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  1. Barbajo - thanks for your nice comment. I've sold hundreds now, with only one return... an older gentleman who could not generate enough swing speed to notice the resistance. Like most good things, just need people to try it to understand it. Once they do, the $30 is not an issue. Best to you! Dan Gitre SwingWing Golf
  2. Just a heads up for those that may retain an interest in a SwingWing. Price has been adjusted on Amazon to $29.99, but for one week, from 10PM EST tonight, until the end of Sunday the 19th, you can check out with free shipping ($2.99 value), and use a promo code for an additional $7.00 off. This effectively makes the SwingWing cost only $20 for the next week. Use Promo code: sevenoff Thanks again. (This offer only good at SwingWing Golf)
  3. Just a heads up for those that may retain an interest in a SwingWing. Price has been adjusted on Amazon to $29.99, but for one week, from 10PM EST tonight, until the end of Sunday the 19th, you can check out with free shipping ($2.99 value), and use a promo code for an additional $7.00 off. This effectively makes the SwingWing cost only $20 for the next week. Use Promo code: sevenoff Thanks again, Dan Check it out here
  4. I'm Dan from SwingWing. Wind-resistance training works, absolutely. The Powerchute seems like a great product, it is all about the wind resistance. If that form of training interests you, I encourage you to check out an alternative before you commit. It's called the SwingWing, and it's golf's only inflatable wind-resistance trainer. Inflatable, meaning it deflates to carry in your bag. It does not attach to the shaft, and it can also be used just like an Impact Ball. Check it out, it also costs less than half of what a Powerchute costs SwingWingGolf
  5. Hi everyone, this is Dan from SwingWing. I am the guy that cooked up this product. Conceived it, designed it, patented it, had prototypes made, refined it, produced it, designed the packaging, developed the website, and am now marketing and trying to sell it - out of my garage. It's been fun, it's been creatively rewarding, and I plan to see this through until the SwingWing is a household name in every golfing family, and a known product on every golf blog such as MGS. I'm posting today because I have come to the realization that I goofed up in one serious way during my product launch. I priced my product too low. I thought the $19.99 price would trigger significant interest and demand from the golfing community - online, from guys (and gals) like you. And perhaps it may have going forward?? But the problem is that in selling through to the retail stores by way of wholesale distributors, I make next to nothing at $19.99. And I need to be in the golf box stores so that guys like you see my product on the store shelves and know what it is. I've learned that golf products don't sell until they are known and understood. To be known and understood requires lots of advertising and a physical presence in the golf store, where we all window shop if nothing else. By now you've hopefully seem my banner ads on this site, and at other blogs you may surf. Perhaps you saw my ad in January Golf Digest, I'm trying, I'm working it hard. So what have I figured out? I now know that I need to advertise heavily. And I need to make a decent margin when selling to your favorite golf store. I need to raise my price, and will be doing so in the next few days. And I need to make the same adjustment at my website so that my customers (golf stores) know I am not competing with them. I can offer free shipping, and no tax for most of you, but my advertised price needs to match theirs. In a few days, either Saturday or Sunday, the SwingWing price will be raised from $19.99 to $29.99. If you've had your eye on one, pull the trigger. You can always return it if you're not happy. I hope you all understand, it is an industry full of heavies, and I need to have my name in the trade mags just to catch your attention and have a shot at profitability. Wish me luck, as I wish you a happy year of golf. Dan Gitre SwingWing Golf PS: If you have a thought, please share. I have no committee to convene with, no board room to roundtable with. Just a cool product I hope you like.
  6. So who is Marcus Edblad? Until 3 days ago, I had no clue. I was at the PGA Show, sort of introducing my SwingWing to the golf world, when all of a sudden this Swedish guy pulls over and starts talking up a storm with me. He say's he has seen my product, and my video at swingwinggolf and he thinks it is a terrific idea. He tells me that he thinks the "Little One" (7 iron with a tiny club face) is the 2nd best product at the show... but for training to hit the ball further, the SwingWing is, in his mind, the best product at the show!! Lot's of stragglers were complimenting me on the SwingWing, so I was not terribly impressed. I asked him who he was and why was he at the show. He told me his name was Marcus Edblad and that he has a training academy in Sweden. He bought a SwingWing, and then told me he would be ordering between 50 and 100 per year going forward... another order! Then as a matter of courtesy and to acknowledge my appreciation that he is now a customer, I had a passerby snap a photo of us on my iphone. Can't really see the SwingWing too well, but what can I say. Three days later (about an hour ago) I was going through cards from the show and came upon Marcus' card. I googled his name just to see what his credentials are, and it floored me what I saw: Marcus Edblad: Swedish Long Drive Record Holder - 432 Meters (oh, about 475 yards). 25 times top 10 on European Longdrive Tour. AN ANIMAL!!! So now you know who Marcus Edblad is, and although not a sponsor of SwingWing Golf, he now owns a SwingWing, and he is of the opinion that Wind-Resistance training works and the SwingWing can help any golfer add distance to their game. It's only $20 at my site, and if you don't like it --- send it back for a refund of the cost plus shipping both ways.
  7. I have not tried that, nor do I have $10k for a fancy study or high priced video, but I can tell you with certainty that warming up using wind-resistance is very effective. Weights tug your arm and shoulder muscles out of whack, while wind-resistance works the swing muscles - including the core muscles - without yanking on them. Anyways, I'm clearly biased, but of the 1,000+ sales of my SwingWing, not one has been returned. You can check it out for yourself, and if you happen to take a $20 leap of faith and am not happy with it, send it back for a full refund. I'll even refund the shipping charge, both ways! Warm-up stronger, hit it longer! Check it out here
  8. Tim, I'll be at the PGA Show, look for me at the Hornung's Golf booth #2133. And you'll see the SwingWing displayed in the New Product Showcase. Hope to see you there. Dan
  9. Thanks to all the Spies that rendered thoughts about the SwingWing. A few quick thoughts as follow up. The creasing that can be seen on the SwingWing diminishes over time, especially if it is inflated fully and spends time in warm, sunny conditions. Also, I have just reordered fresh inventory, and in doing so I revised the packaging... so if you're out looking for the SwingWing at your local golf store, the packaging will most likely look as seen here. I'll be at the PGA Show and would love to meet up with anyone interested in the SwingWing. My product will be displayed in the New Product Showcase, and I'll be hanging around at the Hornung's Golf Booth (#2133). Hornung's is a major distributor, and they have invited me to saddle up with them at the show. Finally, if you care to see the SwingWing in action, or perhaps you'd like to order one for yourself, check out my website - SwingWingGolf - 100% money back guarantee.
  10. Thanks, I think the SwingWing is a swing fan for the masses, and it is great for warming up.
  11. Hi everyone, my name is Dan and I'd like to introduce myself and my new product to you. I'm a Real Estate broker, avid mountain biker, decent golfer, and want-to-be entrepreneur. About 8 years ago I was in my driveway watching my two daughters ride their tricycles when I picked up a water noodle and began swinging it like a golf club (I had a boat, lived near a lake, and the water noodle is one of those things that kids use to float on the water). Anyways, the wind resistance was minimal at best, but an idea was hatched... and although a very long story, the short of it is that I ended up with the SwingWing, an inflatable wind-resistance trainer that I'm now bringing to market. I am currently selling it on my website, and through Amazon, as well as Golf Galaxy and other e-tailers such as InTheHoleGolf.com. I'm a sponsor of MGS, look for my banner ads, and I would welcome any and all comments about the SwingWing from those interested.
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