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  1. Well if you say so, petition whomever you need to get it changed.
  2. It has prestige because it honors the grass roots people that keep the game going. I probably have more respect for the PGA professional than the guys that run the masters. The players is simply another golf tournament. I see no real reason to change.
  3. So we should drop the Masters as it is run by a bunch of rich people an not affiliated with the tour and has a limited weak field from top to bottom? How about dropping the US Open since it is run by the USGA and not the PGA tour and allow amateurs to qualify. maybe we should go back in history and add the British and us amateurs. it is simply designated as a major or just another golf tournament that someone decided is more important because it pays respect to the non tour people that keep the game going at the grassroots level.
  4. I have tried a variety of balls on my ExPutt which measures ball speed. I did not notice any speed differences that would impact the distance the ball travelled. On real greens given a stroke length I have don’t see a difference in distance or roll quality. there is definitely a difference in feel between different ball types and different putters.
  5. Saw the Watson structureball product; it attaches to you arm and there are knockoffs of the smart ball on amazon. I could also try the shallower from Gankas. I’ve tried balls that I have around the house but they just aren’t right. I am also going to see if I can find a pool floatie that goes around your forearm. The best option is still borrowing the one from Phillip
  6. I don’t think there is a thread but could could try here https://mygolfspy.com/tony-covey-answers-your-golf-ball-questions/
  7. I am basically a week out from my lesson and have hit balls, played a 9 hole league match, and my weekly 18. Ball striking seems better with more centered ball contact but I still get the big toe miss. As I am incorporating this change I really need to focus on the takeaway and transition to hit the better shots; when I don’t thing about the swing before making the swing I see the misfits. I have to stay focused on every swing or I am pretty sure I am falling back to the old swing. Am I doing this correctly when I think about it? That is the big unknown as I need a camera setup to really
  8. Feel is very subjective. When I tried them I didn’t feel any difference between a fixed hosel and this one. Those were all new putters and if people continually switch hosels I could see a chance that fit could be impacted. This isn’t really new technology; machine putters have used this type of hosel system for a long time.
  9. While I understand you point, that success factor would largely be dependent on how much commitment the student put into applying what was learned in the lessons. Success in golf isn’t an overnight type of thing.
  10. @RickyBobby_PRcovered pretty much everything. 15 degree 3 woods are simply hard to hit an many people don’t use them. There are many topics on the forum about 3 woods but the most recent/active one is:
  11. I don't really look at toe hang a lot since putter weight would influence the rotation. Heavier putters would rotate slower than a lighter putter so you need to figure out the combination that lets you start the ball on line. You can always pick up a putter and figure out how to putt with it; that is called fitting yourself to the putter. Dont know how many 12 footers you think you should make, but typical make percentages on the PGA tour is 30%
  12. Driver length usually includes the head and not just the shaft since the length would vary based on the head you are using.
  13. should always compare your gamers to potential new clubs to compare the simulator setup to your current distances.
  14. Was hoping for a 10-0 week, but I'll take the 9-1 outcome. Got all but one playing next week so I am hoping for another great week to move me up in the standings.
  15. They should be able to be bent, but you should talk to your shop to see how much they would be willing to ben them.
  16. When you are doing the round setup you can find it under tour events.
  17. It is just an arc'd stroke that is biased to the left. because of this your putter appears to go straight back and then come to the inside. Haven't measured mine in a while but this is how my stroke works. Ball position will have an influence but you typically want a putter with some toe hang to keep it open to the path. My guess on the miss on the short putts would be that you are looking to see if the ball is going in the hole and open your shoulders too early.
  18. Good and bad day on the course. 10 FW, 11 GIR, 40 putts (wonder what the bad was ) 43/42:85 I was actually happy with how I hit the ball even though I ended up with 5 doubles. Amongst those 40 putts were three 3 putts and one 4 putt; using this as my Grint score since my putting was so terrible; maybe it was a sign.
  19. The intent of the test is to determine which off the rack club works best for the largest percentage of players. Each year with different testers and possibly different club configurations the results will vary. As one of the testers, I can assure you that every club in the testing could work for a large percentage of golfers. There are lots of factors and the winner is chosen based on the data that is collected across multiple testers. Everyone is unique and could get different results if they were to test the clubs themselves. The winner is not a random or personal choice.
  20. you are that talented. Adam's teachings deal with intent and what you need to do. How about this, if you addressed the ball with it in the middle of the face do you think you could swing and completely miss the ball and have the club pass outside the ball? How about a complete miss to the inside? I am pretty sure you can, now you just need to work on being able to control that distance and work on hitting heel, toe, and center.
  21. your choice depending on what you want to accomplish. You didn't specify the weight of your graphite but if they are lighter weight there may be a difference on full swing feel because of the additional weight. i play graphite irons and steel in my wedges and don't have issue transitioning even when using a full swing. Basically no hard and fast rules. Here is a thread by someone experimenting with this:
  22. change is uncomfortable and awkward.
  23. If it were me, I’d pick the head and then see what x-stiff stock shafts are available on eBay, 2nd swing, global golf, etc.
  24. There are tools that you can use to remove grips; these shouldn’t be any different even with the sensor.
  25. I have tried them, what is you question?
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