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  2. This is ridiculous, the marketing machine in the golf world is out of control! Callaway is just slightly modifying their belly putters and selling them as something revolutionary. I cannot express how much this insults me as a consumer. Boo Callaway!!
  3. Thanks for taking the time out to check Who's Your Caddy out! I will forward your thoughts to our development team as they are currently working on version 2.0. What is the name of your course and where is it located? I can have someone gather the info and enter it within a day or so.
  4. Just wanted to give the membership a quick heads up on a new GPS app that is now in the Apple app store and will be in the Android market place in the upcoming weeks. It's called Who's Your Caddy I do have an affiliation with the company so I will refrain from posting a review however I would be very interested on getting the mygolfspy.com membership's feedback on it.
  5. I work for a company called Cart Wrappers who designs, prints and installs them for advertisers. We guarantee them for 3 years at busy public golf courses so they are quite durable. Having a good installer is the key. PM me if you want more info.
  6. Might be cheaper and easier to get a custom wrap installed. Like this one:
  7. I look forward to hearing what the "experts" at the R&A and USGA define as anchoring. I "anchor" my elbows to my trunk sometimes. Would that then be banned? Bottom line is that as with the COR ruling and the groove ruling, public opinion will have NO influence on this decision which will leave some disappointed and others happy.
  8. Do I smell a Sacramento MGS outing? When Kevin gives you permission of course....
  9. I agree wholeheartedly with the op, MGS knocked it out of the park this year as compared to the other websites. Golfwrx.com has been especially disappointing and seems to be tainted bythe marketing dollars of the big boys especially TM, I urge MGS not to follow their foot steps and remain objective and all encompassing in your coverage. Good job guys!
  10. This is awesome! Dave is in good hands on all counts. Kevin, Greg, and Bobby are all great guys who happen to be VERY good at what they do. I can't wait to hear how Dave progresses!
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