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  1. Over the years, I’ve won: Nike driver laser pointer thing for swing plane callaway irons (4-GW) trip to CA, driver fitting, TM driver all the above brand new
  2. Ok, so this is creepy. I also have a twin brother. We also turned 50 on Feb 17.....
  3. I finally got my electric cart (BatCaddy X8R). It arrived while I was playing this weekend. Of course, we are expecting snow for the next week, so I won’t get to try it for a while.
  4. Cold topped my drive on a par 5 into the high grass next to the white tees. Hacked it out and advanced it about 150 yards. Skulled a 6 iron, but it rolled out 200 yards. Put my 4th about 40 feet from the pin, and sank it for a not-so-routine par.
  5. As usual, I am late to this party, but I just pulled the trigger on the BatCaddy X8R. Can't wait for it to arrive! It comes standard with the rear wheel stabilizers, cup-holder, umbrella, etc. I also got the seat, and basically every option possible :-)
  6. The weather hit 49° today, so we decided to give it a go. Cart path only, which sucks. But shot of the day was when I left my putter in the cart, so I holed out with a SW from on the green 25 feet away.
  7. Best shot of the day came after the worst drive of the day. 3 wood so badly toed it left me with 200 yards to go instead of 130 if I woulda hit it decently. 5 iron to the green left me 40 feet away. Casually drained it for a completely undeserved birdie.
  8. So I cruised up to the 1st tee, and once I reached into my bag, I realized I only had 3 balls. This course is long, and danger lurks everywhere. I lost one on 6, but went the rest of the way with my second-to-last ball. It’s a win.
  9. Broke 100 the 2nd year 90 - 4th year 80 - 5th year 70 - 12th year (only did this twice)
  10. Scorecard playoff. I was even on the back, so I eeked out 2nd place
  11. Sucker hasn’t broken 80 all year. Drops a 71 today to beat me. Hats off to him, but it still stings.
  12. Well, my team has sh*t the bed. Good luck to those still left with a chance!
  13. Played Fossil Trace in Denver. Supposed to be the knees here, and I finally played it. A little pricey and very gimmicky, but overall good, and I will return. Shot of the day was a 481 par 4. My drive went left and pretty short, leaving me with 225. I had to bend it right to left around some trees with a deathly deep bunker right of the green. Pulled off a high drawing 4 iron around the trees and away from the bunker that left me 15 ft for bird. Missed the putt, of course
  14. Agree with stevens24. But of all those, Red Hawk prob is the best value. Scenic views, dramatic elevation changes, and cheaper fees
  15. Check out https://shop.skygolf.com/C-312-hitting-mats.aspx I got a mat from them in 2017. It still looks brand new and no pain at all, even on those steep ones. The feedback on fat ones is a much lower spin rate (usually less than half of normal). But you can definitely feel it when you hit it thin or drop kick it.
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