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  1. 15 hours ago, Tom the Golf Nut said:

    You can always get the score card on line if you don't have one for that course. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, water hazards and such.


    If you are really competitive you can get google earth pro and actually see the hole and measure distances 

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  2. 32 minutes ago, Peaksy68 said:

    No good, I assume he's not happy with the medial side. How did she break it? Not a routine looking fracture! Sad to hear about your f.i.l., hope both things work out as good as they can.

    Yes,  the bottom tip that broke off isn’t staying in place like he hoped so he is going to pin or add a plate to get it to stay in place.  
    She just slipped and rolled her ankle;  unfortunately everything just twisted and broke causing more damage.  

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  3. Curious how long people practice for when they’re playing 18.

    Generally you don’t practice before playing; you warmup.
    What you described about hitting some different shots and “playing” the first couple of holes is not practice.

    Practice would be doing the drills and working on the movements the pro gave you as part of your lesson. The length of a practice session will depend on what I am doing, how much time I have, and how I am feeling.
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  4. Today was another session of players distance iron testing club of the day was 7 irons.   Part of my goal was to work on ball center contact, not making too big of a swing, and not really going after the ball.   Contact was decent and as you can see from some of my numbers a bit on the toe, but definitely playable.    Tomorrow; unless it rains,  I will be playing in a league match.  



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  5. Just as my wife was starting to get comfortable, the surgeon calls and after looking more closely at Monday's x-ray he wants to do some more surgery.  To top that off, her father has reached a point that he needs more care than the family can provide.    😢

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  6. 36 minutes ago, cksurfdude said:

    Just curious as I don't have a specific practice plan (but probably should), and don't give away any proprietary info, but re: your practice plan -- about how many different drills are there, about how many reps for each, about how frequently should you run though it, etc...? Thx

    I have 8 drills that cover 4 major areas.  

    Low point drill and contact drill have to be done in a place to allow for full swing.  I Have to do these outside or when I am testing at MGS. Need to do them more but I am doing these a couple of times a week.  the other drills are easily done inside and I spend about 20 minutes running through them. No specific number of reps and sometime I just grab a club and do the drills when I want a break during the day.  They are slow motion and used to help train feel and positions. 

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  7.  I am now a couple of weeks into working on my swing.  Most evenings I am running through most of the practice plan provided by my coach.  

    The plan is a bunch of drills designed to work on pressure shifts between my feet, proper upper body rotation,  release/follow though path for how I hold the club, backswing length, swing Sequencing, and managing impact.   All but a couple of the drills I can do indoors Since they don’t require a full swing.  I have been slack on working on the ball striking drill and based on my last session of most wanted testing it showed.

    During my last testing session, My warm up swings were great, but started hitting some fat shots while doing the actual testing.  The   Release drills are designed to help with center strikes;  they must be helping since strikes were much better.  Based on my initial assessment my backswing gets a little long and I shift weight over my back foot which causes me to hit the ball fat.  I have another testing session today so we will see if I can do a better job managing the swing. 

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  8. Wanted to pose a question to testers using the super speed training system, is anyone experiencing an increasing in low back pain or any other joint related pathology since beginning the training protocols? I am a physical therapist and am interested in learning more about protocols and how I can apply it to my patients in the future

    No low back pain, but do experience pain/stiffness in my fingers. Can’t specifically point to superspeed as I also make a lot
    of swings doing testing for MGS,
    But when I stopped last year I did get Some relief.
    Based on suggestions in this thread I have switch to a baseball style grip for superspeed which has minimized the discomfort but not 100% eliminated.
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  9. My $0.02. There are lots of swing approaches and they all work and all can help you become more consistent. What it will Come down to is how much you are willing to invest in the overhaul since this probably isn’t an overnight fix.

    Don’t look at pros and what approach they follow, they spend all day hitting balls and working on mechanics because it is their job and they can make something that may not be ideal for them work simply because if the time they put into it.

    GG has an approach that works and if it resonates with you then by all means follow his approach.

    Good luck on you road to improvement.

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  10. Wedges, the most complicated club in the bag. I say that because we want them to be able to hit 100 different shots and work in all kinds if conditions.

    I actually like your thought process one general wedge that I can learn and use all over the place.

    Forget about the manufacturer, they all make a general purpose wedge that works for short game, sand, and can be opened up some. It should come in a mid bounce if 10-14 degrees with loft
    of 54-56*.

    Just pick one and like you do with you classic clubs learn how to use it an manipulate it to accomplish your goal. Grinds can help make hitting certain shots easier but at the expense of
    something else. For example high bounce with no edge
    Relief will work in sand but not be as easily opened for flop shots. The club with low bounce will let you open the face but reduce effectiveness for sand play.

    You have probably learned all the techniques you need from playing your classic sets. Just do the same think with a new wedge.

  11. 3 hours ago, den748 said:

    So my next question then is...what is everyone's range?  Mine is a 78 to 98 in my past 20 rounds.   So 20 strokes.  I've seen worse for sure.

    77-88 is my typical range;   most scores are low 80s.  My league plays 9 and I can range 36-50 (had a couple of bad weeks).

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  12. 53 minutes ago, ChitownM2 said:

    I know what you posted is correct, but is that really the best course of action for someone who has never golfed before? Based on the original post, the person swinging the club is not OP, it's his brother who is new to golf. Wouldn't it make sense for someone knowledgeable to check out his posture/swing and make sure he isn't doing something that could be causing him to come in too flat before bending the clubs?

    Definitely.  I would always recommend lessons but the in my mind the question was about the state of the clubs.   As someone else posted chicken or egg problem.   Bending clubs for lie angle is a pretty straightforward thing to do so if they need to be changed after lessons it can be done.   Sometimes even the pro can bend them for you. 

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  13. Glad to hear she's on the road to recovery.  That was a nasty looking break; your wife is a tough lady.  But then the wives are generally tougher than us when you get right down to it, aren't they?

    Thanks, she is recovering but will take a while. She is definitely tough and yep tougher than I am.
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  14. Problems with a silver lining.  A house fire destroyed two rooms, but we have cleared out everything to the studs and the restoration crew starts today.  Long process, but it's coming together. 

    Most importantly no one was hurt. Even though it will be a long process the house can be rebuilt.
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  15. Sounds like you have some knowledge on what to look for. Since You don’t have a demo day or quality fitter available, why not
    go to the golf mart and try some combos to see what works and what doesn’t. While you provided lots of info, it is really impossible for us to tell you what would work. People will tell you shafts they like but that really has no relevance to what will work for you. You have to experiment to find the best fit.

  16. Where did you find the instructor? Local?


    I’d like to get my swing checked out.

    I worked with him many years ago; thought he got out of the lesson business but learned that he hadn’t through his posts here. He is local to me but trying to establish an online coaching presence; I am sure if you reach out to [mention=69065]edteergolf[/mention] on the forum and he can give you more info on what he is doing.


    He and I click on our thought process and could talk to him all day about golf and how to improve. I highly recommend him, but also realize not all instructors work for everyone.


    Please note that I am not getting any compensation from Ed by taking about my process and passing his name along.

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  17. At the end of the day putters are putters and whichever one enables you to accomplish the basic fundamentals will work. That could be a Tyson Lamb, Cameron Circle T, Cameron retail, Evnroll, odyssey, Wilson, or one of the many other manufacturers.

    Cameron’s are high quality as are the other putters. Cameron caters to the pros and as a result has many putters in tour player bags. The fact that they show up on TV has created interest and as a result the prices go up. As long as people are paying the price the merchandise will be

    Are Cameron’s better? Probably one of the most debated topics on golf Forums. You can see differing opinions within this thread and thus forum is vey civil compares to others. People putt well with Cameron’s and people putt poorly. There are a variety of models so as long as you find one that works for you stroke it will perform well. Find one that fights your stroke and it will cost you shots on the course.

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