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Test Comments posted by cnosil

  1. 35 minutes ago, EasyPutter said:

    It has been a long time since I have experienced envy (or is it jealousy) and knew it would happen with these custom bags when I had to console myself for not being able to join the adventure. 

    They look awesome - very glad that they are as good as promised and looking so sharp - very glad that this venture became a success and everyone has something to represent with that communicates professionalism and makes a statement that MGS Forum is a presence to be considered by any who see these on the course.

    Going to need more consoling 😭


    The one nice thing is that we will get to see @GolfSpy BOS bag next week. i think there Will be a lot of checking out of new equipment next week.  

  2. 11 hours ago, Peejer said:

    I've signed up for dozens of testings over the years, the more popular MyGolfSpy has become, the less likely it is that I'd be chosen.  I just saw that there are 3,789 entries for this contest - and there's typically even more for the more well known brands (Callaway Paradym irons had almost 9,000 entries).  Having said that, I'm not here because the testing opportunities - I'm here for the data and grateful that MGS exists. 

    Just to clarify some points for people that might read your post:

    1. These testing opportunities are not contests. It isn’t a random draw but a hand picked selection of people that the mod team believes will do a good job testing. 
    2.  Being selected has a direct relationship to your forum participation.  If you only apply to be a tester you won’t be picked.  You don’t have a profile picture, you won’t be picked.  


  3. 16 minutes ago, tdc1 said:

    I fully understand that OEMs can/do place some restrictions.  I fully understand that MGS should/does try to follow those restrictions to the extent it can without crossing a line that alienates the OEM or turns MGS into a shill for the OEM.

    My initial post was in response to the wording for the call for testers that (1) implies that the ball is too good for golfers of my current handicap, and (2) seems to fly in the face of what MGS (or, at least, Tony Covey) has been preaching for the past few years.

    Maybe I just woke up on the grumpy side of the bed.

    I'll go with grumpy side of the bed; happens to everyone 🙂   

    I don't take the wording of the call for testers too seriously, but I have been here a long time and understand that the forum and MGS would like every test to be for everyone and be worldwide and that any restrictions are imposed by the OEM.  

    The forum also welcomes people to provide their own review on the products; even if you don't meet the criteria,  so if you have tried the Maxfli balls, post your thoughts in the testing thread.   I had a LAB putter and provided my thoughts in the testing thread.  

  4. 1 hour ago, tdc1 said:

    Hmmm, so I guess some balls are only for better ("lower handicap") players.  Seems to contradict so much of what I've read on MGS.

    Usually I won't sign up to test equipment that is clearly not right for me (e.g., the current Takomo iron tests) but surely ball testing applies across the handicap spectrum.

    Keep in mind,  that some of the parameters of these tests are dictated by the OEM themselves and not MGS.  

  5. 24 minutes ago, Miracle Mike said:

    I would love to get a chance to test out these grips. I have signed up for a lot of them and never been given the chance. 


    Welcome to the forum.  I see you are new and while we all want to be  selected as a tester there are some things that need to be done in advance of being selected.   Selection is not random and there is criteria that the moderators evaluate as part of this process.   to learn more,  review the thread I linked below, add a profile picture (first criteria that is checked), and get engaged by joining in the discussions.   



  6. 22 minutes ago, Scd127 said:

    Very disappointing, USA ONLY.  

    Understandable, but sometimes the equipment manufactures impose restrictions on where the testing can take place.   The team always pushes for international.    

    I see that you have been a member since 2018 but really haven’t gotten engaged which is something that is looked for when selecting testers.   If you want to possibly be selected for some of the international tests, I’d suggest you read this thread: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/49045-2023-want-to-be-a-mgs-forum-tester-read-here/  and become more active.   


  7. 3 hours ago, Ultralimited211 said:

    There are so many testers getting 2nd and 3rd test how bout helping out some of us that haven't tested yet and giving us a chance.

    If you look at the people that have been selected for the tests,  many of them are new members that haven't tested before.  I see you haven't posted much, are new  to the forum, and haven't added a profile pic so I would recommend that you take a look at this thread: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/49045-2023-want-to-be-a-mgs-forum-tester-read-here.   These testing opportunities aren't randomly selected,  but are based on forum engagement as the OEMs are providing gear and there is an expectation that people will follow through with the reviews and not just take the equipment and disappear.   So the help you are looking for is completely controlled by you.....post some pictures of your bag,  provide a review of your current equipment or things you have tried, respond to existing content, or create some topics of your own.     Look forward to hearing more from you on the forum and increasing your chances to test some products.   

  8. 5 hours ago, ronanarmstrong said:

    I just received two gloves and a case which I bought through the recent MGS promotion. I went with 'The Feather" and whilst I like the glove, quality and material. I'm really disappointed with the sizing. I comfortably fit into ML in pretty much all the big brands (and a few more niche ones) and I can sometimes get away with a medium. The two gloves I received are the tightest MLs I've ever tried, both in the hand and fingers. Am hoping (and expecting) them to give a little but they'll be back up gloves now rather than going straight into the bag. Have I been unlucky or has anyone else had sizing issues?

    Based on the forum call with Red Rooster, it sounds like you have the correct size glove and typically play with gloves that are too big.   The call was very information filled and mentioned that if you do have the wrong size they do exchanges.  Did you do the sizing measurements that are on their page?  I posted the link earlier in this thread or you can search the forum for the forum community calls thread and find the link there; it’s a good listen. 

  9. 1 minute ago, Parshooter36 said:

    I'm going to thow my hat in the ring on this one, I am in the target demographic for swing speed. I am a bit concerned being able to launch a 13* club off the deck, but off the tee it should be a bomber.

    It is designed to be played off the deck, out of rough, and even out of sand.   Play it like a 7 iron; no reason to be concerned.   I was part of a test of these and everyone was able to hit the club successfully.  

  10. 24 minutes ago, redbaronj33 said:

    It has been extremely difficult to find a glove that fits me properly in an extra large. Often the fingers are too long or it fits too. Loosely would be great to try out this glove to see if it would be a long-term solution. 

    If you watch the recording of the forum community call with Red Roster,  too long in the fingers means you need a cadet size and that you should really have to work to get a new glove on your hand.   Perhaps Cadet Large is a better sizing.  Watch the video and he goes into how you should size and fit your gloves.

  11. 17 hours ago, GolfSpy_BNG said:

    Add to that, Kerry joining the forum call to talk to members as well as wanting to be around for the review says all you need to know about him and what he thinks of his company.

    I said this in the forum call thread,  but the discussion about gloves was very eye opening and gave me new insights into this piece of equipment that many use to maintain connection with the golf club.    Anyone interested in this test should probably watch that video; and if you aren't interested in this test, that video will probably make you interested.

  12. ShotScope continually updates their apps and I noticed on the dashboard that they have added putter comparisons.  This has been  available for non putter clubs and  I have read that this was available for putters previously but disappeared.   The information is located under putter  performance and you can now select the various putters you have used a compare stats.   Unfortunately,  maximum date coverage is limited to a year and it only seems to be available via the web version and not the app.  

    My putting has been going downhill recently and the stats show that my personal assessment is correct.  The Seemore has been the putter in my bag and performance has definitely dropped since switching out the LAB.   

    over the last couple of years I have kind of neglected my putting and focused on full swing and short game.  Based on the stats of both putters,  time to start working on this area as well.   


  13. Scoring

    Scoring is the final set of data that we can review to assess performance.  Here i can see how performance in relation to,par,  how I perform on the front versus back, and how I perform on the various par holes.  It is interesting to note that I typically score 2 strokes better on the back 9.  Wonder why…..more warmed up or care less about score after the bad front 🤪


    if you’re a strokes gained junkie, you can see the stroke gained numbers for the various aspects of your game, front versus back, and par 3, 4, and 5s. 


  14. Putting

    Now we get to delve into putting; an area I love to learn about and unfortunately the area of my bag that is most likely going to get swapped out for no other reason than because I wanted too. 

    Let’s start with the miss percentage being 54% short. I don’t interpret that as terribly bad by itself as it shows my shot pattern is centered over the hole   The information missing is the actual proximity to the hole.  Is my shot pattern left or right and how far long and short are my shots?  

    next we get into performance metrics and we start to see some areas for improvement:

    Avegrage holes per 3 putt-  looks like I typically average about 2 a round  versus 1 every 26 holes for a scratch golfer.   

    average putts per round - looks like I am taking about 3.5 more putts per round.

    a erage putts per GIR - I am going to guess the poor mark is due to the number of 3 putts I take

    1, 2, 3 putts: obviously I need to avoid 3 putts and hopefully up the 1 putts.  




    next we start to do the breakdown of putts by distance    This is probably the most relevant data as we start to see what distances we make putts from.  While not terrible, it looks like I could stand to improve my make percentage from 9-12 feet.   


  15. Short Game

    since my short game has been historically poor I am thinking this might reveal some useful information  this data is similar in nature to the approach game except the distance is greenside to 50 yards.   Initial red flags for me are that I average 9 feet farther from the hole,  covert the up and down 20% less, and save from the sand 21% less than a scratch golfer.   Definitely room for improvement!  






    The next screens are about proximity, percentage to convert, and how many shots it typically takes.  What immediacy jumps out is that I should not use my 7 iron for shot game shots 😂  looking at the data I as expected convert best with a putter.  Makes sense as the old advice is to get the ball on the ground and rolling like a putt, or a poor putt is usually better than a GC chip.   At a quick glance, everything seems basically even, but at second glance  my PW seems to get me closer, covert a little more and be under 3 in average shots to finish the hole.   




  16. Approach Shots

    Looking at approach shots, here is an area that starts to show some areas for improvement.  My GIR is below the benchmark and I seem to miss high percentage of shots short; nothing we haven’t heard when looking at any analysis of players games.  I have started to address this by consciously taking one more club into the green; especially for front pins.  For middle and back pins, I’ll probably be more middle and back 1/3 of the green distances.  

    as you can see in the screenshot, the data goes deeper into hole how often I hit the green  by club, distance, and lie and then proximity to the hole based on those same categories.   My overall proximity shows as 30 ft greater than a scratch.  While interesting, I think this comes from an error in how I enter the data.  After using the device for a while I learned that  second shots on par 5s should be considered positional.  This is an odd thought, but the system doesn’t know if you were trying to reach the green or not so a shot to 100 yards gives you an approach proximity number of 300 feet.   But if you are going for the green in 2 you should probably not mark the shot in this manner.  


    as one would expect, the closer to the green the higher percentage a club will have hitting the green.  The 9 iron does seem a bit suspect though 😁   These screens do scroll so you can see all the clubs. 




    Another interesting breakdown that shows how well I do from distance and lie.  Don’t see anything terribly alarming on this screen that indicates a major problem area.   


    Next we get into how close am I hitting the ball on my approaches and it looks like we might be seeing something.     Definitely terrible out of fairway bunkers but I am also seeing that from 150-200 my rough performance seems to be suspect especially compared to other lies.   That 224ft is based on 10 shots  so it isn’t just one bad shot. 



    In the proximity by club, I may want to see what is goin on with the 5 iron.  Am I hitting it poorly or underestimating how far I hit the club? 




    The next chart shows how many shots it takes me to finish the hole when pulling a specific club,   I would think this number should be close to 3 but not really sure what to determine what to improve other than get the ball into the hole sooner.   🤷‍♂️ 




  17. Tee Shots

    How well we hit the ball off the tee has a big influence on our scoring; are you keeping the ball in play, getting penalized, or are you a fairway machine.   As we start getting into shot analysis, ShotScope gives us raw data and strokes gained information.  As I have started doing some analysis of my game I am finding strokes gained gives some basic information, but you really need the detailed stats to help make decisions.

    I’ve set the system up to compare against a scratch player since that’s where I’d like to get and will hopefully help reveal where I need to work.   looking at the overall data, my shots seem pretty evenly distributed and not gathering on one side of the course or the other.  My 63% fairways hit is better than most scratch players but I am a little shorter off the tee than scratch golfers.  


    Next let’s dig into how my scoring is impacted based on where my ball ends up. What stands out is that I am terrible out of fairway bunkers and they cost me over 1 stroke every time I hit one off the tee.  I hit the bunker 7% of the time so maybe not a priority area to focus on initially for score improvement.  Maybe it results in a bogey, but bogeys aren’t the score killers.



    How do I do off the tee when I hit different clubs?   Based on the data, it looks like driver is the go to club unless potential penalties come into play.   Looking at the limited data, I am not really any better off the tee regarding FIR until I get to 6 iron.   



    looking at strokes gained data, tee shots don’t really see, to be a problem area with a strokes gained of 0.0 against scratch golfers.  Guess we need to look elsewhere to see how to get from a 5ish to scratch.


  18. Club Data

    the question here is whether 15 rounds is adequate to get helpful information.  Below is what I am seeing for my P-avg which I believe is where we need to focus since it tries to filter out the outliers like punch shots, poorly hit, or those that hit the cart path and go a mile. .  I can also view longest with each club or actual average for all shots.  The problem with this is what we see is total distance and not carry; which it what we ideally want to know.   

    in looking a the data, I do see some potential problem areas and one specifically confirms what I sense on the course.  The SW/PW gap is too big and I do struggle with what club to hit 105-110.  As a result of what o am seeing here, I will try to get a gapping session setup so I can check and tweak some of the distances.   I also changed the settings on my 3w back to 15* from 16.5* to see if I could get a little more distance.



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