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  1. You ruined the bag with those Titleist wedges. Nice set of clubs.
  2. Name/City State: Chris/ Newport News, VA How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? I practice 4 times a week for about an hour a session. How many 3 putts do you average per round? less than 1. I usually 3 putt once every 2-3 rounds What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? Distance control practice. My current at home drills are focused on start line; this aid would allow me to add the ability to work on longer putts that create the 3 putt opportunities.
  3. Even with the added information, the general consensus will be to use the same irons you play and work on improving ball striking with those clubs.
  4. Sorry to have caused confusion. I forget that new people to the forum don’t know that I am one of the testers.
  5. The theory works, the question that needs to be answered is what is the gapping between the clubs in full swing shots. If you are creating holes you may need different lofts. Many will say that a stock wedge versus a specialty wedge spins differently and has different carry distances.
  6. cnosil

    Sub70 golf

    You could also check out their used sets that come from the demo program or cancelled orders: https://www.golfsub70.com/preowned.html
  7. I agree, I want to play and practice with the same clubs. But if someone wants to use a blade because they think it will help so be it. It doesn't work to explain how differing head weights and shaft dynamics will alter how the club is delivered at impact. I sometimes wonder if all the testing of clubs I do has a negative impact on my real golf swing.
  8. What does it look like from DTL? it may actually be a bit behind your shoulder.
  9. Phil Kenyon does great stuff. The only problem with talking about averages in this context is that if I roll a bunch of putts to inside a foot it skews the average and I also don't know the first putt distance. Here is another video that presents some interesting information; go to 50:46 into the video and he will describe an experiment that was done by a pro with a 20' putt. His shot pattern for the 20' putt was over 6 feet deep! As a player 3 feet and in should become pretty much 100% which means all you have to do is roll the ball into a 6' diameter circle. Obviously you don't want to hit a four foot putt 3 feet past the hole, but as we move out from the hole, don't be afraid to roll the ball 3 feet past the hole. and 3' short isn't necessarily bad. The video also has a distance control drill that kinds of lays out the leave distance expectations from various distances.
  10. Someone traded Rory to you!!!!! You do an amazing job getting people to trade the best players to you.
  11. How about Rory,; I'll just give him to you for your worst player......oh wait trade deadline has passed so I guess I will keep him.
  12. Not sure that understand your comment. MGS is free to publish whatever information that they want and no matter what they do someone will complain about some aspect of what they do. Why do you think they are sitting on their hands?
  13. Sounds like the perfect scenario. Enjoy learning the game, being outside, and just have fun.
  14. Sea Level golf takes away so much distance; maybe I should move.
  15. Here are my thoughts. Will it hurt...no, will it help....as long as you use it correctly. To get better at ball striking you have to be able to control where you hit the ball on the face and control the low point of the swing. There are lots of ways to get better at those two skills. For impact location, use foot powder to see where you are hitting the ball on the face and work on controlling where you hit the ball on the face. For low point, use foot powder to spray a line on the ground or use a tee to make a line and work to have the club impact just in front of the line (your ball position). I would suggest looking at some of Adam Young's (https://www.adamyounggolf.com/) stuff on these topics. Practice these skills with your current clubs, SGI club, blade, 1920s hickory shafted club, or whatever. it isn't the club you use, it is the skills you are practicing that are important.
  16. I have seen that, but with a length of 10'4" it requires a fairly large amount of space.
  17. League night: scored horribly (8 over). From the tees we play for league, most of the holes are driver/wedge and the Par 3's are 9 iron or less. Really struggled with fat shots when hitting distance wedges. Hit some 7 irons to check where I was entering the ground; used a little foot spray to help. In the image below I worked from top to bottom and you can see the first few were definitely fat. Getting better with center face contact, but low point control is a struggle.
  18. I can make the 3 and a 1/2 hour drive and be there by 11. I am 90+% in; got some things going on early in the week that I want to make sure go well.
  19. I miss both short and long, but the ones that are short are the ones I remember the most.
  20. I'd like to be able to see my own data from all the clubs too
  21. I am tempted; it definitely seems like a really cool device. Was never able to try the one at Headquarters and I am really interested in the results. My biggest interest would be working on those longer distance putts.
  22. I don't think there is anything wrong with this approach as long as you can hit your desired distances.
  23. If you are really competitive you can get google earth pro and actually see the hole and measure distances
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