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  1. Person hitting was a high speed player (140 SS, 190 ball speed). With high spe3d players easier to show effects since it magnifies things like launch, spin, and speed. results - 6 iron(215ish carry) and Pw(150ish carry), the softer ball had about same ball speed, was higher launching and lower spinning than the high compression ball. On the driver the higher compression ball had higher ball speed, higher launch, and lower spin. interestimg note: for most amateurs peak height for driver should equal 6 iron ball speed. For higher speed players, driver ball speed should equal driver peak height
  2. 54* wedge. Try to use it for finesse shots around the green and it is just too inconsistent. Starting to get a mental block when hitting longer shots; just wonder if I am going to hit a poor shot. Might need to put it in timeout and try another 54* that I have lying around.
  3. Sorry to hit a sore spot. Hope things work out and you can make it.
  4. Flex is not standard across any manufacturer or even across shaft lines within the same manufacturer. So while both manufacturers consider them senior flex one may play more or less stiff than the other. You’d really need to compare the profiles of the shaft to see what aspects (tip, mid section, butt) may be stiffer or softer as the profile influences what you are feeling. Additionally, you need to consider the feel difference between heads. since you ordered them at a demo event, I am assuming you hit the clubs with those shafts and got good performance when compared side by side with you Callaway?
  5. @GolfSpy_BOS you could come to the outing in August and by then he might be tired of that putter and back to his Scotty.
  6. The small mid mallet size is definitely a nice compromise. IMO, the small size of a fang type putter looks a little odd.
  7. Think we could have any success trying that at Augusta.
  8. Prior to my round I worked on my finesse game and came to the conclusion I may need a new wedge or to definitely switch my approach. Started my practice with my 54* which is typically me go to around the green. Results were pretty mediocre and inconsistent so I switched to my set gap wedge and it was a night and day difference. With the gap wedge I was able to flight the ball, contact was solid, the club just glided over the grass like it was supposed to, and rollout was consistent. Switched back to the 54 and back to mediocrity. Back to the gap and results improved; also tried my 7 with good results I have seen advice that leveraging the gap wedge might be a better approach and load to what I observed in my practice. It also got me thinking about club setup and how a clubs feel impacts performance. I’ve hit a huge variation between my irons and wedges; irons are 85 gram graphite and 54/58 are 120 gram steel. I’ve tried graphite in a 54 but just didn’t like it. May put some of my wedges on a swing weight scale and regular scale to see if I can get the feeling a little closer and see how that impacts performance.
  9. Last night was league night. Course was pretty wet since it has rained most of the week and as a result the greens had been cut and were really slow. Overall hit the ball pretty well, one tee shot behind a tree that reposted in a less than optimum second. Ended up with a bunch of 5/6 footers for par due to the slow greens and I struggled from that distance. Nothing really close to the hole so only oa couple good birdie chances. Shot 3 over which equaled my course handicap so it was a good round. 4 FW, 6 GIR, and 19 putts for a 39.
  10. Looks like something happened to the chat feature. It used to appear as a co tool that I could open and close. For the past several days it has started showing up as part of the actual page and it basically unusable.
  11. That does surprise me; does that complete the list or are there still one or two more you haven’t tried? I know there are some smaller boutique brands but does that cover all the major OEMs?
  12. I want the ball to land and stop and the tour level balls generally do that for me. I can say specifically more distance but maybe more consistent distance and less penalizing on misshits. Maybe the lower compression balls just don’t spin enough for me resulting in poorer performance.
  13. They don’t want you to fly the nets
  14. I think this is a better video that explains the lateral, rotational, and vertical forces that help increase speed.
  15. I player higher end balls simply because I don't lose that many which makes the cost low and when I practice at MGS I typically use their ProV1s. From a performance perspective I hit full swing shots pretty high with a moderate amount of spin which means they don't spin back and release a little bit. Short game spin is also pretty low so I can't play the hop and stop type shot so everything releases. since I swing in the 105+ range I do get better performance from the higher compression balls.
  16. You can look at this past years most wanted testing for your swing speed: https://mygolfspy.com/2022-most-wanted-driver/
  17. Don’t know why people like soft. Maybe it is related to a thought about how a ball is supposed to feel coming off the club at impact…..that muted forged iron feel that has little to no feedback at impact and makes you think you pured the shot. I personally can play anything; balls don’t feel that much different to me.
  18. because for slower swing speed players the difference in speed and spin is smaller and People like “soft” https://mygolfspy.com/best-golf-balls-2021/ SOFT IS SLOW, BUT … As we found during our 2019 Golf Ball Test, there is an absolute correlation between compression and ball speed but there are conditions under which softer balls can keep up with firmer balls. For slower players (sub-85 mph), the speed differences are so small that there’s a case to be made for not worrying about it. Among mid to high swing players, those who fall in the high spin category (ballpark 2,800 rpm or more with a driver), lower spin can compensate for the speed lost to lower compression. Notably, as speed declines, particularly with iron shots, low-compression balls can be a touch faster than firmer ones. Soft is still slow but, under those conditions, it’s the comparably softer covers and mantles of high compression balls that explain the speed differences. With this in mind, it’s certainly possible that a soft ball could be right for you but also consider that … SOFT DOESN’T SPIN While there is not an absolute correlation between compression and spin, the same design principles that make a ball soft invariably lead to a ball that’s lower spinning. It’s telling that at all three speeds off both driver and irons and with the wedge, the lowest spinning balls were low-compression offerings. If you’re looking for a bit straighter flight with the driver or to cut spin out of your iron game, soft can work. If you’re looking for more spin on approach shots, it won’t.
  19. Hate it when you get some new golf stuff and can't take it out for a spin. I am glad I have MGS close by so I can drop in and hit a few if there is too much rain. Eager to hear how you hit them!
  20. Just enjoy the game and don't worry about handicap for a while; there are people on here that are plus handicaps and some like yourself that are higher. We are all just trying to improve, have fun, and enjoy this crazy game. Looking forward to reading more about your efforts to get better!
  21. While your "fix" would work, you may make the club too long or short which could impact strike location. Probably easier just to get someone to adjust the lie angle. While you can change your swing to make the lie angle correct, you would probably be better off to just bend the clubs. People setup to the ball differently and have different physical makeup; as a result they require different lie angles. Adjusting a club is a simple process for any club builder.
  22. Sign up and enjoy the golf and get some tournament experience. I am just getting over Covid and hit the ball great yesterday so getting over an illness should not be the deciding factor
  23. Love the scenery and mountains. Nothing like that on the east coast where I live; everything is pretty flat here.
  24. Haven't played in a few weeks due to vacation and Covid; overall I hit the ball really well and we very happy with how I played. 8 FW, 10 GIR, 32 putts. Missed fairways were just off the fairway with no issues hitting the next shot. Missed greens weren't horrible with none of them being really bad; mostly due to a few fat iron shots. Short game left a bit to be desired and missed a few putts I probably should have made. Only one 3 putt and that was on a 354 yard par 4 that I hit the green with my tee shot and 3 putted for par. I'd assume I hit the cart path but there were no scuffs on the ball so I probably just caught some hardpan and got the right bounce. 41/37:78 - I was 5 over through 7 with a double and 3 bogeys; bogeyed 10 and pared everything else. Hopefully this ball striking continues; I can see my handicap dropping quickly if I can get my finesse and < 100 yard wedges sorted out.
  25. IMO, it will depend on the model you ultimately end up with. I'd order them Titleist, TM, Callaway if I was going a players type club. For a GI type club, I'd probably do TM, Titleist, Callaway. For driver, it would be Callaway, Titleist, TM. Really nothing wrong with any of them and you would probably be fine with any of them.
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