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  1. I use the Multicompound, but feel they get ripped very easy, have to be very careful on the installation
  2. Too bad for TheM, the only putters i liked from their line was those from Kia Ma....
  3. Very creative, but does this affect the weight of the head??
  4. Wondering if the club fitting, includes color fitting?¿
  5. Missing the Black/Grey scheme of yesterday....
  6. Do they perform better than they look?¿
  7. 365 of days of golf that anyone can enjoy, just 2hour flight from Florida!! In fact im thinking of a bussines to bring group of golfers here to play in winter(lot cheeper than Cal., Az. or Fl.)any investor??
  8. Hi everyone, im Alex from Dominican Republic where we can play 365 days of golf, only we doesn´t have the opportunity to test golf equipment very often, so we rely on reviews on sites like this, so "lets the best reviwer wins!!
  9. Hi everyone, a New Frendly User Here, i enjoy the webpage and the information that it contains. i write from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where we have have golf 365 days of the year with beautiful courses from the best designers. Just hopping some day bring some demo days to my country because we don´t have the opportunity to test equipment very often, and have to purchase our sticks mostly by the buzz, the public rumors and accurates reviews like the ones in the site.
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