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  1. They aren't that bad and are fairly forgiving. I have been surprised by their performance in the players iron testing. In my opinion just as good as anything else in the test.
  2. I can hit a draw with my other clubs; 3 wood and hybrids tend to draw, irons are tend to fade. In the rare cases I need to hit a draw off the tee I’ll drop back a club. I only intentionally change my typical ball flight if there is an obstacle to go around, but never with a driver. yes, I used to try and draw the driver but was never successful at being able to make it repeatable.
  3. I am following the DECADE recommendation and playing a single ball flight with my driver which is a fade. I never try to draw the ball with my driver.
  4. What you are describing is common and called parallax error. The ideal solution would be to get yourself in the setup that eliminates that perception. Buy adjusting things like how close you are to the ball and head position you can find a setup that will show what you are seeing for the side correctly. Or you can do nothing and try to accept that the setup,is correct based on what you saw from behind the ball.
  5. CC does not buy from eBay. They source the product and sell it to you for MSRP plus some markup for their work. The shaft is basically a $300 shaft bought from an authorized dealer. Read any review of club champion and a main complain is the markup for product and that people can purchase the same equipment elsewhere for less. counterfeit clubs and golf products are a large market and often you can find them on eBay. Not saying the ones being sold by the eBay seller are counterfeit.
  6. Probably best to post in the BST forum.
  7. I personally don’t care whether golf is in the olympics or not. My view on what the olympics should be clouds my judgement though. I believe the Olympics is a sporting event to showcase the best amateur athletes in the world and not those that participate in that event as their profession. will the olympics boost the profile of golf? I don’t thing any more than current levels. If you don’t like golf you probably won’t watch and just want to know the country that won the medals. Do you know who won the medals in golf at the last Olympics without looking it up? I also don’t thin
  8. What your conclusions seem to indicate is exactly what the moderators state in their posts about how testers are chosen. As you also indicated you had to make some assumptions on things that change over time like post counts and if/when a person became a donor, and their post frequency since becoming a member. I have been a forum member since 2012, but didn’t get engaged until about 2017. There are also quite a few frequent posters that never apply for tests as that isn’t the reason they are on the forum. Even with the selection criteria there are still testers that take the product and d
  9. in the past, I have always purchased used clubs. My approach is to hit them on the simulator and see how I like them. At your level of golf I think unless the club is a terrible fit you can find a club that will work well. Lie angles can be adjusted. Additionally, With used clubs you can hit every club and check the gapping before you purchase. Basically this approach works, it just takes a bit more knowledge and time.
  10. Thats why saying something like inside 16 feet is really a bad way of putting things. It is like when the TV announcers say that a player made X amount of putts inside of 12 feet. They probably made 1 12 footer and all the rest were inside of 3 feet.
  11. I don't think the combo is a problem. I wouldn't adjust the lofts until you hit them and determine the gapping. Why bend if you don't have too?
  12. sounds like they didn't build their heads correctly with the adapter system.
  13. Callaway also provides recommendations on their iron pages: https://www.callawaygolf.com/golf-clubs/iron-sets/
  14. Lots of great work on the putting, but I think you need to really look at putting expectations. You didn't specify the distances of those 8 putts, but anything outside of 8 feet is the 50/50 distance. If those putts were all inside of 8 feet, I wouldn't question your 6 of 8 desire.
  15. adjusting the lofts is about gapping; not the clubs themselves. As was said, most manufacturers make it easy for their clubs to be put into combo sets. If you need to fix gaps, you just bend to the lofts that give you the correct distance.
  16. Lines were shorter here today but I would say 70% of the gas stations you pass have no gas. I will say that the memes resulting from this are pretty funny.
  17. You like trades, straight up, my team for yours.
  18. You seem to be using the wrong formulas and information too calculate your data. The easiest way to lower launch is the lower the loft of your head.
  19. No. Also the loft of the club does not necessarily equal the loft at impact; that is sOmething called dynamic loft. A vertical shaft at impact would be essentially be delivering the club at the stated loft. This is why you question is so hard to answer; there are lots of interrelated variables and without knowing them we don’t know what you are actually doing in your swing.
  20. As kids we were outside all day everyday. Pool, playing in the neighborhood, riding bikes, playing sports, fishing, etc. when it got dark we came in or played night games like spotlight.
  21. Portable launch monitors aren’t always that accurate regarding spin. Based on that response I’ll assume you just purchased the Titleist without any comparison to your current driver on the same launch device. broken tees don’t always indicate descending AoA; a large percentage of PGA pros are decending with driver and they don’t always break their tee. 10 up would be Bryson and Kyle Berkshire type AoA. If you are that high, I would suggest getting it into the normal golfer 2-5 range as that will reduce you launch angle significantly. Where is your typical impact locat
  22. If they are going to talk about how close pros hit the ball to the hole they need to do a better job of giving real information and not the BS that most announcers say. id change the broadcast to have drone coverage of all the players. You pick the players or groups you want to watch and can stream it live. The masters coverage via the app is almost an ideal way to match golf.
  23. Sped control is you number 1 thing. Go to the 50 minute make in this video and practice this drill or some form of ladder drill on longer putts I would also suggest green reading skills. I don’t have the link handy but the drill was basically to put a ghost hole about 1/3 of putt distance away from the hole and indicates where you think the putt needs to roll over to go in the hole Then roll the putt and see how well you are reading putts. I also do gate drills. That includes ball gates; to show that you can start the ball online with any length putt, and putter gates;
  24. Your point is very important and many players don’t consider. some players swing the putter head and want the feeling of weight there. Others want the weight in their hands; which the gravity grip is great for.
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