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  1. Makes me think of the recent Pepsi Zero commercials...... @chisaggreat actor or great golfer????
  2. As are most of us. Some want more detail and correlation and why based on the quoted statement you nor I can answer the OPs questions.
  3. You can use Tapatalk to read the forums.
  4. changing the weight of the grip by 5 grams is equivalent to 1 SW point so the 11.90 grams would change the SW by a little over 2 points. depending on how sensitive you are, it could be significant.
  5. Your statements aren't going to answer the OPs question. He wants the instructors statements/claims to match up with the detailed biomechanical measurements that are captured on systems like Gears. It has nothing to do with the exaggerations that an instructor has a student do or even the drills themselves. The OP doesn't believe that they match up and wants the instructors to explain the biomechanics.
  6. That was the way it was at the MGS outing last year; only first and last got rewarded
  7. Sounds like youhave them switched. The bump and run would be a short game shot and would be in the data to show how well you get up and down with clubs used for the short game. chip to the side is to get into a better position so it would be positional
  8. Yep and I am not gonna join the 5 am club; I like my sleep I am one of the testers that MyGolfSpy uses to test golf clubs. I live near their headquarters so from Dec to about September I am there testing after work.
  9. My opinion: swings can be flat, on plane, or upright. Players such as Rickie Fowler and Matt Kuchar have been successful with flat swings. Should they change their swing; would you tell them to change? To change the plane of you swing would probably need to invest some significant time and would probe y see a decrease in ball striking ability. you indicated that it seems to be working for you, so why the desire to change? What is wrong with your ball striking? Are you trying to make your swing look a specific way? What do you think a more upright swing would do for you?
  10. That is one way to putt. Some players are right arm driven (Tiger), some are left arm driven (Stockton), some are arms with passive shoulders (utley), and some are shoulders. David Edel in his videos had two categories: radial (shoulder driven) and linear (arm driven) and indicated most professionals are linear. Some would frown at your watching the putter with your eyes. Some want equal back and forward swing, others want long back short through, and others short back long through. the goal is to find the setup and source of power that facilitates starting the ball on your intended with desired speed.
  11. Nope. Try to think about what the stats are reporting. when we hit clubs it reports information about how far we hit clubs. A punch out would skew that data so it becomes positional. So we think that that full shot on a par 5 should not be positional because it want the shot distance. True, but then shotscope counts it as proximity to the hole which skews the distance you hit shots from the hole when going for the green; thus positional. If I hit the green when I don’t expect too, I might not mark it as positional but it would depend on how far out of range I really was… was I expecting to be inside or outside some arbitrary distance. The 50 yard distinction is simply whether the shot is counted as approach or short game. You then get people that will say I want my 100 yard shot to be positional because I don’t use a full swing so it will skew distances. IMO shotscope provides guidance and we as users need to apply that guidance to what reports the information we want. Some of that guidance is provided based on issues encountered with the products like counting putts as any shot that uses the putter. This seems to apply more to the watches than the h4. This is the type of stuff that can get really complex and unless you are a stats geek might be too in depth for a “casual” golfer. In my review of the h4 I found that all the data was overwhelming and even though I love diving in, it was sensory overload.
  12. I basically follow @BobBC78approacy for positional. For me I simply look at it as a shot where I am not trying to hit the green with the approach shot. for putting it depends on if you want to evaluate putting performance, This is the area of shot capturing that is the most off due to accuracy of commercial GPS, how quickly tagging can occur back to back, and time to adjust locations as you are walking around the green.
  13. What you describe is very much in line with what Broadie discusses and the strategies discussed in DECADE related to targeting and the mental game. That was why I was asking about Jim's approach since he said he was firing at pins.
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