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  1. It is possible to go. When I went in 2010, there were tons of people buying and selling tickets on the roads on the way to the course.
  2. That was the Bryson's train derailing
  3. Based on you desire to have a 15 yard wide dispersion pattern, your expectations may be a bit high. Watched a course management video where a PGA pro hit 7 irons standing in the same spot and had a distribution about 30 yard wide. They have a dispersion of about 60 yards for driver. We all hit balls left and right of the target and can hit any one of those shots at any time. Not saying you don't need new shafts. Based on your post of being fit for 130g dynamic golds, I would also say steelfiber would be a good option to research.
  4. I like KBS Tours with swing speed in the middle of your; however, someone else will like Project X, and someone else will like Nippon. Lots of good shaft with lots of different profiles. The profile is important as it works with how you actually swing and load/unload the shaft. What is your dispersion width/depth width with say your 7 iron and what do you expect it to be?
  5. as a putter addict you should just buy them both. Toulon's are nice putters.
  6. I got my rejection email a couple of days ago. Got selected in 2010, but I have been sending in applications for much longer than 12 years. I remember back when you had to mail in your application via snail mail.
  7. I think it was 1600 EST; then it switched to NBC
  8. Looking forward to tonight. My daughter’s college football team will be playing on ESPN. Nice to see smaller colleges getting some air time. https://twitter.com/gocamelsfb/status/1306944814840127488?s=21
  9. Definitely early and he could totally fall apart but right now he is top 20 in fairways hit even when bombing the ball
  10. I think it depends on which grip. I have heard of some not having a weight.
  11. Not saying those aren’t great putters or knowledgeable guys. I could add names like Guerin Rife and Bobby Grace who would say face is important. According to Dean Snell; feedback on this provided in another thread, same putter and different ball will show little difference. Do you have to have grooves? Definitely not but if it helps you control speed a little bit then why not? Find the putter that lets you control speed then you have the right putter regardless of whether it has grooves or not.
  12. You don’t have to buy them all; even though that is a lot of fun, you can try them on the stores launch monitors. [emoji16]
  13. Guess the Bryson method can be effective in US Open conditions.
  14. I am not against doing this for more events but I still think it benefits the long hitters. Pretty sure that If you want to bring the short hitters back into contention you need to make fast with minimal rough to get shorter irons in their hands.
  15. Exactly. fitting yourself to the clubs can be done and people do it all the time. We buy clubs and go to the course or range and then learn how to hit them. People ask all the time about how long it takes to break in the clubs. Properly fit clubs work pretty much out of the gate because they fit your swing.
  16. I knew putters mattered having hit all the putters during most wanted testing. Some putter have hit faces and some not so hit. Reminded me of a story from Sean Toulon that I read on another forum. He got Tiger to try one of his putters. Tiger rolled a few putts handed it back to him and said it was a nice putter but it didn’t roll the ball the right distance. Basically tiger had developed a specific feel/stroke to roll the ball a specific distance and since the putter didn’t do that, he wouldn’t consider the putter. We amateurs generally don’t consider that when switching putters; we call it an adjustment period to get used to the new putter. We adapt for a while and the settle back into what we know which causes poor performance and the desire to switch putters. We should fit the putter to our stroke and not our stroke to the putter. While there are little difference off the putter, there will be different ball performance as we work through the irons and wedges. Probably less with the driver.
  17. I am doing the trial to see what I think. I am about halfway through the videos. I have data from my last half dozen or so rounds so I am going to enter that to see what it produces. The videos I have gone through are really informative about ideal course strategy Very similar to What my coach has given me about how to play. It really illustrates that we amateurs believe pros hit better shots than they actually do. Much of what I have seen so far can be found in other areas of the internet it just isn’t packaged as nicely as the subscription site.
  18. Do you have any golf shops near you that deal in used golf Clubs? Getting fit can simply be trying different used sets to see what works best for you. Most places have a launch monitor for you to capture numbers and assess how well the clubs work for you. Look at carry distance, how consistently you hit the ball from a dispersion perspective, maybe launch angle and spin numbers. All the clubs you listed are good clubs, the question especially in the used market is can you find the shaft head combo that works for you.
  19. So basically no difference that a player should be concerned with especially when looking at normal dispersion patterns.
  20. I would say people generally focus more on the head than that far up the shaft. I don’t notice mine but many shaft manufacturers have the logos pointed down so you don’t see them. Removing could be difficult since some are actually paint like Nippon shafts. Here is an article from MGS about how ping moved their putter labels. https://mygolfspy.com/rd-tools-eye-tracking/
  21. For those that are interested in learning more about decade, Scott is giving away a free month (no credit card/payment required ). Just look him up on twitter and you will find the link.
  22. Feel is a very subjective metric. People like different feels/sound from their putters so just because someone says this putter feels better doesn’t mean it will for you. The biggest complaint about Evnroll putters has to do with speed off the face. The grooves job is to even out the distance on offcenter strikes. To do that the slow the ball down when hitting the center of the face. That means you will need to adjust your stroke to account for that. I am one of the most wanted testers and can tell you there is nothing wrong with the Bettinardi; they are great putters. What you like will be specific to you. Also remember that the Most wanted rankings are based on what stock configuration will work best for most golfers. You need to evaluate what you like, what is important to you, and ideally try the putter to see what works best.
  23. I agree with you on inserts, face thickness, and milling patterns will influence ball speed off the face and that a ball will react and feel different when switching putters. I interpreted the original question being about whether the same putter would cause different balls to go different distances with the same stroke. You discussion of feel (sound) the ball makes may influence how we as a player stroke the ball which could influence distance. Perhaps if I had a robot do the testing, I might see some slight but insignificant differences. But as a player those difference probably become meaningless since even the best putters in the world have a fairly larger dispersion pattern for putts. The image below is the dispersion pattern of a PGA professional hitting 20 foot putts from the same spot. If this is how the best players in the world miss, I don't think a different ball will have a significant impact.
  24. Bizarre topic of conversation that ends up getting you shown in an MGS instagram story.....smh
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