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  1. 1 hour ago, GT1885 said:

    Are there any modern game improvement irons that look more traditional in terms of thickness of top line and offset?

    What do you consider “traditional”?   GI irons implement design features to improve a players forgiveness, launch, and ease of use.   Many OEMs are doing a good job at blending the features to make them look slimmer though some OEMs package/label the bigger SGI type iron as GI.   I’ve recently started doing most GI wanted testing for MGS and have been impressed with the size and profile of some of the GI heads. Some of my favorites have been Cobra, Callaway and Ping irons.   Of course you still need to consider spin since GI irons often trade spin for distance.   The real answer is you need to get them in you hands and see how they perform and if they meet you “look” criteria.  

  2. 11 minutes ago, Wheelieb said:

    As interesting as it sounds, 90 bucks to give it a shot just to find out that it doesn't work for you seems like a terrible idea. Would I try it? Absolutely. Would I want to pay for it just to find out it isn't for me? Questionable. Maybe MGS Admins have this one in the works to test...Maybe. Or could be a next season thing? @GolfSpy_APH may be on that, but I would presume we wouldn't know until that Testers Wanted post came out...Hahaha

    You can buy a demo/slightly used one for $35.

  3. 17 minutes ago, GolfSpy MPR said:


    •  I aim to the right of my target; Blast can't know where my real target is, so because I return my putter closed to my aim, it will think I've pulled everything. What I want from that number is consistency.

    This will be interesting to see with the LAB and if you switch to their putting approach of very light grip/thumbs off and letting the putters stay square to the path.   Kind of moves you toward needing to aim at the target since you are applying torque to “pull” the putt online.  

  4. 8 minutes ago, GolfSpy MPR said:

    A more serious question for my fellow ExPutters: talk to me about the face stickers.

    Right now, I'm probably getting a face read on about 70% of my putts. I am using the included stickers. My intent is to buy a bunch of stickers from Amazon so I never have to think about stickers again. I figure half-inch would work, though the included stickers are slightly bigger than that.

    Have you all found lighting tricks that help the ExPutt have a higher read percentage for face? Any suggestions for a sticker that's worked for you? Or have you found the stickers don't do much?

    I have some white tape that I just put on and take off. I get lots of use out of a single piece and just stick it on the grip of an extra putter.   Doesn’t have to be round.   And I don’t think size is that important.  

    lighting is always the biggest issue.   Overhead lighting is the best.   I saw your setup on Twitter/X and would also suggest trying to get the camera higher.   Seems to work better the closer you are to max height.   

  5. 5 minutes ago, Bearlyscratch said:

    I may be alone, but I think lag putting is basically all feel. You can’t really clock system your way to 45 footers because there are so many variables. Uphill, downhill, how much break, etc…they all work together.

    There are people that putt based on “feel” and people that putt “mechanically” but it is very possible to develop a clock system for putting.   With putting you should have a consistent rhythm which should give you predictable distances based on length of stroke.  You can call it “feel” but you are doing mental calculations to determine how to swing the putter; which really isn’t “feel” it’s physics.  🧠

  6. 31 minutes ago, Hacker60521 said:


    @cnosil I think middle is always better for non professionals on most approach shots. I understand what Scott Fawcett is saying about those two holes, but I look at that more as how you manage the hole to get to your approach shot. That said, how I play a 150 yard approach vs a 25 yard approach will be different because the shape of my shot, carry, roll, and dispersion. But for me if I’m going for the middle of the green. I’d rather be on the green and looking at a 45 ft putt than short-sided 10 yards off the green needing to chip out of the rough and across a trap.

    Play how you wish, just posting a counter point to targeting the middle.   I’ve have had multiple coaches that said to not target the middle in most cases.   As you mentioned distance; as well as other factors, plays a significant role in where to target.  Understanding dispersion is key even for non professionals.   

  7. 1 hour ago, Hovland said:

    This is the recommendation I get from the Vokey Wedge Selector Tool... 

    Since you entered what you intend to do with the clubs, this is just as good of an opinion as anyone can give you.   

    2 hours ago, Hovland said:

    My understanding is that I should go with mid to high bounce on the 52 and 56 but low bounce on the 60.

    Having higher bounces in a couple of wedges and low in one is general advice that is given.  If you look at Dan Grieve’s latest video his bounces are 9, 10, 7.   

  8. 1 hour ago, benb1989 said:

    Bit or an argument in our golf group. A guy done an air shot off the tee, half the group said it counts the other half said because it's off the tee it doesn't. Please can someone confirm 

    Per USGA rules a stroke is:

    The forward movement of the club made to strike the ball.

    But a stroke has not been made if the player:

    • Decides during the downswing not to strike the ball and avoids doing so by deliberately stopping the clubhead before it reaches the ball or, if unable to stop, by deliberately missing the ball.
    • Accidentally strikes the ball when making a practice swing or while preparing to make a stroke.


    If there is intent to hit the ball and the player misses it counts as a stroke

  9. 1 minute ago, JoeCool said:

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t do it, I’m only asking for a logical answer as to why it is so important for getting chosen as a tester. What does it say to the 8 admins to see the picture of an animal as a "profile  photo"?

    The forum moderator answered this for you a couple of posts up.   It shows that you have  the ability to upload a photo and eliminates the need for them to search your posts to see it any of them have photos.  

  10. 1 minute ago, Jonboy said:

    When looking for testers do you have an age range? Or is handicap or just a combination of several things. I noticed you don't ask how long the they have been playing. 

    The forum staff wants anyone to be able to test anything no matter how long they have been playing golf.   However, the OEMs occasionally have geo restrictions or specific handicap ranges or other specific criteria they want put in place for the testers.   

  11. 11 minutes ago, CFreddie said:

    Was just about to share this @cnosil - I think this is a great visual aid for understanding path / stroke.  I think once we get over the "initial" onboarding of the DF3, I think this may be the biggest mental hurdle on a LAB going forward (having to "fight" some bad habits instilled with our old putters). 

    What I posted isn't specifically a LAB thing but a putting thing that should apply to any putter.  I posted the LAB video to keep it topic centric 🙂 


    4 minutes ago, jbern said:

     I also love the advice from @cnosil… the ball goes where your face is pointing at impact!

    Really isn't advice,  it is a fact  🙂


  12. 19 minutes ago, JCole said:

    That confirms it, thank you. It not being random tells me all I need to know

    If you read the How to be a Tester thread like indicated you would have seen this post where @GolfSpy_APH specifically says it isn't random.   What that thread and what we have indicated in our responses is that you need to be actively engaged on the forum to be selected.   There have been numerous people selected with less than 50 posts so it isn't based on how long or how many posts you have made.   There were numerous people selected for Bridgestone balls with a handful of posts.   What you post tells me is you really don't want to be involved and you just want free stuff.....which is the primary reason the selections aren't random.   


  13. 13 minutes ago, ABgolfer said:

    This rule states that you get a penalty if you see another person about to take an action concerning the players ball or equipment that they know would breach the Rules and you do not take reasonable steps to object or stop it from happening. Please explain this rule and give an example. Thanks

    I believe you have misquoted the rule.  From the USGA rules:

    (1) Actions Giving Rise to Penalties. A penalty applies when a breach of a Rule results from a player’s own actions or the actions of their caddie (see Rule 10.3c).

    A penalty also applies when:

    • Another person takes an action that would breach the Rules if taken by the player or caddie and that person does so at the player’s request or while acting with the player’s authority, or
    • The player sees another person about to take an action concerning the player’s ball or equipment that they know would breach the Rules if taken by the player or caddie and does not take reasonable steps to object or stop it from happening.


    It is explained in the interpretations of the rules


    A player is responsible when another person’s action breaches a Rule with respect to the player if it is done at the player’s request or if the player sees the action and allows it.

    Examples of when a player gets the penalty because they requested or allowed the action include:

    • A player asks a spectator to move a loose impediment near their ball. If the ball moves the player gets one penalty stroke under Rule 9.4b (Penalty for Lifting or Deliberately Touching Ball or Causing It to Move) and the ball must be replaced.
    • A player’s ball is being searched for in tall grass. A spectator finds the ball and presses the grass down around the ball, improving the conditions affecting the stroke. If the player, seeing that this is about to happen, does not take reasonable steps to try to stop the spectator, they get the general penalty for a breach of Rule 8.1a (Player’s Actions That Improve Conditions Affecting the Stroke).


    Basically if you see a person doing something to your ball that you or your caddie are not allowed to do you need to take action to stop them.  

  14. 16 minutes ago, Steve F said:

    @cnosil, no sir. Thank you for pointing that out! This is my normal putting stroke. I zoomed in and see what you're saying, and I appreciate the feedback! 

    👍  Just remember,  the ball pretty much goes where the face points at impact.  You don't need to force putter rotation or a putter arc...You stand pretty close to the ball so there won't be a lot.   With the DF3, they will tell you very light grip pressure and basically just move the putter back and forward.  

    I don't personally like the training aid but the video give a good explanation of moving the putter and arcing.  If yo notice the device attached to the putter stays flat on the board.....meaning you don't rotate your hands at all!


  15. 34 minutes ago, JCole said:

    Actually I have read it. 


    5 minutes ago, JCole said:

    My pic is a C

    Looks like the default avatar that is displayed if you have no picture; I'd suggest changing it.    Also 4 of you 6 posts have been in this topic.  You should start getting more involved on the forum.....post in the good morning thread,   post a WITB with photos,   review your equipment,  talk about what equipment you are thinking about.    If you have read the How to be a tester thread you know that being engaged on the forum is necessary to be picked; it isn't a random draw.    Going back to your first post,  you are correct that you probably won't be picked based on the profile picture and forum activity.   

  16. 14 minutes ago, StillSeeking10 said:

    Has anyone had experience - good or not - with L.A.B putters? Their fitting and development perspective is interesting, but the MEZZ.1 MAX could be an expensive experiment.

    Use the search feature,  there numerous threads with peoples experiences with the various lab putters both positive and negative.  There have also been several testing opportunities with forum member feedback.  Testers were recently chosen for the DF3 and they will be testing soon.   PGASS and other golf shops have them in house for you to try;  you can search their website for locations.    Search content titles for LAB and for L.A.B.

    Here is a FAQ on how to use the search


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