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  1. It's definitely benign. The person that read the MRI that I did Friday saw what looked like it could be a hemangioma but couldn't definitively say even though it was shown in an CT from 2016 and again in a CT from last month (but they didn't have that CT since it was done by a different medical group. So the MRI yesterday was to use contrast to characterize it and make sure it was a hemangioma.
  2. Beating @sirchunksaloton this morning; which will probably never happen again. Up early today to go on a short family vacation. Hope everyone has a great day!
  3. Nope, looks like @GolfSpy SAM is the crazy one this time.
  4. I downloaded the transcript for the video and Titleist isn't mentioned at all.
  5. It’s the kids fault!!! You need to put on your PPE and protect yourself from those germs. hope you feel better soon.
  6. Club fitting is obviously a big topic when discussing golf clubs. I often read people that say I went to a fitting and they recommended this but the fitting wasn't good, I don’t think it was right, I was underwhelmed, etc. For those of you with this feeling, what did you expect your fitting to be like, was it your first fitting, and if it was your first, did you do any research prior to your fitting? Basically describe your notion of an ideal fitting.
  7. Morning all. Thanks for the well wishes. Back home from my MRI and catching up on all the spy news. Results were posted on the patient portal and not surprisingly the results stated/showed nothing different than prior testing has shown…kind of feels like a waste of time. Maybe the actual images will show something that isn’t in the report. Now I wait until I hear from the doctor and additional tests scheduled for mid October. other than that I’m finishing out the workday and hoping for a quiet rest of the day.
  8. Paper only for me. The only tech I use on the course is a handheld gps distance device and occasionally a rangefinder.
  9. Thanks. Did one last Friday and what they saw in that one made them want to do a different one. This should be the last one. Not sure what else they can scan for.
  10. Sounds like you are a professional The different grasses that you mention are also an issue with PGA pros; some play better or worse based on the grasses they are playing on.
  11. This: https://www.amazon.com/PSP-Golf-Little-Trainer-Adults/dp/B0B5G8SLGF?th=1
  12. before I answer, what are you considering a chipping? I see numerous definitions that range from the basic off the green chip to 20+ yard pitch shots.
  13. @chisag Never draft an Ohio State QB
  14. Maybe we need to get an AI insert for your head
  15. I get your perspective. However, haven’t you been posting about not being happy with your putting and missing too many “short” putts? Answer this: How may degrees of error do you have to make/miss a straight 10 foot putt?
  16. They already know. I am constantly picked on when I go testing because i always wear the same pair of shoes. The last pair I bought because they were giving me so much grief about the soles almost being worn though. I did right thing, bought a new pair and made the old pair to my lawn shoes. HQ definitely feels like I should have more shoes.
  17. Everyone has personal opinions on what they like and what you like isn’t bad or wrong. I will say that based on design of the putter an insert can feel more solid than a non insert face. For example milling depth and face thickness will make a putter feel softer or firmer. If you look at the progression of Odyssey inserts you can find a variety of feedback that range for. Too soft to too firm.
  18. this might give you a few more details on compression.
  19. I am pretty sure the huge pelts of grass are simply based on the type of grass and are very misleading to golfers. Back in my younger days I tried to get those flying divots but never could. The answer is because I play on Bermuda grass and I can never get that type of divot.
  20. I definitely think there will be a different feel. When I play I want a different feel on miss hits. Being able to differentiate heel, center, toe is key in assessing a miss. If the face feels the same you have no idea if it was stroke or something else.
  21. I am posting this partially in jest to your earlier comment about taking divots. Why take a divot
  22. While Bobby Graces HSM now has grooves, the early iterations did not. My guess is that is will be controlled by face thickness behind the white hot insert. Consistent ball speed but still provide the feel for a miss hit. Look at the Callaway AI designed driver faces. I am thinking the same theory behind the white hot face Golf kind of gets down to the numbers to the right of the decimal point. Smash factor (impact ratio for putters) is about the numbers to the right of the decimal. face control is about the numbers after the decimal. We want less than 1 degree of error. if you miss hit your driver and the AI design can turn that toe strike from a smash factor of 1.41 to 1.45 isnt that a good thing?
  23. Just curious, if you miss hit one of those warning shots and actually hit the person is your response going to still be that they deserved it? If they hit the ball back at you, because they felt you deserved it does that justify their action?
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