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  1. James Hamilton, Innisfil Ontario Canada 10.7 Handicap (left handed) Driver: Launcher HB 10.5 Stiff woods: 15 and 18 degree launch HB stiff irons: Launcher CBX irons 4-PW wedges: RTX 3 satin 48, 54, 58 degree Putter: huntington beach 1 left 34
  2. called it the bald eagle and have a black shaft and a white head or vise versa
  3. They are marketing this product with CCM which doesnt bare the RBK name. They treat the companies seperate for the most part. CCM's stick line is not the greatest. They were late to the show after the vapor and the synergy came out and are light years ahead of CCM. I hope this works for CCM but unless they sign some big names I dont think this is going to help too much. Judging by it being used my RNH it is either going to be a high end stick to go up against the tops from bauer and easton or RNH's stick is just labelled RBZ and the actually stick will be more affordable for the average Joe who plays. I can see them releasing a whole line of these sticks as they already have 2 full lines of sticks but who knows.
  4. Not sure I get the whole issue with the coffee grinds as they are biodegrable in a short amount of time but its still pretty cool that they are making polo's out of them. Here in Ontario AUR polo's can be had for next to nothing at the local Winners (marshalls) as they are always in stock.
  5. only one way to truely answer your question.... borrow a friends new driver with the roughly the same specs as the one thats a few years old and do a test. I personaly find it more fun to find a club head that I like and is known for its forgiveness and trying many different shafts to see which one gives me the best results. so far the nunchuk has given me the best results. A tad short but straight as hell.
  6. my shouldnt you should be the question?
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