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  1. 1. Happy for Adam, great tourney. Tiger was a distraction, IMO. 2. Really enjoy the fact that all past winners get an invite. Get to see Ben, Tom and all the other old guys, and with his 2nd place finish, Angel 269th in the world will now play all the other majors. I never used to like this form Augusta National, but really enjoy this now. I think I enjoyed listening to Ben Crenshaw as much as anything.
  2. Seems to me you have to live up to the hype if you sign a Gigantic contract like he did. With the money comes the hype.
  3. MikeG


    Which is why I like Ian Poulter. He came up from nothing, an Asst. Pro. His boss wouldn't let him off for tourneys, I've heard, but he kinda "fixed" the handicap sheets in order for him to try to get his card.
  4. Wonder if he hurt himself jumping out. WD soon after...
  5. North Central Ohio here, and just so you know, these guys treat everyone equally, Hdcp range 0-82. Welcome Paul!
  6. So after he was warned, and still didn't show, think Arnie's going to be mad at Rory?
  7. I'll want to know Mark's best drivers, cuz he's me, (mid to upper 90's, mid launch and spin).
  8. Congrats, and I already know you all will do a great job-ier!
  9. Between the drivers and the goats, you guys are friggin' killing me!
  10. Watching GC this morning, X-Hot iron commercial comes on. Towards the end, I saw a little disclaimer on the bottom of the screen. It wasn't an HD TV, so I couldn't read it perfectly, but the gist was "Luke List plays Calloway musclebacks in competition" I know it's a small thing, but compared to "I play a distance iron" over at the TM commercial, I'm really happy to see a "little" truth, even if it is in a disclaimer.
  11. I'm enjoying the entries so I know the reviews will be great. There's another site that I hardly ever go to anymore...anyway, it seemed like the same guys would always get the reviews (and the clubs)! Eight pages in, no one STILL had hit a darn club, but everyone would chime in how great the pictures are, or how Epic the review was going to be. This place is different, and I'm glad I found it. Thanks to all the spies, and every other person connected with this website and forum.
  12. Number one, I wonder if Faldo is saying, " I told you so"? Two, I'm a Nike hater, and not because of Rory, Tiger, or Michelle, but Michael Vick. Fresh out of prison they signed Vick to a contract. Why? He already had a contract (which means a job) with the Philadelphia Eagles. And I don't want to hear any second chance bull sh*t either. Call me whatever you like, but because of Vick I will NEVER purchase, or even consider, a Nike product.
  13. When he says in the commercial "I play a distance iron", he must mean he has one Rocketbladez in his bag, because every time I saw him with an iron in his hand yesterday it was a TP MB. Maybe I'm splitting hairs, but don't put a player in the commercial that doesn't bag your club, and this is to all the OEM's. Dammit, Lee Westwood shouldn't have G20 on the side of his cap if there isn't one in the bag (rant over)!
  14. This unbelievably awesome! The sad part is you have a bunch of grown men acting like it's Christmas Eve!
  15. Try to give the Nickent 7DT a hit if you can.
  16. I'm with WD, I'll probably get this next year after the prices drop (one more season with the re-shafted G5)!
  17. From their website, opening face decreases loft, closing face increases loft, like the Razr Fit and Extreme.
  18. What's amazing to me is that he uses GS-95 shafts in his wedges.
  19. The longer grip is probably the same TM used on the ATV wedges, I guess for more versatility on less than full shots.
  20. Man oh man are those pretty! I've gotta get some dirty, even if I'm not worthy.......
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