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  1. Yes technology in drivers has resulted in allowing increased distance when there are slight miss hits, but increased swing speed by players has also added to that distance increase. I’d personally say that increased swing speed and better understanding if the swing is a bugger contributor to that increase. you also talked about scoring average for tournaments going down even though course lengths have increased. Is there any any data that totally separates the equipment from the quality of the players playing in the events? Meaning are tournament fields comprised of better overall golfers? While the advertised distance of courses are increasing what is the actual played distance of the courses on each tournament day. can’t believe I am taking this side but everyone talks about jacked lofts and how the 5 iron from the 70s and 80s has become the 7 iron of today. So maybe they still are hitting that long iron into the green, it is just that the number on the bottom doesn’t equal what you want to see. Even if we somehow rolled back the distance I believe your hope for risk/reward type play is also a thing of the past as playing strategy has changed. Played now have access to detailed stats that show hitting the ball as far as possible on every shot is what should be done. Looking at course architecture, they are mostly built based a formula that supports that strategy. Players coming up through the playing ranks are simply better when looked at as a complete group. Like it or not, I think strategies founded from stroke gained metrics will cause scoring averages to continue to go lower. Golf has changed over time and some people like it and others don’t.
  2. Would be interesting to see the 30 putt analysis and how your face angle and path look.
  3. Basic info: Obviously club speed is how fast the head is moving at impact. An ideal ball speed would be 1.5 time times the club head speed. You will see this called smash factor. So for a 113 mph club head speed you would ideally be near 170. Ball speed is impacted by where you hit the ball on the face; misshits result in lower ball speed. Ball speed and things like launch angle and spin influence how far the ball carries. Launch angle and spin can be influenced by your angle of attack into the ball and where on the face you hit the ball.
  4. I think the answer to your questions is…maybe. Lots of things to look at such as how you use your wedges and are you able to accomplish the shots you need. If you use them for full swing shots then maybe it makes sense to more closely match the shafts. If you are only using for partial shots you may not need to. There are no set rules on how you configure your setup; you have to try and see what works.
  5. i like darker putters so i say whiskey
  6. The numbers aren’t that hard to compute so this is relatively accurate. Correct, you aren’t doing poorly in that round. What are you long term trends?
  7. Squeezing a driver into a spot that narrow is tough even if hitting it well. As long as laying back to the widest spot takes away some of the danger it is the smart play. Something like a 3w or hybrid won’t be that much more accurate you just have more space especially since both left and right are dead and those misses result in a penalty. If the trees on the right were something that allowed you to advance down the fairway then maybe take the driver and just accept that you will be right sometimes.
  8. I’m playing whatever club gets me to the wide part of the fairway off the tee. I am assuming that if I am outside of the 35 yards I am OB or deep woods. Hard to tell on the right but in the tee shot picture it looks somewhat open on the right. Second shot is to the wide spot short of your second circle. Don’t know green width and depth but based on plan I should have short iron in which should setup for par. Difficulty on this hole seems to be the tee shot.
  9. I like to talk and learn as much as I can about putting and putters. - You say you try to feel different stroke lengths with the same putter speed. I'll assume you mean tempo and not speed since you refer to the 2:1 ratio. Putter should move faster in longer strokes to have the same tempo and timing. - I might work in more than one distance into your practice. Maybe drop balls into the center of a practice green and putt to the edges since that would be different distances and different slopes. Goal is to learn the stroke that will hit the ball X distance on that speed green. When you travel, you see how for the ball goes when you make your 10 foot stroke and make adjustments. Just like you make adjustments for wind on full swing shots. - I personally wouldn't worry about your tempo as much as face control since you really seem to struggle there and it is the primary reason you miss short putts. You should be 99% or better inside of 3'. Controlling face will also help you as you move out to 10 feet. At 5 feet, your face angle can be up to 2* open or closed and still make the putt so if you are missing that many putts you have a huge issue in your stroke. Seems like something deeper than just the putting stroke. - I mention dispersion because everyone talks about never being short of the hole, but just like with our irons we have a dispersion pattern. If you can be within 3 feet long and 3 feet short with your first putt then you can almost guarantee a 2 putt. If you missed everything long then you would probably be facing a bunch of 4-6' comeback putts that have a higher miss rate. Here are a couple of videos that talk about dispersion and putting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxHPmAYVpec go to the 50 minute mark in this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xlk70PFwyJI The question is how are you working on face control? Gates, ruler, some thing else? You definitely have a 2 way miss so I am guessing you are getting to the point of trying to fix/adjust the stroke when you miss to one side. Since you have blast, try something. roll 5 putts with your eyes closed for each putt. setup with your eyes open but I want to know what happens if you don't look at the results on blast; also stop the ball after a couple of feet. After the 5 putts, what is the face angle?
  10. Number of putts doesn’t tell us a lot. If you hit 18 greens it is a good number; if you only hit 1 then it might be a terrible number. It is better to assess your putting based on make percentage from distances, feet of putts made, or strokes gained numbers. It enables you to compare against some baseline. that said putting can be very individual. Some pick and play putter based strictly on looks and haven’t change putter in 50 years. Some change daily based on mood of the day. There has been some technology advancements in putting but not a lot. Evnroll face technology is probably the biggest for someone that misses the center of the face. The use of technology like puttlab, quintic, or capto for analyzing putting stroke and doing fittings is where the big gains have been made. Shafts seem to be the big new area but I haven’t seen a good case made to justify the price. i have played blades and mallets and haven’t found anything larger than a mid mallet that really works well for me so I tend to stick with blades. Trust me when I say I have tried most putters/styles available in the market. I switch just because I wanted to try something different and wanted to see how the various putter configurations fit with my stroke. Playing a mid mallet right now so it is kind of an in between the first question would be what are you trying to fix with a new putter? Do you have a consistent miss? Or are you just wanting to get something new and different with no improvement goals?
  11. So averaging 13 greens in regulation is an amazing stat. I do think you need to manage you expectations on putting. PGA pros 3 putt 29% of the time from 70 feet. What you see on TV isn’t a good indication of overall performance. https://golf.com/instruction/putting/fascinating-chart-shows-how-likely-3-putt/ In your post, you have indicated that you have a distance problem and then said you have a stroke problem. Don’t know how far your approaches are from but 20-40’ first putts isn’t a bad number. Questions: how do you control distance? Stroke length, putter speed with same stroke, or just feel? How do you practice distance control? when you are working on your stroke with the blast motion, what numbers are you chasing? It seems like you are chasing some “consistent” values based on your comment. How are you evaluating your putting performance? What makes you say it is bad? What is your make percentage inside 3’? Where does your make percentage fall to 50/50? What is your putt dispersion from 20 feet? How far left and right do you miss a straight 20 foot putt?
  12. You are coming in from 180+ so green target is Basically a strip down the green center about 12 yards on to about 12 yards from the back of the green since you indicated you want to avoid the bunker and the hill beyond.
  13. Driver all the time. I'd shift aim line a little left to avoid the bunkers on the right so I'd target the rough line on the left side and since I play a fade think it would come back to the fairway. If I pull I am in the left rough or for a really bad pull in the other fairway. Seems pretty straightforward in my mind.
  14. Thinking about he course I play, there is a hole that is a dogleg left that plays 422/448/465 from the white/black/gold. You could even play the back tees and stretch it to 480. To be able to reach in 2 you have to draw it down the left side which generally leaves you with a downhill lie. Fairway isn’t hard to hit but the farther right you go the longer the shot. It used to be harder but over the past year they took down some of the trees on the left side to open it up a little. It has a large green but there is a good amount of back to front slope. @Jmikecpacan give his thoughts since he plays 16 at RNK pretty regularly.
  15. As I understand, it is tighter tolerances. They are the same shaft, the tour issue are just more consistent
  16. That is all you can do.
  17. Play your normal ball flight. Sometimes you are going to hit a bad shot; just don't compound it will a bad second shot.
  18. if you naturally hit a cut then that works. There is a decent amount of room before the curve in the fairway so tee shot isn't impossible it just leaves a long shot. Be happy with par but avoid worse than bogey.
  19. Why do you want to do heads up putting? Based on what you are saying it may not be the best strategy for you.
  20. Definitely a touch hole. I think your 220ish strategy off the tee into the circle I drew below is the right play. Leaves about 200 into the hole. About all you have if you say long it dead.
  21. 220 then 200 is a long iron/hybrid into the green. It is long but not impossible. What is the course and hole number so,I can look on google earth.
  22. Hmmm. Just makes me think about the comments about going to get fit for clubs. Maybe you should have done research and not expect that every technician is good and will do the right thing. Or you could have bought a new modem and router to see if they performed better.
  23. I agree it is very difficult for someone to find a good fitter. Going into any store we expect the salesperson/store representative to be knowledgeable. We hear the stories on here everyday about how bad the fitters are in many of the stores: you are an example of that. But what is the alternative? Whose to say the independent fitter is any more competent and will give a better fitting. We see it everyday on this forum; people ask which club should I get and why doesn’t this club go farther or straighter. Other than going to some store and trying clubs how to people figure out what is best for them? The overwhelming majority of golfers have the mindset that newer is better and that set of clubs on the wall is better than my set. Other than telling someone to go get fit, what is a better thing to tell people? Like many I would expect an expensive fitting at a place like club champion to be a good fitting. But we also go to expensive restaurants and get bad meals and service and our expensive cars breakdown and the dealers provide poor customer service. What do you think is a better option to tell people?
  24. In theory since the M2 irons are relatively new with the lower loft they should in theory carry a little farther. But there is more to it than loft as you never mentioned if you were fit for the P790 or the M2 or if they were just purchased off the rack. People react to clubs differently and the 790s may just not be the best club for you.
  25. I know and have done a few adapters. I know I can do it and I take my time; just worry that I might hurt someone. It is why I don't have a practice net at my house; too worried that I will miss.
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