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  2. Super XTD fairwaywood for me, and a super XTD hybrid... liked on facebook.
  3. X3 also , why do baseball players swing with a weight before their at-bat ??
  4. I like these for practice(yard golf)they don't do well if I fly one into a kennel run, they last about 3 sec
  5. Some thing Golf related?????............
  6. Has anyone tried these grips? They look better than just an oversize grip. www.2thumbgrip.com
  7. DogPro

    World Woods

    OK Rev just say when, I already know where...............
  8. I do think repetition can ingrain your stroke. So practicing with this makes sense. As far as hiding the putter head goes I prefer looking at the hole when I practice. This helps you focus on the line and speed. You'll be amazed at how many you make!
  9. I agree Tiger really looks in control , I'm looking forward to this year....
  10. Thanks Rook- This site is awesome . congrats by the way, keep up the great work.
  11. Thanks Tim Yes I do make some golf related things form time to time.I just made a put training aid for my teaching Pro friend, he's taking the prototype to the PGA show this week. I have 3-D designing software and a CNC machine so things like putters are cake.
  12. I have a dog boarding kennel on our property that my wife runs, near Sarasota. I have been a tool and die maker for the past 25 years so I love all the tech stuff on this site. Yesterday I replaced my 07 TM burner tp with the Adams 9064. I demoed the Titleist 910d3/TM R-11/TM super-fast. The 9064 was the longest and most accurate. My last shot was 30yds longer!! than my TM so it was a no brainier To be fair the TM was all wrong for me (the TP version and 9.5 loft).My club-head speed is 95-98 so I went with the 10.5 aldila rip 60-3.6 R-flex.
  13. I'm a transplanted New Yorker living in southwest FL. Absolutely love this site! Thanks to your driver reviews I added the Adams 9064LS to my short list of clubs to demo. Ended up buying one today ,great stick...............
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