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  1. 2 hours ago, sager said:

    Hello forum members.  I wonder if you can help me with an iron issue.

    I got a new set of AP-3 irons two years ago and (believe it or not) just realized the swingweight feels way too light - no head feel compared to a couple of friends' irons - Mizuno EZ/graphite and Srixon 565/steel.  I know it's not precise, but using an online tool and carefully weighing and measuring my irons I came up with a consistent swingweight of C8 for them; the Titleist website indicates they should be D2 (not specified iron or graphite).  

    My shafts are Mitsubishi Tensei CK red.  I know some other iron manufacturers state a one-number lower swingweight for graphite versus iron shafts in their clubs.

    My question is what should I do in terms of changing the grips (currently GolfPride Tour Velvet 360 Midsize, 53.5 grams) to get my irons to a swingweight of D1 at least?  One option I have read is change to lighter grips - have heard that each 4-5 gm lighter grip changes the swingweight one point.  I plan to change to standard size grips with one or two wraps of tape.  Your suggestions are appreciated.

    You are correct grip would be about 5 grams per swingweight point.   You want to move 3 so that would be about 15 gram so you would need grips in the  upper 30 gram range.  Winn Lite grips would get you there.     You can also increase weight at the head of the club.  Easiest is lead tape but you could also add tip weights if you wanted to disassemble the clubs.  

  2. Single Plane; the shaft and right arm are inline with each other. You address the ball in the position that you’d be in when you strike the ball. Moe Norman called it Natural Golf and Todd Graves coined the term Single Plane.
    One Plane; the shaft and hands are on the same plane as the shoulders. This swing requires a shallowing move before impact because of the steepness of the shoulders in the backswing.
    To find a much better definition I’d suggest YouTube. Todd Graves for SP and Jim Hardy for OP. Their very different concepts and I’m certainly no expert. 

    Did some quick reading and it seems like the same concept with graves defining it to be exactly like the Moe Norman swing and on a particular plane. Less rigid instructors take it to mean the back and forward swing are on the same plane. Subtle differences just like you would find in two plane swings with some being more vertical and some being more laid off.
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  3. not to stir the pot but Single Plane and One Plane are different swing concepts. BDC is the only tour player using SP, but there are several One Plane players on tour.

    Interested in learning about the differences. Can you expand on the differences or provide a link to something that can. I have only heard if one plane and two plane.
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  4. 2 hours ago, THEZIPR23 said:

    I don't think this is correct. DECADE uses strokes gained as a basis for playing a golf course. He talks a lot about dispersion patterns, but it is simply a way to point out that you will have variance whether a tour pro or a weekend hack. I haven't read LSW so I can't comment on that, however one of the biggest benefits that I have gotten from DECADE is the tracking of your "mental" scorecard. Scott has said it himself, his program is ridiculously simple, it's not rocket science but it also isn't something that has been taught in the past.   

    I've just watched the month one content and didn't see a lot about strokes gained other than it is the underlying foundation for making decisions.   From watching all the other videos I have found online,  it seems to be mostly about determining your target which is based on the dispersion pattern and obstacles that may alter the decision slightly.  I could be very wrong about this though. 🙂


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  5. A question for [mention=65431]analyticandrew[/mention], have you read Every Shot Counts (Broadie), or Lowest Score Wins?  The first discusses the Strokes Gained concepts and trends learned from the statistics and discusses a lot of the things you describe, the second covers additional "planning" techniques based on Strokes Gained concepts.  Most of what you've described of the Decade system is similar to the things I have taken away from the two books.  I'm not suggesting that any of these is superior to any of the others, just wondering how much overlap there is.

    Never saw an answer to this but based on listening to Scott’s month one videos and what I know about the other two, the decision making aspect seems similar and is where there could be overlap. Scott seems to use the strokes gained as a basis for the decision making, but the core is about making decisions without emotion. Basically identify a target and play to that target. Don’t change because you are behind in match play or because you need a birdie. The foundation is that there is a correct way to ay every hole and that is how it should be played.

    I think this is similar to the decision mapping process in LSW. Both seem to look at dispersion patterns and where to put them to avoid trouble. I think with LSW you build you own cones and with decade the math has been done and optimized so you just play to a target and move that target based on some on course modifiers.

    You have gotten me interested in getting the LSW; wanted to get it a while ago but never did.

  6. Fair point. There are plenty of times where I keep my driver in the bag and opt for my 3 wood more often on tight par 4's then trying to reach a green in 2 on a par 5. Keeping the ball in play and out of trouble off the tee is really my weakest part of my game right now.
    I am leaning more towards a new 3 wood this year its just a matter of pulling the trigger.

    Just a comment about your off the strategy. I’ve been following the work of Scott Fawcett; which is basically the same advice as my instructor is giving me, play the driver. You really gain no advantage by playing 3 wood off the tee. Dispersion patterns for 3’wood are basically the same as driver. Learn to hit driver.
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  7. I love these ball tests. One thing I am not sure I completely understand is the "true price". Is it higher priced if it does better or worse in the test?
    The balls out this year. The TP5 is one of my favs. I didn't think I would like the new pix alignment deal. But it actually works pretty well. 

    The higher the price over retail cost means that the quality is considered worse. Basically it is how much you need to spend to get 12 good balls. Ideally the true cost and retail price would be the same.
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  8. I made a deal with myself that I am not going to take video anymore.  It is shorter for sure, less wrist hinge. 
    Also, I am just hitting a foam ball in the yard.  Going to take the idea of the short swing to the range today or tomorrow. They do start a little further right than the longer swing.  Whether they’ll draw back or be a push is going to be the deciding factor.

    I hope it works out. From personal experience I can tell you that less wrist hinge does not mean shorter swing. I used to over hinge my wrists which made the club head go farther but the swing really wasn’t longer.
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  9. There won’t be a lot of club advances between this years and last years models. For the amount you probably should be hitting 3 wood get a cheaper model from this year. Since we are reaching the end of the golf year, Probably want to get fit sooner rather than later to get ideal configuration unless you want to hunt the internet for specific configuration.

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  10. Messing around with backswing lengths, I’ve found that a shorter, Rahm-ish backswing generates the same speed as a full one... now I just have to figure out how to get the extra gear from the full swing.

    Have you made a video of the shorter swing to confirm it is actually shorter? Why not stick with this one? I would guess it helps with sequencing and generates better results.
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  11. I heard on a Callaway podcast it was because they all grew up with the white hot insert and were just used to the feel. 

    The only problem/inaccuracy with this is how people interpret “feel”. Pros generally use the putters that they use because that feel translates to ball speed. Ball speed is distance control and they have trained themselves over many years that the sound/feel they experience will cause the ball to go X distance.

    Since they are good at hitting close to the same spot and delivering the putter in the same way they won’t see as much benefit from ball roll technologies. Evnroll for example would require a player to learn new feels to roll the ball a specific distance since center contact has lower ball speeds.

    Amateurs who struggle with delivering consistent loft, face angle, or ball impact location benefit from ball roll technologies since they help equalize those misses.

    I don’t think there can be any argument that grooves change how a putter performs. The question is whether the technology provides you with the help you need. For example if you deliver the club with an open face and off the heel on one putt and then a closed face off the toe on the next you need to work on your stroke and worry about the putter characteristics beyond the face.
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  12. Good article, I agree with all of it except “Club Champion is the best club fitter around.” They’re not the worst, but you can definitely get a useless fitting at CC, I did and it cost me $400+. And their “guarantee” doesn’t help.
    My only beef is the people who recommend fitting as the best answer for everyone always. Lessons and practice will do more for most players than fitting unless you’re using 30 year old clubs or somehow you’ve been grossly misfit (unlikely but possible). If you’ve been grossly misfit, any Golf Galaxy can probably tell you for free.

    Yep, we know you don’t like club champion. As you said if you took them out of the article, it is still accurate and details how fittings actually work. They are not a magic bullet that will fix your game. You need to actually work on your game to do that.

    I still believe that properly fit clubs will provide an advantage over non fit clubs. Potentially a fitting at a place like golf
    Galaxy can produce favorable results, but more often than not, the caliber of person doing the fitting isn’t the highest.

    As one of the most wanted testers I am in probably more of a unique position than most others on the forum. I get to hit most any club on the market and while looking at things genetically all the clubs in a category perform adequately. Yes, There are exceptions but you get reasonable performance. The knowledge fitter has the ability to take that up a step or two since they should have the knowledge to look at the numbers and understand what you do consistently. All swings have a consistent pattern, it is the slight variations that cause the results to vary.
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  13. That was such a great read and so spot on that I've booked marked it for the next time I'm tempted to change clubs or bag set up.  I loved it when Matt was a MGS regular.  He's full of wit and common sense.

    I thought the same thing; even think it should be a bookmark on the MGS forum but I don’t make those decisions.
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  14. I'm laughing only because I just had a "stinker round" a couple weeks ago.  The round felt worse than the 91 result.  Of course I was playing from the blue tees (71.5/130/6678), trying to keep up with the pro who was getting ready for the weekend event (73.9/135/7053). At the first tee, I almost said "oh what the hell, I'll give the TIPS a try"... glad I reconsidered . His drives were easily 2x further than the average 21 yards/hole difference in distance.

    I was actually playing up to work on 125 and under. It really was just on of those days...bad shots, bad decisions, and after the plus 10 front I just kinda lost mental focus to try and play decent. Hit the ball better during most wanted testing yesterday and hope to do the same tomorrow and get in a little more short game work before my round on Sunday.
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