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  1. 14 minutes ago, BMart519 said:

    My typical stroke is a push out across the target line with a closed face and this putter did have a left miss tendency similar to others. I've mostly given up on trying to zero out my path or have a symmetric arc stroke. Especially if the is geared towards a "Linear" stroke in Edel terms. 

    I wouldn’t look for a zero’d out face and path either; just wondering how consistent you were across all the putts at different distances. 

  2. 55 minutes ago, BMart519 said:


    Day 1 and the EAS 2.0 had a strong showing on Exputt. No putt outside 4.5’ on 5-50 footers and what feels like the tightest grouping I’ve ever had or close to it. Not bad for the first time ever using the putter outside of the fitting. 9 holes later today. Fingers crossed for 15 putts or less. 

    Would be interesting to see the 30 putt analysis and how your face angle and path look.  

  3. 4 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

    The only other thing I wanted to see is specific metrics that a TrueSpec could provide but I dont have access to that. 

    Best I could do was get a comparable head and see what showed up, results were almost exactly the same.

    You all did a great job, testing clubs is hard work.  

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  4. 48 minutes ago, Eseay32 said:

    From my perspective and my review, and I tried to answer this so apologies for not clearly stating it, I would not expect to buy a putter and change the shaft to a graphite shaft.  I can’t say I saw added benefit from the shaft alone.  Now, maybe had I had my EXACT same setup with my original 2 ball and compared them, that would’ve shown a difference but I feel like my favorable review came from the putter head with alignment, feel, strike etc.  additionally, after reviewing the 3 shaft options I knew I wanted to try the soft or the firm option as Fujikura stated their middle/regular option is similar to a traditional steel shaft.  I wanted to make sure I got a different setup and based on their descriptions the softer shaft fit me best.  But I can say, I’m not going to change the shaft to steel, I don’t want to change anything. 

    I feel like I made the right choice with the shaft.  I utilize a slower swing of the putter so I think I made the right choice.  

    I think overall this is a challenging question to answer though.  If you gave me a new driver with a revolutionary shaft and I hit it 30 yards further and increased fairways would you say it was the club or the shaft? If you put the same shaft in my current driver and got those results you’d definitely agree the shaft made the difference.  I am very grateful of MGS, Fujikura, and evnroll for this opportunity and I love the setup of the entire package of this putter but it was a hard question to answer in my opinion. 

    hope that helps! Happy to discuss more

    Thanks.  Definitely helps answer the question.  I think the answer was kind of in the reviews but for me this review wasn’t about the Evnroll putter but the shaft itself.  Like you said with the driver example, is it the shaft, head, or combo that makes the difference.  I am personally intrigued by the new graphite putting shafts and trying to evaluate if putting one in my gamer would make that much of a difference.  I had a stability tour in one of my putters that I have moved on from.  I have hit putters where the only difference was a stability shaft and I didn’t notice much difference.  Maybe there was but I didn’t realize that there was improvement.  

    As @Lacassemsaid,  for $250 he wouldn’t make the change.  Kind of the same mindset some have for exotic driver shafts. Everyone has a price that would make them put one in their putter and that is different for everyone.   I’d be willing to pay the price but I’d want to have an objective measurement system to compare with the same configuration.  Kind of like the Edel alignment test where you get to experiment and see the results. 

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  5. After reading the final reviews, I have a question.  Most of you stated you would keep the club in the bag.  As a reviewer,  who would be considering a Fujikura graphite shaft there are two aspect that I really did t see covered.  

    • Would you put a Fujikura shaft in any new putter you purchased? The reviews were very favorable so my impression is that you would. 
    • did you pick the right shaft or do you think one if the other models would be a better fit?
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  6. 12 minutes ago, JerryB said:

    Usually I access this site on my phone and for some reason the comments section of these testing threads don't appear.  Using my laptop allows me to see everything much better, my apologies for the delays in response. 


    There is a dropdown to switch between the review, comments, and pre signup comments when viewing the site on your phone. 

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  7. So here is my question. I read people talking about the drivers they selected and the performance on the course.  That’s nice but the review is about DDC.  Do you believe the average consumer can get benefit from this model?  Will they find a driver that works for them by experimenting like this?   Why is this better than going to a brick and mortar and hitting a variety of drivers especially if you need to rely on a launch monitor to check performance.  Can you get non stock shafts?   Other than the big advantage of being able to hit the club on the course why should I use DDC….although that is probably something you will answer in the final review.  

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  8. Looking for some updates on these shafts.    How are they working out?   People seem to like to use the word “stable” to describe graphite putter shafts.  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean a lot to me.  When you say stable what does that mean?    How does the shaft feel compared to traditional steel?   Are you finding the center of the face more often,  less twisting at through the stroke and at impact,  different feel when making a stroke?   Not really interested in the  evnroll,  tell me about the shaft.  

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  9. I’ve seen several comments about lag putting performance.  I am assuming that the improvement is is distance control.   While left and right dispersion might be improved,  that isn’t lag putting in my mind.   Further clarifying, the fitting aspect that led to the sight lines and aim would impact left/right dispersion.  Length dispersion would be impacted by total  weight (most have indicated it is heavier than their prior gamer), adjustable head weight, the weights put under the grip since this was used to help dial in lag, or loft at impact.

    that said,  do you think that you could dial in you prior gamer by using aftermarket opti fit weights and loft adjustments to improve lag performance.   Or is this something that is unique to some aspect related to this putter   


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  10. 8 hours ago, azstu324 said:

    As promised, here is a slightly better visual of the ball making a full revolution with both clubs. I did the same video experiment with both clubs 10 separate times and got nearly the same results every time. The Edel completed a full rotation exactly 1" ahead of the Cleveland right at the 11" mark. A few tests the Cleveland took more than 12" to complete a rotation but the Edel was crazy consistent at exactly 11". 

    Why is this so important? I found that after 1 full rotation is when the ball enters into a "true roll". This is very helpful when trying to determine a putters consistency and it's assistance in helping me control distance. Assuming I put the right amount of swing on the club, If the ball takes longer to enter into its true roll, over 10, 15, 20' that might be the difference of a tap-in vs "having some work left". 

    Edel EAS


    Cleveland HB Premier




    You may have answered this; too hard to look back and I am lazy.   Is the loft the same on both putters?  

    really getting crazy: Can you do this same video on an actual green; same results?  Does different green speeds or grass types influence when the ball starts rolling?   This could tie into reasons to switch putter weighting.  

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  11. 1 hour ago, sirchunksalot said:

    Are any of you going to attempt a slow motion video to see how the ball initially reacts off the face of the putters? I know no-one has the super slow motion camera in this video, but I'm just curious to see how it would compare to your gamers. 

    Most of todays cell phones have the ability to do slo mo.  Here is an instagram post that will show you how to set it up. 







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  12. 1 hour ago, Lacassem said:

    Discovered something today with my head. I will be putting (no pun intended) attention to my eyes following through before I even finish my putt. You can see here I am already looking down the line and the ball just left the face:


    Watched a Martin Chuck video and what he did was count to 4 on a consistent tempo.  1 started the stroke, 2 was impact, 3 was watch where the ball was,  4 was turn to look. 

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  13. Haven’t read all the comments so this may have been addressed and I missed it.   Putting is made up of various skills:  speed control, direction, stroke, and read.   Three of those skills should be helped by the puttout tools.   

    1.  The plane is supposed to help with stroke,  it looks like the lined on the plane are vertical.  If they are, how does that influence your stroke?   Some people setup with a forward press and during the stroke, the shaft doesn’t stay vertical.    Shouldn’t those lines be at an angle?  Do you find yourself trying to match those positions through the stroke?

    2. I know the size of the gates has already been covered.  Do the instructions priovide any input on how far to place the gates in front of the ball to make deal with putting make tolerances?  I know the Visio putting aids provide this type of information.

    3.  How do these aids help with distance control?  Do they require the actual putt distance or can you simulate a 20’ putt without 20’ of space?  

    4. is the smaller putting mirror helpful?   How much of you body can you see?  Shoulders?  If you keep your eyes inside the ball and not over the line,  how far off the ball can you setup and still see your eyes?  


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  14. On 7/20/2021 at 2:25 AM, DStar said:

    getting better at reading greens is not something PuttOUT can help with 😉 

    Maybe not directly but if you improve your speed control and you start line then you learn how a ball reacts on the green and you aren’t also wondering if you hit the ball well or had the right speed.  You kind of need to have a good stroke to learn green reading or use devices that roll the ball.

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  15. 9 hours ago, Blueberry_Squishie said:

    I've been using the Putting Plane and Alignment Stick Set a bit lately. I like how it comes with gates to give immediate indication that a putt was offline. In my mind, I don't mind if my stroke isn't perfect, as long as it means the ball starts on the right line.


    One thing where the set could be improved is the difficulty of the gate. The tolerance that the ball has for making it through the gate is very generous and doesn't have any difficulty adjustment. There's the possibility that there could be multiple slots in the rubber feet so that the tolerance can be changed depending on your skill level.



    Very quick freehand sketch showing how the same slot dimensions could be placed so that the clearance inside the gate can be adjusted.

    Can’t you adjust how far the gate is from you?  Difficulty is increased or decreased by moving the gate farther away or closer.  If you know the width of the gate, you can calculate a 1*, .75*, and .5* error which is what is needed to make a 5,10, and 20 foot  putt

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  16. 23 minutes ago, golfinnut said:

    I've never understood how a putter shaft can really change?  How it can feel any different when you're taking it back at total of 24" or less?  Firm, soft, medium ... that comes from the face insert IMO.  A shaft can only change your feel but so much.  That's why I'd like to test this out.  I don't understand/believe in the technology of changing a shaft in the putter can help you're game.

    Believe it or not, but there have been a variety of shafts and shaft flexes for years before this latest evolution.   Cameron’s had special made for shafts.  TP Mills had the pencil shaft.   As we know feel is based on sound and feel.   Shafts impact those items and with larger grips the shaft probably needed more tweaking to help transmit the vibrations to the hands.   Also with graphite, engineers can do mor with weight distribution.   Even though the putter only moves a short distance shafts do flex and with heads becoming heavier shafts needed to change tonnage that weight.  
    do they help?  That is part of what this test is designed to answer.  

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  17. On 6/6/2021 at 7:43 AM, MFSOT said:

    Hey friends, thanks for the opportunity. One suggestion: Not everyone has social media, it shouldn’t be a requirement for sign ups 

    Every manufacturer that is working with MGS to get their product tested has specific requirements that they want the testers to meet.  The ultimate goal is to get the reviews published so other people can read them; in today’s society many people look to social media platforms for information.   Part of the testing requirement may be the use of social media.  

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  18. 27 minutes ago, MC3157 said:

    I've never been selected to be a tester. Probably because I don't post 100's of times per month. Would love to be able to get fitted for a good putter to help improve my putting. I agree it's the most important club in the bag!! In over 35 years of playing this game, I have owned 2 putters. Maybe it's time for an upgrade!!

    It isn’t about 100s of posts per month or having been on the forum for years.  it is about being active and contributing on the forums.    One of the testers for the callaway driver has just over 100 total posts. There is a thread on the main form that talks about what you should do to get selected;  Basically don’t just apply to be a tester and not be engaged 

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