of Ti-ceptional titanium face irons with graphite design shafts and Numerous wedges and woods.
  9. Blue, I have been grinding away with 60 grit and since I know less than zero about this I don't know how much to take off. Maybe I should have weighed it first. I now weighs head, grip and shaft 304.4grams. I am using and old KZG RBT/325 head, UST Gold 65 shaft.
  10. That would be fun. What would you use a hand held rotational sander or mouse type multifunctional tool? What would that do to the bulge and roll?
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