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  1. All this talk of Hireko's "scramble club" got me to thinking that I never posted aformat that I played last year.


    It's a regular 4 man scramble on the par 4 holes but on the par 5's, after your drives, you play two of your balls, splitting up into 2 man scrambles, then you add your scores together. So if you and your teammate birdie, but the other two par, you put 9 on your scorecard. A great score would be 6, two eagles (in which case you belong on another site, rhymes with perks), a bad score would be 12, two bogies.


    The par 3's are played like this: everyone plays their own ball, and you add up the two best, so a good score would be 4, two birdies, bad score 8, two bogies.


    A normal par 72 becomes par 104, 52 per side. and they're plenty more opportunities for skins. My team won a skin with an 8 on a par 5, we had two birdies.


    Also card playoffs would seem to be a thing of the past, with so many more scoring differences.


    We've incorporated this format into a local scramble, and everyone thought it was great. It's only confusing the first time you do it.

  2. I see your bag except for the putter is all Hireko, which I think is cool, especially since you play to a one!


    1. Did you build them all?


    2. How do the Apollo steel shafts compare to True Temper shafts?


    3. Woods and hybrid, Acer, but the irons are Power Play Rawpower. Why did you choose those? I need a 4 and 5 and wonder why you chose those over an Acer offering.


    4. Your wedges and Driving Iron are beautiful! You should be proud of your build!




  3. According to Ironfinder.com, it is a 1964 Wilson Dynapower Staff 7 iron. 35 Bucks for Good, 18 for Poor. Wish the whole set had been there!


    Actually, i hit this 7 iron as far as I hit my Adams A3, and it measures 36 inches!


    My daughter was supposed to take pics, will still try to get that done.

  4. Saw some in the bin at Goodwill today, bought the 7 iron S shaft, very good grip, for 2 bucks. I figured it could be a good practice club (muscle back, small blade).


    Holy crap! When I made a good swing it was at least a club farther than my regular irons (Adams A3). And honestly I didnt make too many bad swings considering I had a cortisone shot in my back this afternoon (don't tell my wife I was swinging a club)!


    Now what? I'm wondering about the rest of the set. I need a 5 iron but wonder if I'd have the same success but for less than a beer I could find out.


    My Goodwill find of all time was a full set of Warrior forgings (junk) but the they were shafted with 5.0 Rifles, and got them all for $11.98. We also found a pair of Mephisto Golf shoes, Made in Portugal, my wife's size, brand new for $15.

  5. RBC was fun to watch, would've like Charley to finish it but was a good ending no matter who won. Glad to see Jerry Kelly have a good weekend, should be exempt in New Orleans.


    Watching Mark Warren implode this morning was painful to watch....


    Too bad for Lizette Salas Saturday after firing a 64, but I think she's gonna win one soon, and made a runaway exciting. happy for Suzanne Petersen.


    All in all, a good weekend for TV golf.

  6. I'm sure everyone's heard Steve's take on the drop, that he thinks a DQ was in order. According to Rex Hoggard from Golf Channel, a lot of other Tour pros and caddies feel the same way.


    We probably should let this drop(pun intended), but I figure they let him move a friggin' boulder, so whatever's good for Tiger, blah, blah blah....

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