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  1. first name / country of residence - Steve and from Dundee ,Scotland Handicap - 11 Current irons in play - Callaway Rogue Pro Carry distance of 7 iron is - 137
  2. Great photo's i played it in October will my friend who is a memeber they pay £180 a year for there green fees which means they can play all 7 courses ,insane. My Track Scotscraig is 10 minutes drive from St Andrews if your in the area play it.
  3. If your ever in St Anrews let me know and we could arrange a game at the guest rates not the rip of visitor rate.
  4. This is my home course and is the 13th oldest golf club in the world, this year we have the final qualifying for The Open at St Andrews which is 10 minutes drive away, have a look at the link to th ewebsite it give all the info. http://www.scotscraiggolfclub.com
  5. I've got a Mizuno TP9 1 Iron i use sometimes as it gets a bit cold and windy here in Scotland so you can chase the ball along.
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