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  1. Lines were shorter here today but I would say 70% of the gas stations you pass have no gas. I will say that the memes resulting from this are pretty funny.
  2. You like trades, straight up, my team for yours.
  3. You seem to be using the wrong formulas and information too calculate your data. The easiest way to lower launch is the lower the loft of your head.
  4. No. Also the loft of the club does not necessarily equal the loft at impact; that is sOmething called dynamic loft. A vertical shaft at impact would be essentially be delivering the club at the stated loft. This is why you question is so hard to answer; there are lots of interrelated variables and without knowing them we don’t know what you are actually doing in your swing.
  5. As kids we were outside all day everyday. Pool, playing in the neighborhood, riding bikes, playing sports, fishing, etc. when it got dark we came in or played night games like spotlight.
  6. Portable launch monitors aren’t always that accurate regarding spin. Based on that response I’ll assume you just purchased the Titleist without any comparison to your current driver on the same launch device. broken tees don’t always indicate descending AoA; a large percentage of PGA pros are decending with driver and they don’t always break their tee. 10 up would be Bryson and Kyle Berkshire type AoA. If you are that high, I would suggest getting it into the normal golfer 2-5 range as that will reduce you launch angle significantly. Where is your typical impact locat
  7. If they are going to talk about how close pros hit the ball to the hole they need to do a better job of giving real information and not the BS that most announcers say. id change the broadcast to have drone coverage of all the players. You pick the players or groups you want to watch and can stream it live. The masters coverage via the app is almost an ideal way to match golf.
  8. Sped control is you number 1 thing. Go to the 50 minute make in this video and practice this drill or some form of ladder drill on longer putts I would also suggest green reading skills. I don’t have the link handy but the drill was basically to put a ghost hole about 1/3 of putt distance away from the hole and indicates where you think the putt needs to roll over to go in the hole Then roll the putt and see how well you are reading putts. I also do gate drills. That includes ball gates; to show that you can start the ball online with any length putt, and putter gates;
  9. Your point is very important and many players don’t consider. some players swing the putter head and want the feeling of weight there. Others want the weight in their hands; which the gravity grip is great for.
  10. I think I just traded off the last of my original players wasn’t unhappy with my picks but they just aren’t performing as well as I would have hoped. My one regret was that I didn’t pick up zalatoris earlier. He was a player wanted before the draft but just waited too long.
  11. If we are doing this in fun, then my answer would be based on the posts that occur within the threads. I think posting in the what did you buy thread is just a clever way for @dlow206 and @Golfspy_CG2 to avoid making a new thread to tell us what clubs they bought an hour ago.
  12. Are the spin and launch numbers a guess since you can’t measure on a launch monitor? When you were purchasing the club what type of numbers were you seeing when comparing the drivers? Too many unknowns to be able to give you any real advice as there could be many causes. Spin and launch can be related; but you can have various combinations based on how you deliver the club. The easiest way to lower your launch is to lower the loft of your driver. Just because you were in the 10:range with the M5 doesn’t mean that is what you need in the Titleist. Do you know if your angle of a
  13. You will not get a definitive answer unless you send it in. You have two people responding. I think it is probably real and the other believes it is fake. Your initial point about you belief that it was fake was that the cherry dots fell out; That happens with these putters. Then you mentioned that the weights don’t sit flush. You have aftermarket weights or the weights are real and the putter is a fake, or the weights just aren’t seated correctly. The PGA superstore indicated it was real and part of their responsibility is ensuring the clubs they take in are real.
  14. I watched the videos multiple times until the next set was made available. Was good to hear the info multiple times to make sure it sunk in.
  15. Absolutely bizarre. Gas stations around me are running out of gas and those that have gas have lines that are probably 45 min+ wait. People are reporting that stations may not have anymore gas until next week. Hopefully they get this pipeline shutdown thing fixed soon.
  16. There are usually some tell tale signs and many of the fakes are really good copies. unless you were comparing fonts and letter placement side by side you would never know. Based on the condition you wouldn’t get top dollar if you tried to sell. But the only way to be sure would be to send it in and it probably isn’t worth dining that. Enjoy the putter, Cameron’s don’t putt any better than another brand; even if it is fake.
  17. It was definitely used and abused. The cherry bombs falling out is a fairly common occurrence. Looks right to me, other than the cherry bombs what makes you think it is fake?
  18. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/kps-capital-partners-sell-taylormade-140000665.html
  19. You create an account on the Grint app, play a round; but before the round select the specified tour event. Make sure you enter your stats because we don't know the criteria that will be used to determine the winner. See the image below for the event to select.
  20. Just like club fitting, instructors have their approaches and methods to help people improve. Choose a single instructor and make sure you are both on the same page with what you want to accomplish. Lots of ways to swing a club.
  21. You post an 18 hole round in the Grint app using the specified tour event. At the end of the moth, the winner is chosen and the criteria for selection is revealed. All we know it that it has to do with putting so you need to make sure you post those stats. If you read the prior months event and this events first post and still have a question, feel free to ask for clarification.
  22. Here is my honest response. I don't think short putting mats (under 20') are really worth it. You can use at home things to make gates or a yardstick to work on your putting at home. Speed control is something that you need to work on and the only ways are a long mat or an ExPutt. I do love my ExPutt and it has helped my distance putting. Launch monitors are great and I would love to have one myself. But I voted for lessons; having read a lot of your post my interpretation is you are looking for equipment to improve your game and you keep questioning the equipment you have bought.
  23. You mean like when they add celebrities to the PGA events not very entertaining in my mind.
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