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  1. The answer is maybe. The purpose of each club is to hit a particular distance and unless you hit them you don't know how far you will hit that individual club. If your irons are longer than standard, then start with that much longer in the hybrids; you can always change the length after purchase. CPO has sales frequently so you can shop and look for a configuration that works for you.
  2. Did you see that Ciganda won on the 18th hole and the was later assessed a slow play penalty to lose the match?
  3. Wait, isn’t that longer than pre-COVID? Seriously, glad to hear you are getting back on the course and achieving some level of normal life. Hoping for a continued recovery and getting yourself back to better than you were before!
  4. Rust itself does not increase the spin. However, it is thought that the lack of plating on the groove edges may produce more spin.
  5. The reviewers so far have seemed to indicate that the putter does equal to or better than their gamers. What strategy are you using to evaluate the putter and what metrics are you going to keep?
  6. That is the problem; OB and penalty hazards are supposed to be marked or identified. Unless you pro is telling everyone that plays that that area is OB then people don’t know. Put up stakes or have a statement on the card.
  7. I don’t pick the categories, I just know what I have been testing. Pretty sure that Traditionally the 5 series srixons have been in GI. ZX4 hasn’t been part of any testing to date. There are some clubs athletes I don’t think fit in particular categories but the ZX5 is probably a good fit for GI just more toward the players side of the scale. I am pretty sure that MGS also tries to avoid having lots of the same manufacturer in one category additionally manufacturers may want their clubs tested in certain category.
  8. Let’s turn the question around. What do you want to accomplish with a fitting that you can’t do with an off the rack club purchase?
  9. Congrats on the personal best and the hole in one.
  10. See rule 9.6. Ball goes back to original spot or an estimate of that spot
  11. It will depend on the local rules if there are no OB stakes. Typically the scorecard would indicate if there are no stakes.
  12. You are correct they are not genetically superior; however, training routines and better understanding of the body and how training can be optimized to improve performance has improved in the last 30 years. The understanding of the skills and mental process to be better athletes has also come a long way since the 90s. Prior to this week Phil was still one of the top 101 golfers in the world. His talent, dedication to improving his fitness, and a lot of luck gave him the opportunity to win that tournament. Phil and Tiger are anomalies like Brady and Brees. Without question, Today
  13. That is correct. There were some guesses that if you deleted the round that you might be able to enter another round but no one has officially tried that.
  14. Congrats to the new members of the team.
  15. What is the issue? Post screenshots of what you see. You can only enter one round for each event and we don’t know the criteria that is being used to select the winner; the grint team is announcing the criteria when they announce the winner
  16. I can confirm the ZX7s are in the players category which should be wrapping up soon. I personally have 2 more sessions to complete
  17. You really can’t take one side out of play due to shot dispersion but by picking one shot shape you minimize the risk if a double cross.
  18. I am not with the last group; don’t have that much seniority. I do get to watch Anne Van Dam bomb drives though.
  19. In my opinion range finders will not speed up play as distance to pin is only a small part of what the player/caddie is analyzing.
  20. I have live coverage of the Pure Silk Championship.......but only because I am actually on site
  21. What problem are you having, post some screenshots of what you are seeing and I am sure someone will try to help you.
  22. TAIII was very forgiving. ZX7 wasn't too bad. I play the Honma's and think they are relatively forgiving.
  23. Stacy wasn't playing poorly, but she seemed to be struggling a bit on the greens. I got lucky with that group yesterday. I was supposed to score for the group after but a scorer didn't show up and the alternate was running late so we all shifted one group. I will be scoring everyday; our committee chair tries to get us with different groups. Here is my schedule for the rest of the tournament: Friday grp 41, approx 1:43, tee 1 Saturday grp 16 approx 11:00 tee 1 Sunday grp 32. approx 1:30, tee 1
  24. Been testing players irons the past few weeks and some of my favorites are: ZX7, Titleist 620 CB, Sub 70 TAIII, Wilson Staff CB, and Honma T20V. In general most everything in this category is good and I would game any of them as the differences are subtle. Some have a little better look, some sound a little better, etc.
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