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  1. 16 minutes ago, chisag said:

    ... Not to be Captain Obvious and again most on a golf forum are usually pretty knowledgeable about the basics but I hope you guys are choking down on your clubs when standing closer to the ball for chips and pitches. Not talking about full swings but the amount of people I see that do not choke up for chips/pitches is just mind boggling. 

    I do for chips,  but when I get out to 20y plus I don't. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, Kenny B said:

    Monte kept trying to get me to stand closer to the ball as well; bad results!!  I'm still working on it.  However, I have good results when I set up closer with wedges. That doesn't bother me.  Go figure.  


    4 minutes ago, CarlH said:

    Getting closer to the ball was one of the changes from my swing coach, as well.  

    Closer worked well for full swing and for chips.  I just need to get the pitches figured out when I am on the course.  It worked okay on the range 🤪

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  3. 5 minutes ago, dnjstjr8563 said:

    Hmm, this is what my friend gave me for a gift, and I posted here because I thought it was very interesting item and also wanted people know that.  

    Sorry,  generally a first post on a forum doesn't look like an advertisement.  Unfortunately this one did so that is why you got the responses you did.  

    Generally items like this are targeted at more casual golfers.   Most players typically put the glove in their back pocket and markers in their pocket as well.  

  4. Didn't expect a lot during todays round after taking a lesson yesterday. I went into the round with the intent of trying to execute the swing I was working on yesterday no matter the results. Overall I didn't really have bad swing results; everything went pretty straight.  A couple of bad swings off the tee but overall tee shots weren't that bad; misses were just off the fairway with no impact on approach to green. Iron shots were generally pretty good. A few off the toe, but nothing significantly left or right. The big cause of the bogeys and worse was my pitching game. Yesterday my instructor had me get closer to the ball on my iron shots so I did the same with the pitch shots; didn't work very well and hit a lot of them fat. Generally got enough of the ball to get it up to the green but needs some work.  

    41/41:82.    6 Fairways,  7 GIR (3 nGir), 31 putts.  

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  5. 7 hours ago, ChasingScratch said:

    I love AMG videos.  I saw another one where they discussed this, but that it isn’t necessarily a conscious decision. Just like the upper/lower body separation to start the downswing.  It’s minimal, but it does exist.  But trying to make that separation massive can lead to terrible consequences.  I did a slow motion video of my swing and found that when I tried to move the upper and lower body a the same time in the downswing, I still had that separation. It felt like one on the same.  We’re talking milliseconds that are imperceptible.  But everyone’s feel/real is different and sometimes it needs to be engrained first before it can become unconscious.

    It is  probably the one I was actually looking for. I have seen another one that I think did a better job of explaining.   This is why instruction is so important.  You have to see what the player is doing and find something that works for that player.  My problem was that I was firing both the hips and shoulders at the same time and causing my hands to go out and not down.  This is why we worked on isolating the hips to start the lesson; the thought was keep back toward target and get the thighs in line again.  This one move did quite a few things for me.  It shortened my swing and prevented me from hinging my wrists more at the top of the backswing,  it caused my hands to start the drop down, and it gave me the necessary connection between the arm and chest.  This was a feel I  personally needed to get my swing in better sequence.  When I got the timings down,  my swing looked really good and I was hitting the center of the face. 

    6 hours ago, ejgaudette said:

    This is a feel versus real I struggle with. I have to feel like I start the swing with my shoulders to keep my boss from racing ahead and getting out of sync. Lately I have been missing that and it really gets the upper body left behind.

    And that is what you need.  There is no time in the swing to really consciously make these moves.  We were doing them in slow motion and stepping through the swing.  None of this was done at full speed during the lesson.  We were doing pretty much everything at 60%.  

    5 hours ago, ChasingScratch said:

    🎶 Your hips don’t lie! 🎶

    But again, the swing is so individual, which is why it is hard to take what a pro says they “feel” and try to use it in our swings or in mass golf swing instruction as a one-size-fits-all.  Are there commonalities between top professionals?  Yes.  But how they each feel/cue their motion is different and cannot be used for all.

    That is why I like my coach,  he doesn't tell me what I should feel.  We talk about what I need to do and I come up with the feels.  

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  6. 10 hours ago, TBT said:

    My misses are all over the place right now and “self diagnosing” my swing with YouTube videos seems to be making things worse....time to find a good instructor and start some lessons again 

    Self diagnosing your swing is very difficult and then you have to find the right fix for that problem.    I had a lesson yesterday and we worked through a lot of things to try and fix a toe strike.   We tweaked the backswing, hip turn, and a few other things.  My problem after quite a bit of diagnosis and reviewing launch monitor numbers is that I have a flying right elbow.  The elbow separation causes a myriad of compensations to try and fix make an effective swing.    getting someone to look at your swing is always a good idea.  

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  7. 16 minutes ago, Shankster said:

    Yeah... supposed to be cloudy too.  Bummer.

    I hope they do another Antares at night this year, I might even make the trip over to watch up close.

    I’d also like to report that my Pokémon card shortage has come to an end.  I found the place to go... my kids are happy, the wife, and my wallet... probably not as happy. 😂

    MAybe one day I will head over and watch a launch.   Will have to see how cloudy it will be.  I think it is supposed to be windier too so it may get delayed again.  



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  8. 31 minutes ago, BMart519 said:

    Do you mean at P2, shaft parallel in backswing you are already shifting back toward the target?

    Yep P2.   That is where; as my coach has described, applying the breaks and the body begins to recenter.  The AMG guys talk about it in this video.  


    Think of throwing a baseball.   Your arm is still going back while your body starts moving forward. 

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  9. 12 minutes ago, MattF said:

    Update time. I saw Randy again today and we worked on more lag (for want of a better term), more square to the target and flattening out my swing. It sounds like a lot, but it all works together and wasn't information overload.

    Hope the changes help.   Had my lesson today; made quite a few tweaks and hoping that I can incorporate them. 

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  10. 18 minutes ago, tchat07 said:

    Yeah I was supposed to a few years ago but that was the year it poured and the tournament was shortened. As of now I'm on hole 3 for Thursday and Sunday. 

    My  current schedule is:   

    • Thursday  grp 14,  approx 8:21, tee 10
    • Friday   grp 41, approx 1:43, tee 1
    • Saturday grp 16 approx 11 tee 1
    • Sunday grp 32. approx 1:30, tee 1

    Sat and Sun will probably vary a little based on number of players making the cut and adjustments that need to be make to add/remove scorers from the schedule.  Eager to see who I will be walking with this year 🙂    Maybe you will be the person that provides the driving distance to the scorers.   


  11. Good lesson today but I have a lot of work to do to correct the issues with the toe strikes.  Had issues with backswing, transition, and elbow. 

    Some of the problems in my current swing are backswing too long,  not separating the lower and upper body,  elbows are separating which are causing excess ulnar deviation.  These all resulting in my swing needing a lot of timing to pull it off.  So some days it worked and some it didn't and as my results have shown  the timing could fail part way through a round.

    Here is how we progressed:

    Started with back swing - Need to turn the upper body and not lift my arms; also reduced wrist break.  

    Transition/pressure shift forward - I was waiting too late to start the forward pressure shift. I had pretty much completed my backswing instead of recentering at club parallel.    

    Separate upper and lower body - my downswing started with a simultaneous rotation of the upper and lower body.  This causes the hands to go toward the ball instead of going down.   Spent a bunch of time moving to backswing complete and then rotating the hips and not the shoulders.  The rotation of the hips caused the hands to start their drop.  

    With the above three starting to improve,  it became clear that the problem was the right elbow.   This is going to be the hard part for me to get incorporated.  Suggestion is to use a tourstriker ball or a softball and not drop them.   This seems to be the primary cause of the toe strikes for me.  When the right elbow separates,  the hips go toward the ball,  the hands go out and I have to compensate.  Worked on this for a while and while I got better I never really was successful.   

    Going to be lots of practice swings and video to get this down.   What I did see was that what I would consider 50/60% swings were only about 15 yards short of my normal speed swings.   When I got close,  my swing looked really good.  

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  12. 3 hours ago, Feyderlange said:

    Me and my playing opponent were both on the green, just 2-3 feet apart. I walked up to the green and marked 'my ball'. Unfortunately, we used the ball of same brand, his ball with a faint marking at one side which I couldn't identify when i marked the ball. When the opponent walked to the green, he assumed the other ball was his and marked it as well 🙂

    He proceeded to putt and sank it into the hole! We applauded to his great putt. 

    Then it was my turn. When I placed the ball and saw the unfamiliar marking, I knew I'm screwed. 

    I didn't make the putt with his ball, but took over my ball from him, replace the ball from where he last putted. We both gladly took 2 penalty strokes each.

    I unintentionally marked the wrong ball which inevitably made him putt the wrong ball. That said, I had not hit the wrong ball. What would u guys do, for discussion sake?


    My interpretation is that the marking of the ball wasn't a problem.   Per rule 9.5B Exception 2:  Marking and Lifting Player’s Ball on Putting Green by Mistake: There is no penalty when the opponent marks the spot of the player’s ball and lifts it on the putting green in the mistaken belief that it is the opponent’s own ball.


    You could have avoided the penalty had you switched balls when you noticed the ball was not yours and putted with your ball.   Your opponent correctly took a penalty for playing an incorrect ball.   Both of you should have replayed your putts.   You should always verify your mark on the ball to ensure it is yours. 

  13. 4 hours ago, JChurch said:

    I can not find the memorial open on grint anywhere? Is anyone else having this problem??

    If the images and instructions  provided in this thread aren't helping,  post a photo of what you are seeing under that dropdown. 

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  14. 21 minutes ago, PMookie said:

    The physics of it all should have the heavier head hit with more force at equal speeds, or near equal, so it is definitely cool to see when comparing these shots.

    The physics is definitely interesting.   You can go lighter and faster to a point that there isn't enough mass to generate the ball speed or you can go heavier (increase mass) and slower and get more ball speed  until you get too slow.   Always tradeoffs that need to be figured out by the golfer.   

    Are you thinking of a driver change or just playing?

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  15. 11 hours ago, tchat07 said:

    I'm a marshal this year since they arent having standard bearers. I tried to get on the walking scorer's but she said you all filled up quick, which I get.

    Let me know where you are marshalling or when you are working.  I will be scoring everyday and would love to say hello.    The walking scorer group is pretty consistent year after year but they do get a few new people every year.  Gotta get signed up quick especially since returning volunteers get to sign up early.    I started as a standard bearer and that is a great committee as well;  even sub for them when they are short.  The only reason I switched was because adults only work 2 days of the tournament. 

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  16. 5 minutes ago, juspoole said:

    Ah - absolutely right - went back and reread.  This will be my sole entry in that case.  Thanks for helping me out.

    I don't think there is really an issue doing that since we really don't know the metric that will be to determine the winner.  

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  17. 19 minutes ago, juspoole said:

    Nice first round to start - Played a new course and was a nice find.  I get to play again tomorrow, but in a scramble.

    Should be able to play 4-5 more times for this 2nd grint event.

    Interesting strategy;  play a bunch of rounds and then figure out which one to enter.  

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  18. 1 hour ago, CarlH said:

    It's all relative 🙂  My handicap has gone up 3 points this year (6.9 - 9.9 GHIN) from those bad rounds.  It's getting old.  I'm working with a swing coach and I see some improvements, but it's not showing up on the cards, yet.  I know many would very happy shooting under 90 -- I well remember those days.  When my wife asks how my golf went, I have to be positive, because if I say something like "Oh, I shot awful with an 86", she'd say something like "I remember when you couldn't break 100!"  So, yes, it's all relative 🙂  

    It is definitely all relative.  When you can't break 100 you say you would be happy to score in 90s; until you do.   When in the 90s you want 80s and then 70s and then 60s.  It becomes even more frustrating when your scores go the other way since you still feel like you can play better. 

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