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  1. Based on reading some information on this topic that had feedback fromTom Wishon: when the swingweight is changed, for some golfers that can induce a change in our swing or our release such that the swing weight change could cause a golfer to rotate the head around more or less. But that is not something that happens with all golfers, not even close. And it happens only when the change in the swingweight feel to the golfer is such that it just happens to fall in synch with the golfer's tempo and swing timing. The only sure way that all golfers could see a change in the face angle position of the clubhead at impact is to play with a face angle that is MORE CLOSED than what the golfer used before.
  2. No advice; just hope the surgery goes well.
  3. It already is a local rule so any event can say they are allowing distance measuring devices. Rangefinders and GPS devices were allowed during the PGA championship and other PGA of America events (LPGA and Champions tours). I don't think it will speed up play because distance to the flag is only a small piece of the information that is used to determine the shot the player is hitting. Many times the caddie has walked off the distance prior to the player getting to the ball plus walking the distance off doesn't really take that much more time than using a rangefinder
  4. I am wondering if you are possibly overswinging. As I mentioned when I hit this shot it is because I am trying to give the shot a little extra. Another thing to try is slow your speed down and hit the driver 100 yards and then slowly ramp it up and hit it farther.
  5. Like the driver limitation local rules are used to control their use and have already been used in pro events. I am fine with the pros using the devices, but I don't think it will impact the pace of play.
  6. I had this happen the other day after I resized some photos I took so,they weren’t a large file size and high resolution. What I had to do was open the picture on my laptop, save them in the wrong orientation, open the photo again and save in the correct orientation. My guess is that the image header information is indicating the wrong orientation and while many software products correctly orient, the forum software does not.
  7. That is why I asked if he changed drivers 3 years ago when this issue started. Fitting can be important; I personally would look at head first since it has the largest influence on spin. My experience in doing most wanted testing is that for me low spinning heads result in low spin snap hooks and shaft changes really don’t really help get viable on course results. I also need to change my swing dynamics. we can make all sorts of guesses, but in my opinion there is too much information missing to make a meaningful suggestion.
  8. He rolled over in 2004 when the 52 inch Killer Bee was limited to 48”.
  9. What happened 3 years ago? New driver? Tried to change your swing? Just random happening? how long did you stick with those instructors? Were you hitting the driver better during the lessons and then struggled to reproduce during practice? why are you opposed to starting with a half swing? Just isn’t how golfers played? Not willing to do intermediate steps to get to the longer range goal? Just an initial guess would be that you have a swing issue and need to take lessons to figure it out. A new driver isn’t going to magically fix a swing issue. you are describing what I believe is a pull hook, ball starts left and then hooks. Do you understand the ball flight laws and what causes this shot shape? This is where launch monitors help, you face is obviously closed since it starts left. The next question is what is the path so you determine if you have an in to out or out to in path. If you don’t want to go the lesson route. You could try to fix by exaggerating and trying to hit push slices? Then working your way back to getting the desired ball flight.
  10. She knows me well and wouldn’t be surprised. I’ll just send my wife and her off shopping. Michael hasn’t built a full tilting one that I know of. I know he has a green he built in his basement but don’t know if it is adjustable. I tagged him so that he can build one and let us know how it goes and what he thinks. If I had a garage, I would have already built myself one; seems pretty straight forward and great for practicing breaking putts.
  11. Interesting, Your best option is to contact KBS directly. I have always found them very responsive to my inquiries.
  12. Several options in the marketplace. https://puttview.com/p7/ https://www.scienceandmotion.com/puttlab-platform/ (Just saw they have one of these where my daughter goes to school; may have to investigate when I head that way again.) https://www.johnnyfostergolf.com/e-greens/ And for the DIY guy like @GolfSpy MPR https://golfsimulatorguide.net/tilting-putting-platform/
  13. Tour V doesn't come in a 90 gram. Tour-V is a taper tip and is just butt trimmed to length.
  14. Per the Flightscope site you may not have enough distance from ball to net: Mevo can be used indoors and outdoors. The space requirements for indoors is 8 feet of ball flight and 4-7 feet behind the impact. In total you will need up to 15 feet of space. They also identify objects that will infer with the radar in their manual. https://www.flightscopemevo.com/manual/2020-mevo-manual.pdf Have you contacted their support?
  15. Nope, I try to be consistent. There is a discussion thread on heads up putting where some people only do heads up on shot to mid length and then head down for longer putts. Need to do what works for you.
  16. I have the Iomics on my driver and hybrids and like them a lot. I got some samples which is why I put them on my clubs about 2 months ago so I have no long term experience. They probably hold up better because of the material they are made from.
  17. While the latest model may not be better, I think head design has a bigger influence than shaft. From my experience the wrong head design can not be fixed with a different shaft. Shaft is definitely important to help deliver the club properly but it won’t make a low spinning head have more spin.
  18. I generally use whatever comes on the club. When it wears out I but what is on sale. The only gripe I didn’t like were black widow but every thing else has held up well. I have tried grips from hireko house brand to iomic. Typically I pick Lamkin cross line or golf pride tour velvet.
  19. On a centered strike you are probably correct that all heads can potentially produce the same ball speeds. However, the other differences with heads would be how they handle miss hits as this is where most people lose ball speed. Find the head that has max forgiveness for you miss. Also head weighing and appearance influences how you swing the club and thus influences results.
  20. For me stroke length changes based on distance and I try to maintain the same tempo. I also have the same setup for any length putt. in my opinion putting is about personal choices and understanding how those choices impact performance. There isn’t a single answer; just like the full swing, on how to putt.
  21. No, any length was allowed until 2004 when the 48” max was added along with the head size limitations. As mentioned in the thread, very few Golfers will be impacted. Phil and Bryson have been experimenting with longer shafts and Brooke Henderson has used a 48” shaft for years.
  22. I think they were a little under the weather after having soaked up to much of the chemicals they recently put on the grass; they have a little chemical dependency Bob also said you really don't like my area of town ever since they did this to Red Ball as part of #FindItCutIt https://twitter.com/GolfSpyT/status/1193631108178546689?s=20
  23. Went to the short game practice area to work on my pitches again. Overall went pretty well; contact and distance control were both pretty good. Only problem was I hit into a yellow ball family reunion. I apologized and asked if they knew @Yellow Ball They all got pretty quiet when I mentioned him so I just dropped the subject. When I was leaving I got stopped by Bob; I am terrible with names and I think he said it was Bob. Anyway Bob said that that are all a little hesitant to talk about @Yellow Ball since he skips all the family events and seems to like hanging out with MGS people more. I heard some great stories from Bob, he was up from Augusta and lives in the pond on the 16th at Augusta National. He said it favorite time of the year was the Masters when the players skip balls across the pond, He just has to keep his head down. Bob also said while the group as a whole has a couple of Vice's, @Yellow Ball had a good looking cover, but if you looked at the core he was a little off center.
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