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  1. You asked for drills, which are about fixing swing issues or working on a specific thing such as iron low point, face angle control, or distance control in putting. Drills aren’t really generic in my mind. I don’t get bored with practice and primarily focus on hitting a stock shot and tightening dispersion circles. Basically hit balls to random distances and dial in your carry distances. This applies for short game shots as well. To do this effectively, you need a launch monitor or something that will give you your carry numbers and how far you miss the target distance. Add in hitting balls above and below your feet and uphill and downhill. Want to get a bit more advanced, throw in different lies to see how the ball reacts. IMO, if you you are doing that you are covering everything you need to do from a swing perspective.
  2. Question for your coach since we have no idea what is wrong with your swing. The coach is having you work on specific things and the drills should be targeted to identified issues. He has you working with a couple of drills to ensure you do the drills correctly.
  3. Better than a PGA pro, can’t wait to see you on TV!
  4. Most of the rack wedges are going to be 120 gr. 95 is probably a good weight. Going to probably have to custom order to get the lighter shafts.
  5. Interesting. Did a quick search, they look nice; looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  6. TV ratings are coming out and provides a clear indicator that Masters > RyderCup.
  7. Unfortunately, Based on current form she will be near the bottom of the leaderboard and nowhere near the cut line
  8. Was launch angle similar on these? Was the problem face contact? Different ball flights? As Randy has said, I’d probably look at face contact and launch. Spray some foot powder and see where you are hitting the face. Launch angle could be too flexible of a shaft causing the shaft to not release consistently.
  9. Way to leave us hanging. What putter are you trying?
  10. let’s take a step back. Firs grunting and sweating to me indicates swinging hard and not fast. How far do you carry you tee shots on a course; or what is total distance and fairway hardness? let’s try and assess a swing speed that way. Maybe it is the rapsodo….interference from something, placement, or some other anomaly. Have you tried swinging at different speeds to see if slower swings seems to correctly register? Any measurement on other devices? also swing speed isn’t always an indicator of flex so look at the bright side, you could still be in a x-stiff flex even with a 70 MPH swing
  11. Mine are a little heavier. Can’t judge flex since they aren’t the same shaft…no universal measurement for flex, but based on a label same flex. IMO, as long as it isn’t a terrible fit you should be ok. I have learned weight is probably the biggest consideration. I use lightweight shafts in my irons and the stock wedge shafts were too heavy so it made for a tough transition. Replaced with shafts that were in the 95 gram weight class and performance was improved.
  12. I can’t help the fact that you do things wrong
  13. I’ll second @Getoffmylawn questions. I guess I have had the word “consistency” beaten out of my brain when it comes to golf because we are all fairly consistent with our swing. What are you trying to improve and how do you think a different driver will fix? as a 2.0 handicap you must do pretty well off the tee and generally avoid trouble. you describe your miss as a push fade with the occasional slice that after you hit too many if you get your hands overactive and hit the low hook. You also describe and over the top move due to fatigue. Everything there sounds reliable and consistent. my “stayed at a holiday in express” thought is face control would be the area to work on.
  14. Data golf posts stats for each session so you could look there, but not sure what you think is relevant. Americans did do better tee to green as the event went on; which I consider to be the relevant measurement while others think it is putting or some other area. https://datagolf.com/ryder-cup/strokes-gained
  15. Of your choices I would say the masters. The Masters involves players from all over the world; any country and as your friend said is pretty much known by golfers and non golfers. The Ryder cup is US vs. Europe which alienates a lot of the world.
  16. One if the keys to putting well is consistent center face contact, Over my lunch break I broke out the foot powder and simulated 20 putts with distance ranges if 5-30 feet to,see what my face contact looked like. Hit a few a little on the toe but not bad. Wish I had this pattern on my full swing clubs
  17. Preaching to the choir. I’m on 3 months and have an appointment 6 weeks from now with no diagnosis in site. My wife keeps saying she is going to come with me since she doesn’t think I am explaining what is going on with enough urgency. hope they figure it out quickly and you get on the road to recovery.
  18. The Euros also took a statistical approach for course management. https://www.si.com/golf/news/stats-guru-edoardo-molinari-european-ryder-cup-team
  19. Yep, this is why I talk about stats a lot. Now if I could just fix the technique issues.
  20. Interesting. I know I am going back to stats, but I would think you are pretty consistent with path and since face standard deviation is typically twice the paths standard deviation that you would be focusing there. I have verified this is true with my swing based on face angles measurements on a launch monitor and where I am trying to improve. Thought maybe you had some tips
  21. Why do you think this isn’t done at the recreational/golf league level? While I don’t play at the level of amateur completion that you do, I use google maps on new course that I am playing, I establish driver lines, I work on my mental focus, etc. my goal is still to shoot the lowest score I can. I understand that most weekend golfers don’t do this, but better and more committed golfers do.
  22. I am assuming more left/right dispersion focused and probably face control. What’s you approach to doing this?
  23. I think we are discussing two types of “stats”. You are talking about individual performance stats that are about what to work on for improvement. The stats of the original post are about how to play the course from a strategy perspective…what club to take off the tee and target on approach shots.
  24. When looking at these strategies most people question the hit it as far as possible mentality believing that you will hit more fairways and greens if you lay back. Your personal shot dispersion does come into play when hitting approach shots. Recovery and approach shots are calculated real time so t isn’t discussed on threads like this very often. Don’t know how much you know about DECADE, but it is a driver first unless penalties come into play making the safe area less than 70yards, then pick target target based on how far you are out from the hole. Recovery is another think but generally get the ball back into a safe place and don’t take the hero shot. This doesn’t guarantee no bogies or worse but maximizes your chances to get the best score. Golf balls are not hit with rifle accuracy; they are more of a shotgun pattern so You cannot look at one or two shots, you have to look at long term probabilities
  25. I guess it depends on your definition of reliable. The V5 is designed to automatically capture shots and the H4 requires a manual tap of the tag on the device. Sometimes shots are missed and you still have to adjust locations via the shotscope dashboard after every round. Even if I had to add or adjust 5-10 shots or more I still considered it reliable from a shot capture perspective. Commercial GPS accuracy in these devices is limited and will always be slightly off.
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