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  1. I have tried the Concept irons during most wanted testing and yes they are great clubs. As a non retired person with a child in college I can’t justify the cost. Always good to hear fitting success stories since we mostly hear about the bad experiences.
  2. Good luck and i always find it interesting to hear what other people are doing to improve
  3. I was having a discussion and provided an opinion on a topic; your opinion happened to be the topic.
  4. He has always done this; used to be a Scotty specific true temper shaft.
  5. You may as well stop responding. He will continue to quote articles and sources to support his opinion. And because those articles are “authoritative” you must have the same opinion. There is no consideration that opinion articles like this are generally written to create controversy and discussion. And like you said everyone has an opinion and some we agree with and some we don’t.
  6. An instructors job is not to make you feel comfortable and changes are supposed to feel awkward because you have changed your swing. If you are happy for now, don’t go back for a lesson or take a longer gap between lessons. His statements are designed to help give you confidence in you ability; you don’t want him to say “I don’t think you can do this but I want you to do X”. I am a year into short game changes and a month into full swing changes. I am still trying to incorporate the changes but I am not ready for the next lesson.
  7. the problem is that people don’t understand the putting stroke or stroke types. Ping app talk about arc type but it really measures rotation. The assumption is that higher rotation stroke has a bigger arc. Arc itself is often defined by how far a person stands from the ball. Also by telling people to read a website or go try putters you are advocating a self fitting which is still a fitting. In my opinion and from what I learned delivering the face square at impact isn’t always a good approach. Sounds logical, but almost every player has a left or right path bias. The face angle at impact has about an 80-85% influence on the balls direction, the rest is path. Just like with the full swing it is better to have a consistent in to out or out to in path and not try to zero out your path. Generalizing the reason is that players with a zeroed out path will potentially have a two way miss due to variation in the stroke. All that said, when fitting a putter to your stroke, if you path is left biased you want a putter that is slightly open at impact and for right bias slightly closed. This gives you the best chance to start the ball on you intended line; which is really what I think you are advocating.
  8. There actually is no requirement to put an identifying mark on the ball. Additionally Tigers name stamped on the ball can be used as an identifying mark. The issue only comes into play if identical balls are found in the same area and you are unable to tell them apart. See rule 7.2 that I pasted below. I do recall an instance when I was at an LPGA tournament about no marking. On the first tee players show their balls and markings to each other. One of the player played a specific number colored Volvik ball with no markings that she felt was unique. Morgan Pressel basically called her out and said that wasn’t really acceptable because she couldn’t positively identify the ball and prove it wasn’t one that was found. While the rules do allow no marking it would potentially raise questions if identification was needed 7.2 How to Identify Ball A player’s ball at rest may be identified in any one of these ways: By the player or anyone else seeing a ball come to rest in circumstances where it is known to be the player’s ball. By seeing the player’s identifying mark on the ball (see Rule 6.3a). By finding a ball with the same brand, model, number and condition as the player’s ball in an area where the player’s ball is expected to be (but this does not apply if an identical ball is in the same area and there is no way to know which one is the player’s ball). If a player’s provisional ball cannot be distinguished from his or her original ball, see Rule 18.3c(2).
  9. Wow, just read through some of the comments in this thread; definitely not what I expect from my years of reading MGS; some are pretty caustic. anyway, self teaching the golf swing is difficult especially if you don’t understand how the swing is supposed to work. Overall you aren’t doing to bad,yo but you have some issues that should be fixed. I am not a swing person so I won’t try to assist but if you want to really improve you should consider taking some lesson. The flaws that are being discussed are the result of something that is happening earlier in the swing. The body is an amazing thing and it will do everything possible to enable you to accomplish the goal of hitting the ball. Welcome to the journey we are all on; which is how to play this game better.
  10. I’d even change my picks but the site never sends me the link to allow me to make edits. To help you out my picks are the guys you think will win but end up playing poorly.
  11. Congrats to the testers. @azstu324 @Sluggo42 @GolfSpy MPR @808nation really interested in the fitting aspect and what you learn and end up with but eager to hear you thoughts on the putters.
  12. Congrats to the testers. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Honma makes great clubs; if you haven’t tried them you are in for a treat
  13. I think the key is accepting the exemption. I am sure there are some ramification and obligations if he accepts membership on the PGA tour. We are assuming he will accept but he may not.
  14. You wife is contacting the golf companies and having them block you IP so you can no longer find, customized, and ultimately order more clubs.
  15. So what is the difference between rugby and rugby league. I also knew no Haka since that is reserved for New Zealand.
  16. Harry said he doesn’t play the green (to busy) too much so he doesn’t have notes. Here are his notes on the gold based on your driver distance: If it’s firm and fast which it should be he should hit iron off 1, maybe 5 if pins at front, 8,13 Hit driver on 2,4, maybe 5 to go for green, 6 you have to be really straight, 10,11,14,15,17,18 you can aim at bunk and draw around corner. 3 plays a club short, 7 plays a club longer, 12 plays 10-15 yards less, 16 plays 10-15 yards less hope this helps
  17. Not all clubs are like that at least for me. As I go through the various clubs and club types they all feel different especially if you start to say feel and sound are the same thing. With some clubs it is difficult to identify where you make impact; especially if you aren’t that far off from center. Perhaps it is player dependent as well. I hear people say they feel the club head in the swing or the shaft loading/unloading which is something I personally have never felt. But there are clubs that I can get a better feel for off center.
  18. Rugby, but I don’t know the non national teams to be able to answer with their names.
  19. Should be a great event to watch and nice to see the women’s professional game getting more exposure.
  20. Eager to see how you are using the new custom shop to personalize you putter.
  21. 8 feet sensor to ball and 8 feet of ball flight. Have seen some recommendations that a room that is 16x10x10 is the minimum size.
  22. I am in to give people the opportunity to not end up on the bottom.
  23. a lot of people aren't aware that they should do that. People always ask the purpose of the towel when it appears in putting posts on instagram and twitter. https://golf.com/instruction/putting/practice-putting-green-etiquette-rules/
  24. The above post sums it up pretty well. Remember, if you are going to be standing in the same spot while practicing you should put down a towel to prevent damaging the green.
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