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  1. Depends on the day and situation. Generally it is for fun but I play in a league so it is also serious fun. One day I’d like to get more serious.
  2. It s a tip weight which is used to add weight to the head side of the club. when building a club it is used instead if lead tape on the clubhead https://www.thediygolfer.com/blog/how-to-tip-weight-a-golf-club
  3. I have a drawer that holds the autographed balls I got while volunteering at LPGA events. Not a great way to see them but it holds them all and there is room for more
  4. The stupidity of an AI generated response.
  5. Here are a few: https://www.instagram.com/bos_golf/ https://putterlounge.com/ https://www.chisdaddygolf.com/ https://www.continentalgolf.net/ https://jrich61820.wixsite.com/mysite https://eastcoastcustomputters.com/
  6. You let it dry before touch up. You apply acetone with a q-tip or drip with a toothpick and carefully remove the overfill. The fill in the letters is deeper than the milling so you won't remove all the paint and you don't need a lot of pressure. Just go slow.
  7. Personally speaking, Cameron services are a ripoff. Easy enough to do yourself, but if you don't want to DIY there are a ton of companies that do it for way less.
  8. Don't disagree. we read about people that want to hit lots of shots with clubs to get the feel. We also read about people that want to see ball flight and indoors vs. outdoors. The point of my post was that the things people are not happy with are things they could have found out prior to even doing the fitting.
  9. I've paintfilled a few putters and it is as easy as the videos show. here is an article that gives some good tips. https://drivingrangeheroes.com/how-to-paintfill-golf-clubs/ Use the toothpick; or your can splurge for a paint applicator ( https://gauntindustries.com/blog/hobby-feature-golf-club-paint-fill-applicator/ ) When filling the letters you will get some in the milling; but just cleanup with some acetone.
  10. Interesting responses. I asked why you DIDN'T like your fitting and were underwhelmed and most people are responding that they had good fittings. Basically the reason people are underwhelmed seems to be that they didn't have a big enough selection and only hit a 6/7 iron. I find that interesting since I probably would have asked/researched prior to my fitting what the process was.
  11. Titleist fittings are generally considered pretty good. With any fitting people think they are great, mediocre, or terrible. Ultimately, it depends on the fitter. You need to decide what you want and communicate that with the fitter and they will help you figure out how to meet those expectations.
  12. I personally disagree a bit with your assessment. I look at my target when I am addressing tee and approach shots. The degree of error for face at impact is about 1* for short putts and 300 yard tee shots. Tee shot, approach shot, chip, or putt pick a target, setup, and them make your stroke basically the same.
  13. https://www.truefitclubs.com/blog/measuring-golf-swing-dynamics-using-the-mizuno-shaft-optimizer/ Scale is 1-9 and based on their database of measurements they recommend shafts that worked for other people. Other than that not exactly sure what you are trying to understand.
  14. IMO, the typical stats of FW hit, GIR, and total putts have become obsolete like many other things in golf. With the growth of strokes gained, statistics, and expectation management other numbers have shown better relevance to evaluating performance and where to look for improvement. Exactly the point of this article; thanks for posting.
  15. What do you mean it is the most mental part of the game? My studies about course management; specifically DECADE, I think golf become less mental and is more the ability to actually execute the shot. Golf is really about getting ride of your mental discussions and being able to commit which applies equally to every shot in golf. I view your intention and target as simply a calculation and not a mental exercise. Basically make a decision, commit to the decision, and live with the results. I really liked what Bernhard Langer said during an interview that the mental part of golf is a myth. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/bernard-langer-golf-90-percent-mental-myth
  16. Will have to see how the Hawks do; like the Bears, one of the worst teams in the league. Can Connor Bedard can become the superstar they are predicting him to be. Probably still a mediocre team.
  17. People have all kinds of range of motion limitations that can influence the golf swing so the simple answer to your question is...no. To give an answer specific to you that would require an assessment of your swing to evaluate ball flight, setup position, and your swing to see if you are doing things correctly.
  18. Looks like Scheffler has finally made a move to improve his terrible putting. He's now working with putting coach Phil Kenyon at the Ryder Cup
  19. Good morning everyone. Just got back from a few days in Chicago and taking today as a day of rest.
  20. I am generally happy with my swing but would still like to improve aspects of my full swing; particularly face control. Always working on my short game swing; current area for improvement is distance control. I am not currently working with a coach. Based on launch monitor numbers, my my face control and contact is better when I don't overswing. As a result, trying to work on stopping my hand movement when my shoulders stop turning.
  21. I think a putter looks pretty good if it is making putts. A putter stays in my bag based off of performance.
  22. I’ve have always been a Chicago sports fan. I was born there and most of my family lived there so I was brought up to like Chicago sports. My family is kind of divided, My mom was a SOX fan since they used to go see the play. My uncles family is half Cubs half Sox. Never hated the Sox, just picked the Cubs for some reason. Been a hockey fan since the late 80s and obviously had to maintain allegiance to Chicago.
  23. The only Chicago team you root for and follow is the Bears? As a bears fan, you should be aware that the defensive coordinator resigned over some kind of inappropriate behavior within the org. I am sure with similar things happening with the Blackhawk’s a few years ago it won’t turn out well
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